Ch 168 – The Family Falls Apart

“Say something!” What exactly happened? Did you not undress…”

There was no need for explanation anymore. Everyone present was staring at Hawes in disdain, hoping he could explain himself.

“Bishop Hawes, you have insulted your identity and you have insulted the Vatican!” The voice of the Pope was heard from the second floor. His tone was cold and his face majestic as he stood there holding onto the stair’s railing.

“Your… your holiness! Let me explain! I… I only did this for the future of the Vatican!”

“Bullshit!” The Pope angrily yelled. “Holy Knights, execute the laws of the Vatican!”

“Yes, your holiness!” The eighteen Holy Knights neatly stood up in salute. Two of them went forth and picked Hawes up by the arms and dragged him outside. No matter how much Hawes screamed, it was of no use, his destiny had been determined.

The Vatican didn’t really want to take the life of Hawes but his behavior had completely disgraced the Pope. Lying in front of so many people was a small matter, but he actually dared to say in front of everyone that he was doing this for the Vatican’s future; this was the point that was inexcusable.

Although the Vatican was a benevolent-oriented organization, the punishment they give out must still match the crime – this was the authority a Pope had. Since he blatantly lied, then Hawes will suffer the punishment of having his tongue cut out and no one could help him. No matter how much Lafayette begged and pleaded, it was of no use. Lei Yu also didn’t want to get involved further because Hawes had the intention of harming Ai Er. Lei Yu had zero intention of stopping his punishment.

As for the mother of Hawes, Prophet Kalchas’s follower, she did not dare to say a word. She could only watch in pain as her son kept screaming. She couldn’t blame Lei Yu since he wasn’t at fault for the situation. If it weren’t for her son being too ambitious, he wouldn’t be suffering this misery. And there was no way out of this because no one dared to go against the words of the Pope or else it could lead to an even greater disaster.

Hawes was completely enraged after having his tongue cut off. He, who was in pain also had his status as a Bishop taken away. Since the old woman was the follower of Prophet Kalchas, she was still responsible for providing this estate for the Vatican as a gathering place. And with or without Hawes, her words were still counted the most inside the family. In a helpless manner, Mrs. Hawes took her husband and left towards another building that was over a dozen kilometers away from the main manor.

As for Lafayette, Lei Yu never blamed her. Her actions were coerced by her father so there wasn’t really anything she could do. Lei Yu did feel sorry for the family since his presence caused this once glorious family to completely change. This did make him a bit guilty since the harmonious family had ended up like this. This wasn’t the outcome he wanted to see but sometimes that’s how things turn out. If one has intentions to harm others, then one day they will eventually taste their karma.

Resolving this matter had caused a huge stir in this little town. But with the Pope’s presence, any chance of a commotion was already suppressed by his people. Even if Mr. Hawes was well respected here, with the Pope around whose identity was close to a God, how insignificant was everyone else’s status compared to his?

A Lamborghini sports car elegantly arrived in front of the main gates of the estate. In full view of everyone, a beautiful girl with a hot body dressed in sexy clothes got out of the car. The two guards stationed there by the Vatican asked her: “What do you want?”

“I am here to look for Mr. Lei Yu. My name is Bianca.”

After confirmation from inside, this super hot beauty got back inside her car and drove into the estate.

Lei Yu, Ai Er, and the rest of their group were already standing outside the castle waiting. At a place that was hidden out of sight, Lafayette was hiding behind a huge pillar while slightly examining Lei Yu. Her heart truly liked Lei Yu, but the consequences of how she was forced to approach him had caused their relationship to distance themselves instead. Her father’s outcome had caused her to distance herself from Lei Yu, which made her heart ache in pain. The pain she was feeling was worse than death but what else could she do about it?

“This place is really beautiful!” Bianca could not help sighing and praising as she got out of the car. She then ran forward to give Lei Yu a big hug. Even though Lei Yu tried to push her away, Bianca was still an expert of the Third Order so it wasn’t that easy unless he summoned his powers. He could only awkwardly smile while Ai Er on the side gave him a flat stare.

Lei Yu smiled as he led Bianca into the lobby of the castle. As they passed Lafayette hiding behind the pillar, her face was frozen. Seeing how hot Bianca was made her realize how laughable her actions were last night.

Ai Er’s refined beauty had already made her submit in admiration. Now another hot beauty showed up and it appears if the relationship between her and Lei Yu seemed quite close, making her almost go crazy. How could she even compare herself to this Bianca?

With a heavy heart, she walked towards her car and left, completely leaving the area. Perhaps she may never return, but one thing for certain was that she won’t be looking for her father who had hit rock bottom.

No one cared about Lafayette’s departure because no one knew, everything looked and ran as normal.

“Lei Yu, how have you been lately? Seeing that you live in such a luxurious mansion and being accompanied but such a beautiful girl like Ai Er, your life is pretty much the envy of everyone!” Teased Bianca.

“You can still make jokes like that huh? If you were in my place, I doubt those thoughts would even cross your mind. I’ve killed Jonathan who is a Senator of the Dark Council, so do you think I’m having a good time here?” Lei Yu didn’t plan on hiding anything in front of Bianca because the things she knew were far more than what he knew.

“I have something important that I want to tell you alone, so I’m not sure…” Bianca deliberately looked at Ai Er next to Lei Yu. The latter gently smiled and said: “You two chat, I’m going upstairs to take care of some things.”

Once Ai Er Left, Lei Yu waved his hand and Black Panther and others immediately left the area.

“Say it, what’s the important matter?” Making Ai Er leave made Lei Yu a bit uncomfortable but he still asked Bianca what’s going on.

“Something dangerous will happen to you soon.”

Lei Yu smiled, “I know, but I’m still safe while I’m in this area right?”

“Nope.” Bianca shook her head. “From what I understand about Lei Yu’s personality, if his friends or relatives were in trouble, he will disregard personal danger and go rescue them right?”

“That’s right!” Lei Yu nodded in affirmation. “Friends and family are really important to me so I will ignore everything to help them! Wait…!” Lei Yu suddenly came back to his senses. “What do you mean by those words?”

Bianca sighed. “I can only say that you were brilliant in your life but still screwed up one moment! In Tenglong country, your friends and family have enormous forces protecting them so they are fine. As far as I know, you should still have someone very important to you in the Kou country right? You’ve brought Black Panther and Gray Bear to the U.S. with you and didn’t leave any experts at the Fifth Order or higher to protect her. Do you think she can protect herself?”

Lei Yu bounced out of his seat with eyes wide and round. “What do you mean? Are you saying Cui Ying Ying is in danger?”

“No, she’s not in any danger because it’s already arrived. The Dark Council has already made their move, moving her from the Kou country to the U.S. That’s also why I’m saying you will soon be in danger because I know you won’t stay still without doing anything about it.”

“F*ck their uncles, those sons of bitches!” The thing Lei Yu hated the most were people using hostages to threaten him. But as of now, it looks like this situation couldn’t be avoided.

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