Ch 169 – What To Do?

Lei Yu was extremely anxious but had to maintain a clear head. If what Bianca said was the truth, then he had to quickly figure out a way to save her.

Although Lei Yu had some unspoken feelings towards Cui Ying Ying, it didn’t belong to the love feelings one would think. Lei Yu had drawn a very clear line of separation when it came to his feelings. Inside Lei Yu’s heart, Ai Er’s position was something no one could replace. But when it came to Cui Ying Ying and others, or even the most casual friends, Lei Yu still cherished them from the bottom of his heart.

“Lei Yu, don’t worry too much for now.” Bianca comforted him.

Lei Yu gently shook his head and slowly sat back down. This situation wasn’t something his own personal power could handle, he had to find the Pope and discuss this with him. Since the two had formed an alliance, then whoever had difficulties would the other assist. This was also an opportunity to see the Vatican’s attitude.

“Since I know the situation now, the next thing I have to do is to find a surefire plan. Do you have any good suggestions?” Lei Yu tried not to worry because worrying right now was useless.

Bianca thought for a bit, “I actually have many solutions but their degree of success is very low.”

After a while, Lei Yu said: “I’ll arrange a room for you so go get some rest first.”

Bianca knew that now wasn’t the time to disturb Lei Yu so she silently nodded and left. But when she saw Lei Yu sitting there by himself anxious about another woman, it made her heart somewhat sour. She was originally apologetic to be the bearer of bad news, but now it seems her jealousy had overpowered all other feelings.

Before she came, Bianca’s course of actions was completely known by Dr. Tony and his people because it was him that repeatedly told her what to say and do. Bianca was unwilling to do this but after all, it was her father making her so she had to comply. Inside her heart, Bianca was still very fond of Lei Yu or else she wouldn’t have ignored all dangers to notify him of her father’s previous kill order.

Cui Ying Ying was not abducted by the Dark Council but was taken prisoner by Dr. Tony. His purpose was to stir up trouble between the allied Lei Yu and Vatican against the Dark Council.

Lei Yu made a ruckus as he rushed towards the Pope’s room. He had never believed in God and was never a follower of the Church. In Lei Yu’s mind, the Pope was just an existence that cultivated to exceed ordinary people, no different from anyone else.

“Mr. Lei Yu, your facial expression doesn’t look good. Did something happen?” The Pope got off a huge sofa and asked in a puzzled manner.

Lei Yu nodded as he went towards a window and sighed as he stared out at the green lawn. “Yes, something indeed happened. The Dark Council has started using their underhanded methods. A good friend of mine has been captured in the Kou country so I’ll have to make a move earlier than planned.”

“You should know that the Dark Council will use extremely sinister means. I’m afraid if you rashly make a move, you will be the one in the disadvantage!”

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and locked them onto the Pope’s figure. “Could it be that the Vatican that allied with I, Lei Yu, wants to standby and not do anything about this?”

Noticing Lei Yu’s mood swing, the Pope hurriedly shook his head. “No, I just think that we need to discuss this in detail and make accurate deployments. Also, there’s something I don’t understand about this. Why didn’t the Dark Council release the news that they have captured your friend, but it was another friend that had come to inform you?”

Lei Yu seemed to have sensed something since he didn’t think about this previously, but soon ignored those doubts. Ever since he had known Bianca, the feeling she gave him was someone that knew everything. And everything she had provided to him so far was highly accurate. Although Lei Yu has maintained a degree of wariness towards Bianca, maybe because of the urgency of the situation made Lei Yu choose to completely believe her words this time. This was how Dr. Tony was exploiting a human’s weakness; he’s able to manipulate Lei Yu who has abnormally strong feelings to those he cares for.

“Even if this information is false, I still have to try.” With these words, Lei Yu picked up his cell phone and dialed the number for Cui Ying Ying.

Sure enough, the phone started ringing but no one picked up on the other end. Holding onto a slight glimmer of hope, Lei Yu’s heart once again dropped to the ground. If Cui Ying Ying was in the hands of the Dark Council, how was he to find her? Even the Pope, who has struggled for hundreds of years against the Dark Council didn’t know the location of their headquarters, so how would Lei Yu figure it out?

How difficult was it to find a sesame seed in a pile of sand? Trying to find the headquarters of the Dark Council can’t be easier than someone that’s been searching for all these years. Lei Yu fell into distress as he had these thoughts.

“Does your holiness have any solution to this?” Asked Lei Yu.

The Pope had thought this through thoroughly. From past experience, there are only two possibilities for something like this to happen so he said: “Pertaining your friend, her life should be safe for the time being. You have to understand that if the Dark Council really did this, that’s because they can’t subdue you resulting in taking such actions. That’s why I think we have to remain calm during this time.”

Lei Yu nodded since he had this same thought as well, but the anxiety he was feeling didn’t diminish since he was blaming himself very being negligent. Taking Black Panther and Gray Bear out of the Kou country resulted in the mutants protecting Cui Ying Ying to be no stronger than the Fourth Order rank. It looks like those that took action were stronger than the Fourth rank. If Black Panther and Gray Bear were still around, it’s possible this situation would not have happened. Even if they still took a shot at it, the Dark Council would not have succeeded so easily.

Lei Yu was lost in his own thoughts as countless methods were playing through his mind. He was hoping that he would find the most suitable solution to this situation.

In another part of the estate, Black Panther had received a phone call from the Kou country so he rushed to area where the Pope was staying at. Blocking his path were four Holy Knights. When Lei Yu came by, the knights didn’t dare to stop him because the Pope had already passed them a message. More importantly was Lei Yu’s strength, even if they wanted to stop him, could their measly Fifth Order strength stop such an expert?

But it was different when it came to Black Panther; the knights had enough power and reason to uphold their duty.

“Move aside! I have something important for the young master!” Black Panther urgently yelled.

“This is where the Pope resides so it’s not a place you can come and go as you want. Mr. Lei Yu will come out sooner or later so just wait out here.”

“Don’t piss me off!” Black Panther coldly said with narrowed eyes. “An important friend of young master is in trouble. If I don’t notify him immediately, I bet you guys will suffer the consequences!”

It was more than once that Lei Yu had Black Panther protect Cui Ying Ying. Even though he knew Lei Yu only loved Ai Er, Cui Ying Ying had an important status in Lei Yu’s heart. Black Panther had received a call from his previous mutant group saying Cui Ying Ying mysteriously disappeared. This had caused a great commotion in Kou country so why wouldn’t he be anxious to let Lei Yu know?

“It doesn’t matter what you say, this is the Pope’s residence so you cannot enter – this is our duty!” Replied a burly Holy Knight in a cold voice.

“Motherf*cker, you’re forcing me to make a move!” Black Panther pulled up his shirt sleeves about to take action.

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