Ch 170 – Without A Trace

“Stay your hand!” Lei Yu’s voice was heard. They all looked back and saw Lei Yu standing outside the doorway with a melancholic look.

“Young master, something important happened!” Black Panther hurriedly said.

Lei Yu half-heartedly wave his hand. “I already know what happened regarding Ying Ying. There’s no need for further words, just come with me.”

Lei Yu hurriedly went back to his own room while Black Panther rushed to keep up with him. The burly Holy Knight that had previously blocked Black Panther sneered: “What’s so special about him? Compared to our holiness, I bet he’s still a ways off.”

“I think so too. He’s relying on possessing our Vatican’s holy object to be this arrogant and overbearing. If it weren’t for our Vatican, it’s likely he would already be exterminated by the Dark Council.”

“You damn bastards!”

These knights turned around. “Ahh! Your holiness…!”

The Pope angrily said: “From this day forth, I don’t want to hear these types of discussion, got it?”

“Understood!” The several knights were shaking and didn’t dare to lift their heads. To them, the Pope was like the heavens!

The Pope sighed heavily and smoothed out the sleeves on his robe before heading back into his room. Every time the Pope thought back to when Lei Yu took the Ares boots, his chest would tighten because this was considered a shame to the Vatican. The Pope couldn’t get it with his own strength while Lei Yu obtained it. And his life was also saved by Lei Yu. This was a great shame for the Vatican’s great Pope, not to mention it being brought up by his underlings behind his back.

“Young master!” Black Panther lowered his head as he stood by the doorway.

With his hands behind his back, Lei Yu stood by the window and said: “Black Panther, I need you and Gray Bear to both protect Ai Er and not let her encounter any danger. Are you capable of that?”

“Young master! You’re not thinking of doing…”

“Answer my question!” Lei Yu suddenly turned around, his eyes did not look like he was commanding Black Panther but pleading with him. Black Panther was startled and started nodding furiously. “Please be rest assured young master! Even if we lose our lives, Miss Ai Er will be safe, so please set your mind at ease.”

Lei Yu nodded with satisfaction. “Thank you. I think I need to do something because I can’t just wait around here.”

“But that’s just too dangerous. And you don’t even know where the Dark Council’s headquarters are so aren’t you basically undergoing a difficult task akin to finding a needle in a haystack?” Asked Black Panther.

“I think I’ll come up with something. But what you guys need to do is stay here, tell Ai Er, and wait for my return. Do not go anywhere else!”

Black Panther nodded. Lei Yu then said: “Invite Bianca here, I have something to say to her.”

Within a cigarettes worth of time, Bianca knocked on the door before entering.

“You’ve come up with a plan?” Bianca immediately asked.

Lei Yu lightly sighed. “No, I haven’t figure out a plan but I have something I need your help with.”

“Say it. No matter what it is, I don’t think I’ll refuse you.” Bianca’s eyes were filled with sincerity. It looked like she would agree without hesitation even if Lei Yu asked her to do that “act” with him.

“Thank you.” Lei Yu lightly nodded. “I just want to know one thing… how did you find out the news about Ying Ying being captured by the Dark Council?”

Lei Yu’s question did not make Bianca show any abnormalities in her facial expression. It appears before she came here, everything was already choreographed.

She nodded her head and said: “My father was the one who received this information.”

“Your father? He is…?” Asked Lei Yu who was a bit surprised.

“Dr. Tony.”

“What?!” Lei Yu was shocked. He knew early on that Bianca and Dr. Tony had an unusual relationship or else how would she know so many things? What he never expected was that they were father and daughter.

“That’s right, he is actually my father. I’m sorry for concealing this information from you for so long, but I was forced to do this. Please believe me that I have absolutely no malicious intentions against you. Or else that time next to the Statue of Liberty, I wouldn’t have told you those things and wouldn’t have helped you all during all that time.” Bianca’s eyes were filled with sincerity.

Lei Yu lightly nodded. Lei Yu had felt Bianca was very mysterious and she had also concealed her identity for so long, but those things weren’t important – the important thing was she had never tried to hurt him. Perhaps she has thought of hurting him but Lei Yu never detected it. It looks like Lei Yu had completely lost his ability to judge things because he didn’t continue asking further questions on this subject. Bianca grasped this point and knew disclosing her identity would make Lei Yu beyond shocked. She bet on Lei Yu not asking too many questions on how she knew Cui Ying Ying was captured because even if he asked, she would just push everything on her father. If Lei Yu continued to have doubts, he would only suspect things and not find out the truth.

“I know you’ve never tried to harm me.” Lei Yu was now contemplating the words he previously said about Bianca helping him out. Bianca’s current identity made Lei Yu feel more or less a bit awkward. After all, Dr. Tony used to be on the same side as his nemesis Hasegawa. Since Bianca was Dr. Tony’s daughter, Lei Yu had to be more cautious now.

“By the way, you had previously asked me to help you with something right?” Bianca purposely changed the subject.

“Eh? Oh yeah!” Lei Yu’s mind went into overdrive and remembered what he was about to say. “I was originally thinking how difficult this situation was, but now that I know you are Dr. Tony’s daughter, then everything would be easier. I would like you to go back and talk to Dr. Tony about cooperating with me.”

“This…” Bianca was deep in her thoughts because the probability of Lei Yu making that statement to her was almost zero. The scenario her father wanted to see was the Vatican teaming up with Lei Yu to battle it out with the Dark Council. Even though Bianca had an unexplainable feeling towards Lei Yu, when facing her own father, there would be an unavoidable conflict in the heart of a daughter. She couldn’t help but make a choice that benefited her father in the end.

“If this is something too difficult then forget about it, I’ll think of something else.” Said Lei Yu.

Bianca replied: “I will discuss this with my father and see what his decision is.”

Lei Yu nodded. “Thank you. How long do you plan on staying here?”

“I’ll start readying to leave now.”

“Aren’t you tired from driving so long? Why don’t you stay for the night and see how things are tomorrow?” Lei Yu was pretending to care about her because he wasn’t in the mood to be concerned by his rival’s daughter.

“How could cultivators be tired from such minor things? Don’t worry about me and start thinking about how you’re going to rescue your intimate gal pal.” Smiling, Bianca left the room and entered the place Lei Yu had prepared for her to gather her belongings to leave.

Lei Yu didn’t want to make any excuses to refute Bianca’s words, an intimate gal pal it is. Who told him to owe Cui Ying Ying so much?

Saying her farewells to Lei Yu’s group, Bianca drove off in her sports car into the distance.

At the same time, Lei Yu had disappeared without a trace. No one knew where he went and maybe Black Panther was the only one who did know.

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