Ch 173 – Your Father I, Will Hunt Some Birds

“Did you really have to take it to this point?” There was no point in hiding Bianca’s reluctance. She was already unwilling the day her father explained to her what he wanted. But there’s times when one is helpless to act, and there are times that it’s too late for regrets.

“He is a large obstacle for us in the future. With the Vatican and the Dark Council in Europe, these two forces have already repressed us to the point that we can barely breathe. Now a Lei Yu character appears before us so he’ll have to become the sacrifice. Bianca, these emotions you’re feeling will eventually be forgotten over time. Don’t become overly concerned about it or else you will push yourself into a deep pit of pain. You understand right?” Dr. Tony lightly patted Bianca’s shoulder as he said this to her.

“Sigh~” Bianca didn’t know how to respond and didn’t want to say anything more. She turned around and stared at the monitors once again.

Lei Yu suddenly stepped backwards avoiding one of the three mutant’s full-on attack. The moment when his opponent didn’t have time to recover from his attacking posture yet, Lei Yu reversed his footsteps and bombarded the guy’s head with his fist that was mixed with a strong power of lightning.

“Snap!” A crisp and clear sound was heard and everyone knew what caused it. One could see the burly guy who received Lei Yu’s heavy blow crashing to the ground. The skin on his head was still intact but the interior skull and brains were now a puddle of mush. The distorted shape of the head was quite horrifying to look at.

Lei Yu withdrew his fist and coldly stared at the remaining two. These two mutants glanced at each other and didn’t dare to rush forth anymore. The destructive power Lei Yu had was too powerful; it wasn’t something they could handle. Just as they were hesitating, a voice sounded in their mind. Suddenly, the eyes on the two become cold and their faces becoming emotionless.

At the same time, both their bodies started changing. Their personal aura started rising off the surface of their body – one black and one red.

Lei Yu vigilantly took two steps back. The two mutants were clearly being manipulated and were undergoing some type of genetic changes unique to themselves.

The two colors black and red started combining with each other in the air as if fusing into one. Lei Yu didn’t dare to be careless and wasn’t going to sit still while this was going on. If he allowed these two to complete their change, who knows what would happen. Acting decisively, Lei Yu burst forth like an arrow. He had made the right choice – once he threw out a vicious attack, one of them didn’t get to complete their transformation. In an instant, his entire skeletal structure was shattered by Lei Yu and the body even gave off a burnt smell.

But when he wanted to attack the other person, it was obviously impossible now. Exuding a red colored light aura, the last mutant had already completed the transformation unique to his body.

His mouth protruded outwards that appeared like a hard object, and the corners of his mouth slightly bent downward. Wasn’t this the form of a bird species?

Sure enough, his back grew out two wings. Although the color of the feathers was brown, the red colored light aura backdrop gave him a shadow of the divine bird known as a Phoenix. Lei Yu was determined this mutant wasn’t a Phoenix, it was just an effect brought on by the mutagen’s formula.

Lei Yu gathered strength in his back leg and suddenly struck out. At the moment before contact, Lei Yu’s facial expression changed.

“Rip~” Lei Yu was then forced backwards. A fireball had been spewed out of the mutant’s mouth which directly struck Lei Yu’s chest. The hot energy made Lei Yu think of one person – Bianca!

Lei Yu ignored the heat on his chest because it didn’t create any fatal wounds. Quickly charging his internal energy, Lei Yu’s body looked like it was covered in a spider web with purple lightning shimmering about.

Without hesitating, Lei Yu once again began his continuous attack. The second time contact was made on his body; Lei Yu was even more surprised. With his current speed, how was it possible that he was unable to avoid the mutant’s attack? Could it be that it had a homing or tracking effect? That’s not right; Lei Yu couldn’t feel the presence of the fireball as if it didn’t exist.

Lei Yu quickly understood something and made up his mind. He couldn’t rely on his instincts on this fight but rely on his eyes. He was going to use his eyes to determine the mutant’s trajectory of attack and then avoid that path.

With this decision, Lei Yu concentrated all his energy into one area. Even if he was struck by his opponent this time, his reciprocal attack will still take the mutant’s life.

Of course, Lei Yu omitted one thing that happened to be the most crucial!

Lei Yu’s figure was like a ghost as he dodged around left and right, his purpose was so the other party couldn’t lock down his position. At this moment, the mutant didn’t make a single move as if he knew his fireball attack would no longer be able to hit its target. The mutant just quietly stood still waiting for Lei Yu’s arrival.

Cracking the ground below his feet, Lei Yu’s burst forth at his opponent. His hand had already condensed a frightening amount of energy and any object he collided with would only have one outcome – being completely crushed.

The mutant still hadn’t moved and Lei Yu’s pace didn’t stop. But once Lei Yu’s fist filled with lightning energy was about to land on the mutant, he only saw the mutant’s mouth curve into a strange smile before he shot up into the air.

Lei Yu overlooked this point, he completely forgot about the wings behind the mutant which allowed him to fly! Maybe there was some slight trauma the time he fought with the Vampire Prince, but Lei Yu really hated those that could fly. His attacks were greatly restricted against those with the flying ability. Lei Yu could only rely on his internal energy to perform long-distance attacks, but those consumed an enormous amount of energy.

Lei Yu’s ordinary attacks allowed him to recycle the unused power. But when he used abilities that left his body, the power will fly out and his energy source would be continuously depleted.

Lei Yu’s brows were tightly knitted together. Wanting to beat this mutant was actually quite easy, but who knows how many mutants would appear afterwards? Ten? One hundred? Or maybe even a thousand?! If he consumed too much energy here, then the consequences would be disastrous for him later on.

Moreover, there was still the fearsome existence of Dr. Tony who was an Ultimate Rank Mutant. A single mistake and his life would end here, so what should he do? It wasn’t wrong of him to impulsively rush to this underground base, but failure would be inevitable if he didn’t quickly come up with something right now.

Lei Yu simply no longer attacked and was retreating a few steps backward. He then struck a heavy blow to the ground creating jagged cracks everywhere, causing uneven pieces of concrete to rise up into the air and scatter about. Lei Yu picked up one of these pieces of concrete; “Shit, since you can fly, then your father I will hunt some birds!”

As he finished saying that, Lei Yu suddenly threw out the concrete he was holding. It flew off similar to the speed of a meteor, but also had a bit of internal energy mixed in. Lei Yu could still tolerate the small output of energy here so he wasn’t too worried about this.

The mutant flying in the air didn’t expect Lei Yu to do this and couldn’t dodge in time; his left shoulder was hit by the piece of concrete. The concrete shattered while the mutant felt a burst of numbness to his shoulder. His left wing couldn’t even flap for a bit causing him to almost fall down. But after a short period, his body adjusted itself before he regained his balance in the air.

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