Ch 174 – Surrounded By Wolves

Lei Yu didn’t stop and just kept attacking several times. This made the bird man in the air suddenly at a loss, causing him to rush at Lei Yu in desperation. Seeing the mutant drawing a dagger from his waist and diving at extreme speeds, the opportunity Lei Yu was waiting for had finally arrived. Once the mutant bird man approached a certain distance and reaching the optimum attack range, Lei Yu suddenly opened up his arms. He then jumped forth with his hands charged with lightning power, watching the energy drill into the mutant bird’s body without any resistance.

“Agghh!” After the miserable cry, this Fifth Rank Mutant’s life thus came to its end with no chance of ever standing back up. As for his wings with brown feathers on his back, they were now charred black with a burnt smell in the air. Lei Yu gently waved his hand past his nose to get rid of the smell. Even though he didn’t really use up too much internal energy, who knew what else he would encounter later on? It won’t be easy to dealing with Dr. Tony!

Lei Yu carefully walked towards a door where those previous four Fifth Rank Mutants came from. Strengthening his right arm, a powerful punch landed on the door created a large hole. Lei Yu put his arm through the hole to unlock the door from the inside and went in.

Inside was a huge open space, its square footage was comparable to the second floor arena of his nightclub. But this space was completely dark and empty, and some sort of ghastly aura came from an unknown direction. Lei Yu increased his vigilance and released his detection ability hoping to probe the surrounding area to figure out what was going on.

“Living entities have appeared!” This was the first thing that alerted Lei Yu’s mind, and it wasn’t just one or two. There were over a hundred of them from all over slowly coming towards him in the darkness.

Being surrounded by enemies was something Lei Yu had faced before. But having so many opponents that weren’t ordinary people was a different matter. Even though most of them were at the Third Order level, there was one with the strength of a Fourth Order. Facing such an imposing momentum still oppressed Lei Yu somewhat.

Might as well attack first instead of waiting for them to make their move. Detecting a gap in a certain direction with fewer mobs, Lei Yu figured that was as good as any place to weather the coming storm. Making up his mind, Lei Yu quickly sprinted in that direction.

What Lei Yu didn’t expect was when he got close to his opponents; they actually weren’t mutants but were a pack of wolves. With their gray fur and green eyes, these wolves looked especially terrifying in this dimly lit place. Lei Yu sucked in a deep breath as a dozen or so hungry looking wolves came at him. Their white fangs were dripping saliva as if they had been starved for a very long time. They way they stared at Lei Yu showed the wolves considered him as food.

Lei Yu wasn’t going to give these animals an opening chance. Quickly appearing next to a wolf and with his fingers like an eagle’s claw, Lei Yu gripped the wolf’s throat. Lei Yu looked around and noticed there was still some distance between him and other wolves. He turned back to look at the wolf in his grip and felt it had some human intelligence – this wolf actually had fear and panic in its eyes.

Without mercy, Lei Yu put strength in his fingers and a “crack” sound was heard. The wolf had taken its last breath. Meanwhile, Lei Yu’s figure rapidly dashed at another direction like lightning and arrived next to another wolf.

Charged with lightning, he raised his fist and let it fly forth. His punch even produced tremors in the air as it landed heavily onto the wolf’s head. A “boom” sound was heard as the head shattered; another wolf had died. “You bunch of animals, come at me!” Roared Lei Yu. Seeing their own brethren being killed, the pack of wolves revealed their bloodthirsty eyes. The solidarity of wolves was common knowledge no matter what the situation. A wolf’s howl filled with resentment was heard off in a distance and all the other wolves immediately rushed at him. Lei Yu’s speed was absolute and just shifting his feet; his figure disappeared and reappeared off into a distance. “Bang!” Lei Yu’s heavy kick caused a wolf to fly off into the air somewhere. Lei Yu then flipped backwards and beautifully somersaulted in the air to land on the back of another wolf. The wolf panicked and frantically struggled but how could it escape from the grasp of Lei Yu? A heavy palm strike slapped down and completely shattered the wolf’s skull.

A wolf’s head was similar to a dog’s and was extremely hard. And this wolf had the same strength as a Third Order Warrior. Being able to shatter the wolf’s skull with a palm strike showed how tyrannical Lei Yu’s attack was!

“Die!” Lei Yu shouted. A punch with the most penetrative strength landed on a wolf with slightly yellow fur that had lunged at him. His fist accurately landed on a part of its spine. With its eyes round and wide, it had already died because all the spinal bones had broken apart. Wanting to survive this was an impossible thing. “You still dare to come?!” Lei Yu turned around while kicking out, his toes directly landing on the wolf’s abdomen that was still in midair. The kick struck a vital area and the wolf’s dead body landed on the ground like a piece of sludge. The speed of a wolf wasn’t slow amongst other animals, but it still couldn’t be compared to Lei Yu’s agility that was more than enough to take care of them. In a mere five minutes, Lei Yu had gotten rid of half of this pack of wolves who originally numbered over a hundred, clearly showing his powerful strength.

Off at distance and staring at Lei Yu with eyes of resentment was the only wolf with the strength of a Fourth Order. Lei Yu concluded that this was the leader of the wolves with a highly respected status. Four wolves were standing in front as if they would fight to the death in order to protect this leader of theirs.

Lei Yu didn’t know why this pack of wolves would appear here, but when it came to Dr. Tony, anything was possible. Since Dr. Tony is able to transfer animal and beast genes into humans in order to make them undergo a mutation, then transferring something inside the bodies of these wolves wasn’t something difficult.

When facing these wolves, Lei Yu usually needed only one strike to take them out and at most two. Lei Yu’s grasp for fighting was to directly attack the vital points because this was the fastest way in getting rid of an opponent. Even when your opponent isn’t human, they still have their own weak points.

A particular behavior of wolves is that they like to use their large numbers and surround their opponents. And this was the method they were using against Lei Yu. But this method wasn’t achieving any results for them because Lei Yu was simply too fast. With the additional help of the Ares boots, Lei Yu didn’t have to spend too much effort in maintaining his speed.

This steady stream of attacks did however make Lei Yu feel a bit tired so he turned his sight onto the leader of the pack of wolves.

Capture the ringleader first in order to capture the followers!

With a flash of steps, Lei Yu no longer cared about the attacks that landed on his body by the other wolves. In a perfect arc, the beautifully executed midair crescent kick fell on those four wolves protecting their leader.

One could only hear the miserable howls of these four wolves. After their bodies twitched a bit more on the ground, they were no longer about to stand up.

Lei Yu lightly landed on his feet and without stopping, he condensed his internal energy at the shortest time. Once a lightning net of energy had successfully appeared on his hand, Lei Yu launched a frontal strike. This leader of the wolves wasn’t slow at all, the moment Lei Yu’s attack was about to land, it suddenly prostrated on the ground. A fist filled with lightning energy narrowly flew past the wolf’s head making Lei Yu hit nothing but air.

It looks like the leader of the wolves wasn’t a simple beast! That was Lei Yu’s immediate thought, and it looks like the pack of wolves behind him weren’t going to give him another chance. Lei Yu was attempting to attack the soul of this pack of wolves – their wolf leader!

Lei Yu now realized he may have made a mistake. Capturing the ringleader first in order to capture the followers was a tactic used for battlefields. But when facing these animals, it may be counterproductive. The more he attacked their leader, the more violent the attacks he would receive from the other wolves. Lei Yu was now surrounded on both sides; in front of him was the wolf leader and behind him were a bunch of angry wolves.

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