Ch 176 – One Eyed Gorilla

This Ultimate Rank Mutant that looked like a devil gave Lei Yu some pressure. But when experts on the same level fought, it wasn’t just one party that was capable of creating pressure – Lei Yu could do the same thing as well.

“Go to hell!”

Lei Yu didn’t move as he heard the shout and observed the mutant rush forth at him. The mutant’s body actually changed from something physical to a black light as it rushed at Lei Yu.

“Not good!” Lei Yu was shocked; this Ultimate Rank Mutant had immediately used his strongest attack? If Lei Yu wanted to avoid being injured, he had to use all his power to resist or the consequences would be disastrous.

With these thoughts, Lei Yu didn’t hesitate anymore. “Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” Several loud sounds were heard. Lei Yu and this fellow went head-to-head and neither of them got the upper hand. After the consecutive collisions, they separated and stared at each other with shock in their eyes.

“A Sixth Order Warrior is indeed strong and actually able to withstand my attacks. Looks like I’ll have to be serious when dealing with you!” Said the cyclops-like mutant in a cold manner. Even though this place was dimly lit, Lei Yu was still able to see the mutant’s lips form an arc to grin at him.

“What?!” Lei Yu was stunned. He had previously already condensed quite a bit of internal energy on his arms. With the power of lightning in each of his own attacks, any other Sixth Order experts would have to adjust themselves before they could continue with the fight. But it looks like this cyclops in front of him wasn’t affected in any way. And after hearing his words, their previous exchange of blows was just him testing the waters. This mutant hadn’t used his full strength yet!

Lei Yu quickly adjusted his shocked emotions to his best state of mind. The mutant didn’t use his strongest move but he didn’t use his either. Lei Yu wanted to see what else this slab of meat cyclops had after daring to show off like this.

The two collided with each other again, crazily attacking each other like rain drops. The aftershock of their blows were spread everywhere destroying the ground they were on and causing bits of concrete to fly everywhere. The two were wildly attacking each other as if death was the only solution here.

But shortly after, Lei Yu was gaining the advantage because he found an important weakness. Although this cyclops had tyrannical attack power and very fast attack speed, yet due to the size of his body, his running and dodging speeds were restricted. There was several of Lei Yu’s attack that the cyclops couldn’t avoid and could only rely on his powerful body to take on the blows.

Lei Yu suddenly stopped mid-step while his left leg swiveled on the ground and his right leg flew out like a whip, viciously kicking at the cyclops’s waist. Once the cyclops recovered and wanted to retaliate, Lei Yu had already retreated back five meters away with a sneer and eyes reflecting playfulness.

“You…!” The cyclops was shocked. He had been standing at the same spot without moving away from it. Could it be his opponent found out about his flaw?

“You what? You damn cyclops, you’re already blind in one eye, you can’t also lame in one leg as well right?” Lei Yu crossed his arms and sneered.

“You damn arrogant bastard, go to hell!” Shouted the enraged cyclops as he rushed at Lei Yu. Lei Yu’s judgment was indeed correct; this mutant’s movement speed was quite slow. As long as he kept his distance, this guy would probably tire himself to death.

But in order to get rid of his target faster, Lei Yu won’t be choosing this method. He quickly made up his mind; since he couldn’t get up close for a close-quarter battle, then he’ll have to find the perfect opportunity in order to deliver a fatal blow. The results would be much better this way.

Lei Yu continued moving around. Despite how the cyclops pursued, he couldn’t even touch the corner of Lei Yu’s clothing. This made the cyclops scream in rage but it wasn’t any use at all.

Condensing his strength in his legs, Lei Yu’s right foot heavily stomped on the ground while his left leg kicked out. While rushing around, the approaching cyclops lowered both arms to protect his crotch area. It was fortunate that he blocked Lei Yu’s attack or else he wouldn’t be able to stand up even if he wanted to. This was a weakness, a weakness that all men had. Even if they were strong, if someone aimed a heavy attack in that area, all you will hear is the sound of a broken voice crying for their mommy.

Since Lei Yu had missed, he quickly dodged to the side and didn’t give the cyclops the chance to counterattack.

At this time, the cyclops was like a human sandbag being continually attacked by Lei Yu’s hit and run tactic. The cyclops had no chance to fight back and if this continued on, he was afraid he would eventually be tortured to death by Lei Yu.


The cyclops suddenly roared into the air making Lei Yu not dare to approach him. It was at this time that the only eye the cyclops could see out of had turned blood-red in color. His whole body was instantly covered by brown hair and his body swelled to an even larger size. His current height had rose to almost five meters tall! This time, his huge muscles were definitely like a slab of granite. Even though his body was covered in long hair, it couldn’t mask the explosive potential those muscles exuded.

Even though the cyclops went through a big change, hair didn’t grow out of his facial area. This included no change on the palm of his hands. But the back of his hands were pretty hairy making him look just like a huge gorilla.

Lei Yu finally understood that this cyclops had been injected with a gorilla’s genes and the fusion made him become like this. But wasn’t this still a bit too inconceivable?

Not giving Lei Yu the opportunity to gather his thoughts, the cyclops once again roared into the air while pounding his own chest. Right after that, a scene appeared that made Lei Yu somewhat surprised – the cyclops actually sprayed out a big mouthful of blood.

“Self-mutilation?” Lei Yu said aloud with a frown.

That’s right, a gorilla’s nature was tyrannical and but they had to stimulate it in order for it to appear. This is similar to when Lei Yu became berserk; for him to go in that state without any stimuli would be impossible. But once something stimulates that force hidden deep inside him, then the horrifying berserk Lei Yu would emerge.

It was obvious that the cyclops was using this method to stimulate his tyrannical nature, and this was the way it could immerse itself in an enraged state. One should know the horrifying extent of an enraged gorilla, especially one that stood five meters tall.

“Go to hell!”

The cyclops once again roared out. Even though it transformed to a gorilla, he was still able to speak the human language. What shocked Lei Yu even more was that after the cyclops evolved, its original size had almost doubled but its movement speed had also doubled. This had completely caught Lei Yu off guard.

The cyclops hands were like a hammer as it suddenly smashed towards Lei Yu’s head.


Lei Yu raised his arms in attempt to protect his head but the impact by the one-eyed gorilla had made his arms slightly numb. This power was simply like smashing apart rotten wood. If it was someone else taking that blow, their bones would surely shatter. Fortunately Lei Yu’s skeletal structure has metallic properties infused in them so he could still barely tolerate it.

“Motherf*cker! I can’t keep hiding it or else I’ll be dead by the time I see Dr. Tony!” Lei Yu said to himself as he raised his trembling arms.

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