Ch 18 – Fierce Beast Cub

The recovery rate this time was much faster than before, mainly because not all of the internal energy was used up. Having some left over was actually very beneficial for recovery.

More than an hour later, Lei Yu opened his eyes, he quickly took a shower, changed into some clean clothing, and then sat in his room looking over some books.

He knew that after the competition, Nuo Hu and them will come by, so he didn’t bother to continue cultivating. And sure enough…

Exactly as Nuo Hu predicted, the commander of Dragon Group definitely had a sufficient deterrent effect. The Lei family did not cause any difficulties for Lei Yu, not even a single person appeared. This incident was eventually swept away.

Lei Yu requested two days off from Dragon Group, then drove towards a certain direction with Nuo Hu’s car.

Driving was definitely much faster than walking, only a short half a days time, Lei Yu arrived at a desolate location. Because the car was unable to proceed any further, he parked the car and continued walking inside.

Walking for about three hours, the sky began to gradually darken. Lei Yu finally came to the place he was familiar with. At this place, Lei Yu had a lot of memories of, and these memories from two years ago were thanks to the Lei family.

He continued forward according to the route etched inside his memory. A large tree that embodied the representation of this forest was in front of him, this was “the” fruit tree. Even though to this day, the name of the fruit was unknown, when facing this fruit tree, Lei Yu had a feeling of deep affection to it. If it weren’t for these fruits, he would not be able to survive to this day.

Walking over, picking a piece of fruit from the tree and then putting it into his mouth, he began chewing it savouringly, the sense of succulent sweetness once again went down his throat. Lei Yu then continued to walk forward. Inside this small forest, that fierce beast’s corpse should have become a pile of bones now right? Or maybe even the bones have disappeared by now.

The thing that caught Lei Yu in complete surprise appeared in front of him. The corpse of the fierce beast was lying there completely intact without any signs of rotting.

“It’s already been a year now, this… what on earth is going on?” Lei Yu’s brain started to short circuit.

Even if there was no rotting of the body leaving behind the bones, there should be some carnivorous animal passing by, right? Apart from the wounds all over the beast’s body, everything else was unchanged. There weren’t even any flies around.

“It moved?!” Lei Yu suddenly stepped a few steps back, forcefully rubbing his eyes.

“An illusion?”

No, not an illusion, this beast did indeed move, but it wasn’t moving on its own, there appears to be something moving around inside its body.

Filled with courage, Lei Yu took two steps forward. The movement in the abdominal area of the fierce beast became more severe. Lei Yu swallowed hard, he wanted to find out what was going on. At this time, a weak roar could be heard inside the abdominal area.

“Is there something inside its stomach?” Lei Yu took out the spike from his back, aiming carefully at the beast’s stomach, he then sliced down. No blood flowed out, but there was a black mass gently wriggling around.

Lei Yu was completely shocked, this was actually a cub!

This cub and the fierce beast were very similar, except that its back did not have any spikes. Its fur was smooth and shiny, and it did not have the fierce beast’s horrific face, it was actually quite cute. Blinking its blood red eyes, with an “ow ow” sound twice, it crawled out of the belly of the fierce beast.

The instant the little thing climbed out, the corpse of the fierce beast suddenly underwent some changes, it turned into something similar to scattered gravel on the ground.

“This…” Lei Yu carefully thought back to the scene in the past. It seems that he came to this area and heard a roar before starting the fight. So the fierce beast was originally pregnant and its body became weak. If it wasn’t for this reason, there would have been no way for Lei Yu to win the battle. And this little thing was inside the mother’s stomach for an entire year, during which the beast used its own energy to support the little cub’s life. Looks like the beast has exhausted its energy at this time, otherwise it will not have instantly turned into gravel.

This scene was like mythological story, making it hard for Lei Yu to believe what was going on. Looking at the little thing that was the size of a kitten, Lei Yu suddenly felt a bit guilty. What should have been a reunion of a mother and child turned into a permanent farewell situation.

Lei Yu used his hands to pick up the little thing. The little thing then gently licked Lei Yu’s arm, “if I left it here, it will definitely not survive for long, what should I do? Its mother was already killed by me, should I take him away from here?” Lei Yu was suddenly deep in thought, if the little thing could grow up, it would definitely scare people. And once time passes, the spikes on its back will form, then it will undoubtedly become a monster? Nope, definitely cannot take him home.

A fierce struggle was going on inside Lei Yu’s mind, one side was guilt, the other being difficulty.

The little thing in Lei Yu’s palm was rubbing around for a long time, then suddenly jumped down. It made a “ow” sound, then ran towards the depths of the forest. Lei Yu hurried forward in an attempt to catch up.

The little thing was fast while Lei Yu followed closely behind. After running for a long distance, the little thing stopped in front of a large boulder, lifting its head up to look at it.

The boulder was more than two meters high, deeply entrenched in the dirt. Looking around the boulder, Lei Yu saw two parallel lines carved on the top. There is a certain distance between the two lines. The little guy at this time, once again made a “ow” sound, then his body suddenly lighted up, but this light was actually black. Lei Yu blinked a few times, then the light disappeared and the little thing was also gone.

Lei Yu looked all over but did not find any sign of the little thing. When his attention was once again focused on the boulder, Lei Yu was completely shocked. The originally blank space between the two parallel lines suddenly had an image there, and the image was very familiar, it was that little beast!

“What… what is going on?” Furiously scratching his head, Lei Yu gave up and just sat down.

Observing it for most of the day and still not seeing any changes on the boulder, “forget it!”

Going to the edge of the river and washing his face, Lei Yu then once again went to pick a bag full of the unnamed fruit before going back to the river and sitting down to cultivate. Currently it was already dark out, wanting to return to his residence would probably be impossible for now.

At the same time as Lei Yu had closed his eyes to cultivate, the boulder deep inside the woods started shaking, followed by returning to a calm state. But the image of the beast carved onto the face of the boulder was a bit different now, it had one blood red eye, while the other eye was blind.

Lei Yu’s main purpose of coming back here was to pick these unnamed fruits. These fruits were very beneficial to Nuo Hu’s cultivation. If Liu Hao can successfully condense his internal energy, then these fruits would be a great help to him as well.

After a night of cultivation, the slight improvement had already made Lei Yu very happy. Carrying a bag full of these fruits, he was going to leave this familiar place, but this place did have some slight changes to it.


“These fruits have a very long shelf life, no need to fear it rotting or going bad.” From his backpack, Lei Yu poured out the fruits he picked. Liu Hao did not know what they were, but Nuo Hu on the side was excited to the extreme. These fruits were a huge help to someone that was cultivating!

“Master, what are these? Does it taste good?” ask Liu Hao while holding a fruit and looking at it all over.

“Remove the question mark from you statement and taste it yourself” laughed Lei Yu.

Liu Hao blinked, put the fruit in his mouth, then his chewing gradually became faster, his looks becoming more and more surprised, “Oh man! Really delicious!” One hand grabbing another one and stuffing into his mouth again.

“You little thing! Really… ” Nuo Hu seeing Liu Hao’s actions became a bit distressed. These fruits were considered a precious miraculous elixir to him, yet to Liu Hao, it looked like he was eating something as ordinary as a peanut, how can one not have their heart ache?

“Hm? What is going on?” Liu Hao suddenly starting rubbing his stomach, its surface went from red to green.

“No way, this thing is making him sick?” Lei Yu did not understand at all, he had been eating the fruit for over a year and did not get sick or any strange disease, why would Liu Hao just eat two and become like this?

“Nope, I’m not getting sick! Master, how come inside my stomach there’s a gas moving back and forth?”

Lei Yu was overjoyed, “hurry up and sit down cross-legged, focus your mind, carefully feel around what’s happening internally, at the same time follow the cultivating methods I gave you and see if you can grasp this gas.

Following Lei Yu’s words, Liu Hao sat down. Lei Yu and Nuo Hu stared at him without blinking, hoping there would be some result.

Half an hour later, Liu Hao had no response. An hour later, Nuo Hu yawned “how come it’s going so slow?”

“Master! Oh crap!”

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