Ch 180 – The Mutant Tony

But Lei Yu’s words were actually believed by Dr. Tony, the Rhinoceros, and the Bear. Dr. Tony was unwilling to sacrifice any of his men. He had toiled for over four decades in order to create these four super-strong experts, and now two of them had already died. He was extremely angry but still wasn’t willing to take the risks. And both Rhinoceros and the Bear didn’t dare to go forth and verify whether Lei Yu was speaking the truth or not.

Up to this point, Dr. Tony had no other choices before coldly laughing out loud. He turned around to leave but quickly came back with an extra person – Cui Ying Ying.

“Despicable!” Lei Yu angrily cursed. Cui Ying Ying might be currently unconscious because her eyes were closed. She was supported by Dr. Tony and pushed to the front while he clenched his hands around her white neck.

“Humph, as I’ve said it already, there’s no such thing as despicable or not in this world. Only the strong gets to decide it! If you don’t want to see your little lover die in front of you, obediently give up without a fight!”

Lei Yu frowned. He knew that even if he surrendered without a fight, there’s no way Dr. Tony would let Cui Ying Ying go. But he couldn’t bear to see this girl that has helped him so much to just die in front of him. “What to do? What should I do?”

Multiple thoughts flashed through Lei Yu’s mind, but he couldn’t find a feasible method to implement. Without a doubt, any of his methods would only accelerate the time Cui Ying Ying would meet her doom.

“Are you going to die first or is she?” Dr. Tony’s strong momentum had already reached its limit. And Lei Yu’s strong will was constantly being battered down by Dr. Tony.

“Do not threaten me. One thing that I hate the most in life is being threatened by others! You will pay the price in blood!” Lei Yu ferociously said as his eyes turned red.

“I would really like to see how you can accomplish that!” Dr. Tony then spoke to the bear and rhinoceros mutants: “You two go kill him. If he dares to resist even a little, I will immediately kill his little lover!”

“Understood!” These two mutants were finally assured as they started rubbing their fists, about to release a series of attacks on Lei Yu.

Lei Yu couldn’t retaliate because he had no doubt Dr. Tony was capable of his words. Even if he wanted to retaliate, it doesn’t seem possible since he truly didn’t have any more strength to resist them.

The bear mutant’s attack was tyrannical and filled with explosive force. A heavy punch landed squarely on Lei Yu’s stomach.


“Aghh!” Lei Yu cried out as he body flew off and fell to the ground five meters away.

“Poof!” A mouthful of blood sprayed out. Lei Yu’s eyes were filled with rage as he clutched his painful stomach.

“What? You still refuse to give in? I will take your life in the next shot!” The bear mutant got closer one step at a time while the rhinoceros was coldly laughing. Two of his companions had already died which enraged him deep down. Since now was the opportunity to exact their revenge, how can he not feel excited?

Bear raised his huge foot and aimed at Lei Yu’s head, wanting to heavily stomp down on it. At this time, Lei Yu used up all his strength and slammed his arms on the ground. His whole body bounced up at speeds so fast that others didn’t have time to react to it.

There wasn’t much internal energy left inside Lei Yu but his own strength was still there. When he was training with Dragon Group, he was able to handle many times the pressure inside the gravity machine. Didn’t he rely on only his own flesh and blood to bear it? The current Lei Yu had given up on using attacks containing internal energy and had chosen to use his body’s strength. Even though the power behind it couldn’t be compared to before, the damage caused by Lei Yu’s reinforced skeletal frame is still quite fearsome.

The instant Lei Yu’s body bounced up, he grabbed the bear mutant’s pulse meridian (wrist area). Within a microsecond, Lei Yu’s other hand then retrieved a short knife from the storage ring and stabbed it into Bear’s throat without the intention of taking his life. If Lei Yu had not tilted the knife outwards a bit, Bear’s windpipe would be instantly cut, a point no one doubted.

Even though this short knife wasn’t some type of godly weapon, nor was it created by a genius weaponsmith, its sharpness wasn’t too bad. It may not be able to break past the defense of the rhinoceros or one-eyed gorilla, but an animal’s characteristics are similar to a human where their throat has always been a weakness. Lei Yu grasped this concept and was able to accurately catching the timing of his attack.

“Okay, go ahead and kill her. I will make you lose another follower!” Since the situation had already reached this point, Lei Yu had no fear and decided to fight to the end!

“You bastard!” Dr. Tony yelled with rage.

“I’m a bastard? It looks like you’re more of a bastard than me right? F*ck this, hurry up and let her go or else this Ultimate Rank Mutant will be finished!” Lei Yu’s eyes were bloodshot as this move was the only thing he could come up with.

Dr. Tony narrowed his eyes as two of his men have already died. One should know that the strength of an Ultimate Rank Mutant is the same as a powerful Sixth Order Warrior; they both possess a terrifying combat ability. If Lei Yu hadn’t use his petty tricks, with his overbearing strong presence here, how could Bear be so easily captured by Lei Yu?

Tony was unwilling to see more of his men lose their lives so he tossed Cui Ying Ying in the direction where Lei Yu was. The distance between Dr. Tony and Lei Yu was about thirty something meters.

Lei Yu was shocked. One hand let go of Bear’s wrist while the other hand holding the short knife reversed its direction. “Click!”

A fountain of blood sprayed out from Bear’s throat while his eyes were wide and round. Fresh blood and drenched his whole face while Lei Yu had disappeared from his original spot. The next instant, his figure appeared at the place where Cui Ying Ying’s was about land. With a light jump, Lei Yu caught her soft body.

“She’s still alive!” Lei Yu quickly made some observations. Cui Ying Ying was indeed still alive, taking a load off his mind.

“You actually killed him?! You f*cking bastard!” Dr. Tony was completely enraged. A Sixth Order Warrior had actually killed so many of his men in such a short period of time, especially when each and every one of them were extremely resilient fighters.

Bear, Panther and one-eyed gorilla – if they were part of an organization, their existence would give them the status of a leader or similar. They were all existences strong enough for people to respect them.

They were characters standing on the same level as the Pope and the Vampire Prince!

Dr. Tony went completely crazy. With a “boom,” he jumped down from the hole in the ceiling and landed heavily on the ground. As for his body, it had started to transform.

Whatever sparse hair on his head started falling off becoming bright and shiny. His skin color also gradually changed, from the flesh tone to a brown color. His mouth started protruding out a full 30 centimeters before it stopped. A row of razor sharp teeth were revealed inside his mouth. The pupils in his eyes became vertical slits which definitely did not belong to the human species. From the characteristics of his head, it definitely belonged to a crocodile’s head!

The rest of Tony’s body also began to change. From the base of his spine, a large tail started growing out. All his clothes had started to burst at the seams before shreds of cloth fluttered and settled to the ground.

Both his hands and feet and grown long sharp nails as if they were dragon claws. The rest of his body was now covered in a grayish brown soft scale. That’s definitely it; Dr. Tony has become a crocodile! The only difference he had with a crocodile now was the fact that he was standing in an upright position!

With his arched back, it looked similar to the cliffs of a mountain. His horrifying gaze was dead set on Lei Yu as if staring at a dead corpse. Dr. Tony’s transformation was too great; no one would be able to guess a human was capable of changing to this extent.

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