Ch 182 – The Ink Beast Appears Again

“Cough, cough!”

Even though Lei Yu managed to hold onto Rhinoceros’s horn at the last second, the impact still caused him to fly off into the air before smashing into the walls not too far away. “Boom!” The walls were shattered with debris exploding everywhere. Lei Yu had coughed twice before losing his consciousness and sliding to the ground.

Lei Yu was unconscious but not dead. Dr. Tony then personally stepped forward and yelled: “I’m going to rip you into pieces!”

With his snarling jaws and his menacing claws waving about, Dr. Tony slowly approached Lei Yu intent on tearing him from limb to limb.

Grabbing Lei Yu by the head, Dr. Tony’s claws were embedded into his skull. Dr. Tony stared at the blood dripping down as he watched Lei Yu’s life coming to an end. At this moment, an unexpected scene occurred – the surrounding area started shaking. Not knowing what was happening; Dr. Tony looked around and didn’t find anything. He then once again focused his attention on Lei Yu’s body.

Dr. Tony was immediately shocked from what he saw. The originally unconscious Lei Yu now had his eyes wide open staring blankly at him.

“You…!” Dr. Tony hadn’t even finished speaking when Lei Yu raised his hand and smashed at the arm that Dr. Tony used to clutch his head before dropping to the ground.

Lei Yu’s eyes had completely turned red and a black mist started seeping out of his mouth. Lei Yu’s mouth then said: “The wickedness of humans are even more terrifying than us!”

Hearing the voice that didn’t belong to Lei Yu, Dr. Tony immediately asked in shock: “Who are you?!”

“Ink Beast!” Lei Yu’s voice and another overlapped. The black mist turned into a black shadow and landed on the ground while Lei Yu’s body fell over.

“Ink Beast?” It was obvious that Dr. Tony didn’t know what an Ink Beast was but after seeing Lei Yu’s change, he immediately prepared for a fight. It was simply too shocking for him to see a black shadow leaving Lei Yu’s body.

It had shiny black fur, a single blood colored red eye, several spikes protruding from the back shimmering with a white glow, and four large claws. Wasn’t this the demonic beast Lei Yu had once killed and once saved called an Ink Beast?

It’s unfortunate that Lei Yu couldn’t see what was happening right now or else he would certainly turn pale from shock.

The Ink Beast had told Lei Yu back then that he had to absorb a portion of his powers in order to prepare for his resurrection. And this process would take a long time so why would it suddenly appear now?

The Ink Beast shook its head and started speaking the human language. But strangely, the English coming out of its mouth was rather awkward to hear and understand.

“Did you really think you were Lei Yu’s opponent? What an ignorant human. If it weren’t for me constantly absorbing a portion of his internal energy, he maybe have already entered into the Immortal stages!”

“What nonsense are you blabbing about? Who are you exactly?” The shock the Ink Beast had given Dr. Tony wasn’t minor. Little did he know that his own appearance would probably scare the public to death.

“Foolish human, did you think that by changing into an animal, you would actually possess the true power of a beast? This is just too laughable!” Said the Ink Beast once again.

Not knowing if this opponent was the real deal or a fake, Dr. Tony waved his claws to have Rhinoceros test the waters. Despite his hesitation, Rhinoceros still took a few steps forward.

When Rhinoceros got close to the Ink Beast, he only saw it pounce before he was knocked to the ground. A snarling jaw then when straight for Rhinoceros’s throat and a “crack” sound was heard. Blood then started spraying out everywhere from Rhinoceros’s neck. The Ink Beast then licked its blood drenched lips and said: “It’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed such good food!”

“My God!” Dr. Tony was completely and utterly shocked. This was an Ultimate Rank Mutant whose defense was already at an unimaginably high level, yet this monster made a pounce and a bite and ended his life in such a quick fashion. Terrifying, too terrifying!

With the Spiritual Bead of Longevity leaving Lei Yu’s body, this was similar to the Ink Beast shedding off its shackles. Absorbing Lei Yu’s internal energy had allowed him to restore a portion of its previous power. Even though it was still starting to regain its power and far from its peak, killing an expert of the Sixth Order was no different from playing around, just like how a predator plays with its meal.

It was fortunate for Lei Yu that when he met the Ink Beast, it was at its weakest moment. Or else, how could Lei Yu who was at the strength of a Second Order be its opponent?

“It’s your turn now!” The Ink Beast’s single eye stared at Dr. Tony with disdain.

“No! You… you… who exactly are you?”

“I have no interest in talking with a soon to be dead creature nor do I feel like explaining to you. You are also not qualified to know! If you had let Lei Yu go earlier on, perhaps I would have considered letting you go as well. But ever since your puny human existence transformed into a beast, you’ve become too vicious. If you had actually killed Lei Yu, then my chances at resurrection would have ended… therefore you must die!” The Ink Beast knew that it couldn’t stay around in the physical world for too long, maybe he only had a few minutes left. In this short period of time, he had to help Lei Yu leave this dangerous situation. It was fine back then when Lei Yu still had the Spiritual Bead of Longevity but now that it was gone, there will be no more resurrections if he died. It would still be more cost-effective for the Ink Beast to lose all of its power and to start all over again than to never rise up again.

Dr. Tony knew the inevitable was coming so he suddenly jumped backwards and shouted: “Do it now!”

From all over, a dense stream of creatures belonging to various species started pouring out and surrounding the Ink Beast. One could say this room was packed with creatures as they began frantically pouncing on and biting the Ink Beast. But no matter how these creatures bit and scratched, they weren’t able to penetrate the fur of the Ink Beast.

“Roar!” The Ink Beast angrily roared before swiping out with its front paw and its tail sweeping out from behind. These creatures were either killed on the spot or were still twitching from being split into two; the scene was too horrific to look at.

In just two minutes, the creatures that rushed out were all killed by the Ink Beast’s attack. It was if a tyrannical wave had swept through them leaving behind their corpse that could be piled up into a small mountain.

The Ink Beast slowly climbed out from under a layer of bodies before terrifyingly staring at the crocodile Tony who had gone slightly bonkers. “Are there anymore? These should only be enough for one meal!” As it said this, its jaws bit onto a corpse and raised his head before swallowing the entire body in one gulp, then licking its lips.

“Run!” This was the only idea Dr. Tony could think of but it was already too late.

“Roar!” The Ink Beast roared again. Similar to a ghost, its figure disappeared and instantly reappeared in front of Dr. Tony. “Didn’t you want to rip Lei Yu into pieces? I think that type of ending is more appropriate for your body instead!” The Ink Beast could feel its energy being slowly depleted, so it looks like it will have to quickly take care of this crocodile before him.

“Spare me! Don’t kill me!”

The Ink Beast didn’t bother with the nonsensical cries for mercy. His claws tore, his jaws bit and the crocodile was no longer a crocodile. Dr. Tony had been completely ripped and torn into pieces; his corpse littered the floor where no one could make out which part was which.

The Ink Beast’s body began to slowly blur, and then turned into a black light before rapidly flying into Lei Yu’s head. It had once again disappeared as fast as it came out.

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