Ch 183 – The Tomb Of A Friend

Dr. Tony’s life efforts were destroyed by Lei Yu and his daughter was killed by his own men. And now his own life had been ripped into pieces by the Ink Beast. Everything was like a fleeting bad dream, not even leaving him a chance to regret.

Lei Yu spit out a mouthful of blood before slowly recovering his senses.

“Cough!” Another mouthful of blood came out. Lei Yu opened his eyes and looked around. “I… I haven’t died?” He suddenly sat up screaming: “Ying Ying!”

He looked at the position where Cui Ying Ying was supposed to be according to his memory. He slowly crawled to that area and started pulling away some bodies that almost made him throw up. Lei Yu placed his fingers on the pulse of her neck and still felt it beating. Only then did he sigh heavily and lie down on his back to take a rest.

“Why am I not dead?” Looking at all the corpses on the ground, Lei Yu was surprised to find an extra one hundred plus bodies strewn all over. It was beyond a doubt that he was unconscious so what on earth happened during that time?

Nothing was adding up to Lei Yu right now so he started looking around. Before he was unconscious, Rhinoceros was still alive but it was obvious his throat had now been ripped out. Since he was dead, then why couldn’t he find the whereabouts of Dr. Tony?

After a long recovery period, Lei Yu finally regained some strength. With one hand holding onto Cui Ying Ying, his other hand held onto the corpse of Bianca. Struggling one step at a time, he walked towards the exit using the trace amount of strength he had recovered. Finally at the door of the exit, he smashed it open.

Completely out of strength again, Lei Yu was now gasping to inhale the fresh outdoor air. The previous battle was still vivid in his mind and his was overcome by a feeling that he had just crawled back out from the depths of hell. Recollecting these events caused cold sweat to form on him.

Pulling out his cell phone, it was in an off state so he turned it back on. Fortunately for Lei Yu, there was actually reception here so he started dialing Liu Hao’s number.

“Hey, come… come pick me up.”

Lei Yu told Liu Hao his specific location. Liu Hao didn’t dare delay and immediately started driving there.

A full day and night passed by. Lei Yu was quietly lying there and to his left was Cui Ying Ying. Looking at her weak appearance, it could be a life-threatening situation if he didn’t hurry up and send her to a hospital. To Lei Yu’s right, Bianca’s pale corpse made his heart ache with pain. He didn’t even dare to look at the terrifying wound on her stomach.

After sighing heavily, Lei Yu began working on his long recovery. Lei Yu sat cross-legged as his strength gradually recovered. He condensed his internal energy and started moving it through his meridians. Although the recovery speed of his damaged meridians and injured body wasn’t as fast as the green energy from before, the maturation of his lightning ability would still assist Lei Yu’s body to gradually recover. His rate of recovery was definitely faster than other cultivators by multiple times.

Inside the basin, a strong wind gusted through filling the air with sand and dust. Lei Yu and the two girls lying on the ground were now covered in a thick layer of dust.

Another night has passed when Lei Yu’s eyebrow twitched. “Liu Hao, over here!”


Hearing the sound of Liu Hao’s hurried movements, his figure quickly approached. Surprise showed on Liu Hao’s face when he saw Bianca on the ground with a horrible wound. After sending out his probing senses did Liu Hao feel relieved when he found out Cui Ying Ying was still alive.

“You came really fast, how’s everything back at the estate? Did anything happen?” Lei Yu asked.

“Everything’s the same, nothing special going on. Master, you are too awesome. You actually saved sister Ying Ying!” Liu Hao’s face was filled with admiration as he gave a thumbs up.

Lei Yu weakly knocked Liu Hao’s head. “I almost died! Even I don’t know why I’m still alive, it’s fortunate that someone came by and helped me. By the time I woke up, there was no one around me except a ground covered in corpses.”

“No way?!”

Since he couldn’t figure out, Lei Yu didn’t want to bother spending too much effort on it. It’s great if someone saved him or if no one did anything, it doesn’t matter. Either way, not dying can be considered the heaven’s blessings. “Help me out a bit. Go over there and dig a hole, and then put… bury Bianca’s body.”

“Master, how did she die?” Liu Hao asked with surprise.

Even though the horrendous wound on Bianca surprised Liu Hao, he didn’t show any emotional anguish because he had very little contact with her and barely knew her.

“Her father was Dr. Tony and she died trying to protect me. Although she had deceived me, it was still excusable so I have to do something for her.” Thinking back to when Bianca suddenly showing up when he was about to be killed by Rhinoceros, deep down inside Lei Yu no longer hated her. How could Lei Yu hate someone that was willing to give up their life for his?

After nodding, Liu Hao no longer asked anymore questions. He then did what he was instructed since he could tell his master wasn’t in a good mood. With his bare hands, he punched the ground a few times creating a huge crater. Lei Yu carefully laid Bianca into the crater while Liu Hao started pushing the mound of soil on the side to cover her. Thus Bianca’s tomb was created.

Lei Yu then grabbed a huge slab of rock and started using his finger to write in the Tenglong language: “My good friend Bianca’s tomb.”

After a moment of silence, Lei Yu once again exhaled heavily. “Let’s go, Ying Ying is currently very weak so we need to take her to the hospital for treatment.”

Liu Hao carried Cui Ying Ying while Lei Yu followed behind. As these three started to leave, Lei Yu looked back and decided once everything was all over, he would come back here. After all, this place contained Dr. Tony’s entire life’s work so there certainly will be a lot of benefits. Simply offering this to the country would mean he had contributed quite a bit to the Tenglong country.

Lei Yu and Liu Hao found a hospital at the nearest town. It was fortunate that Cui Ying Ying’s semi-comatose state was merely brought on by severe fright, so she only had to stay in the hospital to recuperate. After leaving some instructions, Lei Yu had to further recover from his still weak condition. Liu Hao now had to take care of both of them.

As the days went by, a week later Lei Yu’s cell phone started ringing. Looking at the caller ID, it was Black Panther.

“Young master, something happened!” The frantic voice on the other end of the line made Lei Yu’s heart skip a beat before asking: “What? What happened?”

“Dark Council! It’s the Dark Council! A lot of people came and the Pope along with the eighteen Holy Knights are currently trying to endure their attacks!”

“What?! How… how could this happen?” Lei Yu was shocked.

“With the Pope’s analysis, he believes the Dark Council knew you had left so that’s why they made their move. Currently, there’s a lot of dark creatures surrounding the estate. Everyone in the town has already been killed by them, and some have even been infected with the Vampire virus!”

Hearing this, Lei Yu slapped the table top with his hand and the thick table was shattered into pieces.

Hanging up the phone, “Liu Hao, take care of Ying Ying. I have to go back right away!” Lei Yu tightened his fists; everything was happening all at once like a storm not allowing him any room to breathe. What he was most worried about was his beloved Ai Er and his fellow brothers being in danger. As for the Vatican, Lei Yu didn’t really care about them that much.

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