Ch 188 – A Battle Between The Strong

Everyone had to admit that this was the most powerful electric fan they have ever seen! Like a tornado, it blew away the poisonous gas that Primus Hogue sent over without allowing it get close to Romon at all.

If this attack didn’t work, there was always another. Primus Hogue was a supreme expert that surpassed the Sixth Order rank, so it was natural he had more up his sleeves.

With a flip of his hands, Primus Hogue was now holding onto two sharp weapons. When one looked closely, those two weapons were extremely sharp daggers that gave off a white light.

“Humph!” Seeing those daggers, Romon voiced his disdain. The tornado like wind only stopped when Romon gradually stopped rotating the copper staff. Primus Hogue uttered a shrill cry like a bat and flapped his wings before flying up into the air. Similar to the tornado whirlwind that Romon previously displayed, Primus Hogue started rotating his whole body while in midair. His rotating speed kept increasing until his face could not be clearly seen. One could only see a powerful black whirlwind start moving towards Romon. This almost thirty foot high black whirlwind was similar to a pillar that brought bursts of violent winds that made it hard for people to open their eyes.

Romon must have his own reason when he said that Primus Hogue was not his opponent. Sure enough, the copper staff in his hands started growing larger. Stabbed into the ground, it grew to a height of about three floors that was no less than the black whirlwind of Primus Hogue.

A person and a pillar were colliding with each other like a fight between two different colors of lightning. There wasn’t any other sounds in the surrounding space except for the “bing bing bang bang” noises of metallic items striking each other.

Primus Hogue had finally retreated and when one looked closely, they could see his hands were trembling nonstop. As for the big copper pillar, one could see many nicks and scratches on the surface of it. It appears that Primus Hogue’s whirlwind attack had caused quite a bit of damage to the pillar. If the pillar was switch out for an actual person, that person would probably be shred to pieces and swallowed whole by his whirlwind.

“Boom!” Romon pulled the copper pillar out and smashed it to the ground. “You no longer have any chances left!”

With Romon as the center, his golden energy started shining like the morning sun. The bright light and the terrifying energy made the people present feel like they were suffocating. Previously when the two had clashed, Romon had confirmed the Vampire wasn’t his opponent. Although the two were on the same realm of power, the different levels they were on was enough to determine one’s victory. Due to Romon’s violent energy pressure, the surrounding air became visible and looked like it was rippling.


The golden energy started melding together with the copper pillar. In just a few seconds, the huge pillar rose to the air and was completely covered in flames. The heat for the flames started to make the air fluctuate and with a sudden roaring sound, the pillar of flame disappeared midair. The next moment, the pillar was seen falling down which seemed no different than a meteor smashing into the earth.


The loud sound echoed out into the surrounding space and shook the earth. Lei Yu and others couldn’t help but feel like this was the end of the world.

Dust filled the entire sky making one unable to see what was happening. Shortly after, a cool breeze then blew by, slowly blowing all the dust away. Everyone’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets because the large estate had completely collapsed. The only thing left was where Lei Yu and others were standing, while behind them was the castle manor that stood alone amongst an abyss.

Looking off into the distance, it looked like the entire town had disappeared. The powerful shock had destroyed pretty much everything and the houses had all become piles of gravel.

“Strong! Too strong!” Lei Yu was shocked to the core. A single attack was capable of destroying an entire town; its power was no less than a magnitude 8 earthquake. This place had become the epicenter as if they were on top of a cliff. The once lively rural town had now become a desolate place that one could not tell what used to be here.

“Where’s Primus Hogue?” Everyone was looking around and couldn’t even find a glimpse of his shadow. Their first thought was that under such a powerful attack, could it be that he was instantly killed by Romon’s enormous flame pillar?

No, it can’t be that easy! This wasn’t Romon’s strongest attack and he never expected to kill Primus Hogue with it either.

Sure enough, a shaking figure was slowly floating out from the abyss and into the sky – it was Primus Hogue! With a body covered in dust, the blood on his clothes showed that he had been injured. It was expected since under such a large area attack that was almost instantaneous, even having a pair of wings and wanting escape wasn’t a simple task. Not dying had already made Lei Yu and others extremely surprised. If they were in his spot, it’s most likely their bodies would have already been destroyed into nothingness.

“Ding, ding!” Primus Hogue was banging the two daggers he was holding together. He lifted his head and stared at Romon who was also floating in midair with the copper staff resting on his shoulders. He then said in a cold voice: “You have completely enraged me! I am going to reduce everyone here to ashes!”

A vicious person would always use vicious methods. They will never openly confront their opponents but find a weakness such as someone they care about and go after that. These types of people were the ones Lei Yu hated the most.

But Romon’s lips only lightly sneered and didn’t bother with what Primus Hogue had said. When it came to speed, Lei Yu had never seen how fast Romon was, but a Vampire’s speed was not slow at all. Someone like Bel who was at the Prince rank already had speeds that shocked Lei Yu. After all, they had a teleportation-like ability. And now, we’re talking about Primus Hogue, a supreme expert that had already surpassed the Prince rank!

“You little runt who had just entered the early levels of a Blood Emperor, want to pretend to be cool in front of me and say I enraged you? You’re courting death!” It was obvious that the previous armageddon-like attack didn’t consume much of Romon’s energy because he still looked rather relaxed.

Lei Yu was so envious, being able to float or fly like them two would be such a cool thing for him!

“Screech, screech!” Primus Hogue with his blood red eyes once again screeched, his body suddenly disappearing from the sky.

“Not good!” Lei Yu’s face paled. A surge of powerful and difficult to resist momentum came billowing over, its target being them. No one could move their bodies at all. Could it be that they were going to be instantly turned into ashes by Primus Hogue?

“Humph!” Romon turned around and displayed a terrifying and unimaginable speed. At near instantaneous speeds, a rainbow shot through the air and the huge pillar smashed down towards the ground.


Now this was a cannonball. Primus Hogue who had just appeared never dreamed that he would be smashed like a baseball. No, rather than saying baseball, playing whac-a-mole would be more accurate. The body of Primus Hogue was smashed into the deepest part of the abyss. Even if he had 10,000 lives, it’s impossible for him to stay alive because the strike by Romon had solidly hit Primus Hogue dead center.

Romon smiled at the crowd in front of him. His previous large area attack was controlled to perfection; everywhere was destroyed except for this place. There wasn’t the slightest damage to the area where Lei Yu and them were standing.

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