Ch 189 – Condensing A Gold Core

With such a scene like in the movies, it should have been a life or death fight for them. But with the emergence of Romon, it somehow ended like this. It was too unbelievable especially when it came to their strength; Lei Yu had become humbled after witnessing their God-like strength.

The surrounding hundred square meters had become a bottomless abyss. The place Lei Yu and others were standing at looked like the last pillar that hadn’t collapsed which happened to be supporting the castle manor.

“Benefactor, the danger has passed so you can be rest assured!” Romon leapt from the air and landed in front of the crowd.

“Lord… Lord Romon…” Lei Yu blinked a few times before asking in disbelief: “The benefactor you’re mentioning… is me right?”

“Who else could it be? If it weren’t for me attempting to make a breakthrough this last period of time, I would have met up with you a long time ago.” Romon said with a smile.

The Pope swallowed hard before saying: “Lord Romon, the huge kindness you’ve…”

“That’s enough! There’s no need to say those useless words since the Vatican is insignificant when compared to the benefactor. The most I would have done for the Vatican is to give some minor assistance. If it wasn’t for Kalchas that old devil making me protect the Vatican, I wouldn’t even bother with you guys!”

“Uh…” The Pope suddenly felt extremely embarrassed. As if a fly had been stuck in his throat, he didn’t know what to say for a brief period of time.

All this time, the Vatican likened Romon to their savior, a position that no one else was able to surpass. Back then, Romon had been extremely respectful to Prophet Kalchas so no one expected today he would call Kalchas an old devil.

What was even more difficult for the Pope to accept was back then, he blew his trumpet in front of Lei Yu about how powerful Lord Romon was and how he would show up when the Vatican was in a crisis. And he had always treated Lei Yu as someone on the same level as himself, so never would he have imagined that the Romon he respected the most actually addressed Lei Yu as a benefactor. The Pope simply couldn’t make heads or tails out of this situation.

The death of Primus Hogue was a sign of the Dark Council’s complete destruction. No one had ever expected this outcome to come about with such simplicity. But the cost of this was a bit too much, the casualties of the innocents were too numerous to count. And now that the town had disappeared without a trace, replacing it was cliffs and an abyss.

Romon’s approach had a deeper significance, a so called ulterior motive. In fact, his main purpose was not to instantly kill Primus Hogue but to clear out remnants of the Dark Council within the town. Even the earlier loud and arrogant Prince Bel’s body was scattered amongst god knows what pile of debris.

“Benefactor, can we speak alone?” Romon stabbed his copper staff off to the side. A “bam!” sound made Ai Er unconsciously hide behind Lei Yu.

“With… with me? Okay, no problem!” Lei Yu would never refuse getting close to this super strong expert since he knew Romon didn’t have any harmful intentions towards him.

Everyone entered the lonely looking castle that looked like it was floating in the void. While they all congregated around the first main hall, Lei Yu and Romon both went to the second floor. Even the Pope didn’t dare to ask any questions on what those two were doing. A Red Cardinal to the side whispered: “Your holiness, is this Lord Romon for real or a fraud?”

“You’re courting death!” The Pope angrily rebutted. “Being able to defeat Primus Hogue who was a supreme expert at the Blood Emperor rank, how could he be a fraud? You’re simply spouting nonsense!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Inside Lei Yu’s room. Without waiting for Romon, Lei Yu first asked: “Lord Romon, have you mistaken me for someone else? How… how could I be your benefactor?”

Romon’s next move nearly made Lei Yu jump in shock. Romon kneeled on one knee; his right hand clasped to his chest and showed an extremely devout face. “Oh honorable Lord Lei Yu, you may not know recognize me but you will definitely recognize my father!”

“Your father? How… how could that be possible?” Lei Yu wanted to support Romon to make him stand up but was refused by him.

“That’s right; you’ll definitely recognize him especially when you were the one who saved my father’s life. Over a thousand years ago, father and mother got married and I was given birth. I then followed my mother’s surname Lycomedes. My father was worried if I had his surname, something bad may befall me so that’s how it came to this.”

Lei Yu vaguely felt something and then asked: “Then your father is…”

“Minotaur Linos!”

“What?!” Lei Yu almost lost his footing, “bull-head?!”

Romon nodded and smiled. “In my father’s entire life, only you can call him as such. If it were someone else, I’m afraid they would have already been chopped into pieces by his Thirty-six Lunar Stars!”

“It’s really him? How… how… how could he have such a handsome son like you? This is too incredible!” Lei Yu stared with wide eyes and couldn’t believe what his ears heard.

Romon scratched his head, “This was one of my fortunes because my mother was very beautiful. Even though I inherited her looks, I was destined to have a horn on my head making me a non-human. This is a fact that cannot be changed.”

Lei Yu gasped, “No wonder… quick! Get up!” While saying this, Lei Yu helped Romon get up.

While getting up, Romon continued: “I have always followed the teachings of father. Whenever there’s thunder and lightning, I would devoutly worship it in order to show my respects to you. Didn’t you use the pseudonym Lightning back then?”

Lei Yu nodded emotionally, “This I know because the Vatican’s Pope had mentioned it to me.”

What made Lei Yu filled with all sorts of emotions was that the people a thousand years ago still remembered his kindness. But the people in society nowadays were filled with deceit, immorality and treachery. In order to reach their goals, they were even willing to sacrifice their own daughters for it. Comparing people to the ones back then, the modern people were truly frightening.

“Benefactor, I feel that your abilities have been improving rapidly. I believe you will soon make a breakthrough and reach the same Gold Core stage as me. But what makes me impressed is that you’ve only cultivated for a few short years while my dull self has cultivated for almost a millennium!”

“Gold Core stage? What… what is that?” As if suddenly remembering something, Lei Yu then asked: “Previously you were conversing with Primus Hogue and mentioned condensing a gold core, what does that mean?”

“Well, it’s like this…” Romon then slowly explained: “In this world, everyone has their own way of cultivating. Some take the general route and ignore training one’s own powerful flesh. Some choose to follow the martial route, even though the progress is slow, their foundations become deep and stable. There’s also some that follow the devil or demonic paths. Oh yeah, Primus Hogue is a cultivator that follows the demonic path including my father. But my father didn’t want me to bear the consequences of demon cultivation and had me follow the most painful path, the ascetic cultivator.” Romon paused when he saw Lei Yu’s face filled with confusion, he then continued: “Before a cultivator condenses their Gold Core, there are six levels they need to break past. And it’s quite clear that benefactor has already broken through to the sixth level. In just a few decades or if quick, maybe only ten plus years, benefactor will be able to break through the bottleneck and condense his Gold Core leaving the mortal cultivation realm and becoming what we call an Immortal Cultivator.”

“Immortal Cultivator?”

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