Ch 19 – Seeing Uncle Liu Again

“How was it!” Lei Yu hurriedly asked.

“I almost grasped the gas, but what a pity!”

“You are an imbecile! Dummy!”

Separating the fruits to the two, they each returned to their own home.

Lei Yu took out his cell phone, after thinking back and forth, he then dialed a number.

“Who is it?”

“Uncle Liu!”

“Little… little Yu?”

“It is. Uncle Liu, I want to see you, but don’t let the Lei family members know, is that possible?”

“I’ve already left the Lei family household, ever since you… since you left, I did not stay with the Lei family.”

“Oh? How did this happen?”

“I have something to do the next few days, I will call you afterwards.”

“Okay.” Hanging up the phone, Lei Yu lay on the bed and stretched around. Sleep suddenly overwhelming him, he wanted to have a good night’s rest. But once he thought about the battle date in three years with Cai Zhong, now being only two years left, Lei Yu sat up again, “I cannot slack off!”

Three days later in the afternoon, Lei Yu’s cell phone started ringing. Once a place was determined with uncle Liu, Lei Yu rushed over there.

Inside the room of a teahouse called “Pin Ming Zhuang” (Taste of Tea Village)

“Ever since the day you were being kicked out of the Lei family, I began packing to leave together with you. But once I found out you had jumped off a cliff, then I knew it was too late to tell you what I was planning.” Uncle Liu’s face showed some guilt.

For this jumping off the cliff incident, Lei Yu did not want to explain too much of the details. The thing he was most concerned with right now was his mother’s whereabouts.

“Uncle Liu, who exactly is my mother?”

From uncle Liu’s pocket, he took out a small rectangular box. Carefully opening the box, uncle Liu took out a photo and a piece of jade pendant.

“This is a photo of your mother, and this… this is jade pendant that was left to you by your mother.”

Lei Yu’s hands were trembling as he took possession of these two things. Due to the passage of time, the photo had become a bit yellow. This was a photo of a young and beautiful girl, but this was taken almost twenty years ago. In the photo, Lei Yu was being gently stroked by his mother while he was gently grasping onto her. Floundering around while looking for a family member he had never been in touch with, this all seemed a bit too fake, too unrealistic.

Picking up the jade pendant that uncle Liu gave him, this was a clear colored emerald green jade, carved in front was the word “moon.” Lei Yu with a slightly choked voice asked: “Uncle Liu, did my mother ask you to give this jade pendant to me?

Uncle Liu nodded, “right, nineteen years ago on that day, a woman was holding a baby in her arms, this baby was you.” Uncle Liu let out a long sigh then said: “That day, the leader of the Lei family’s wife was still alive, so two women were quarrelling quite fiercely. Everyone in the family did not agree that you were considered a descendant of the Lei family, but the family leader threw away the customs and still accepted you. Your mother also disappeared in the night after that. But before she left, she gave me those items, and made me promise that when you reached the age of twenty, to give you these items and to tell you everything that had happened.

Lei Yu’s heart was startled, nineteen years ago the leader of the house actually accepted me? This, how was this possible? Why would he be able to accept me nineteen years ago, but gave me up only because I did not have the family brand? And to even kick me out of the family? It’s all somewhat unreasonable.

“This jade pendant is only half of the original, the other half is in your mother’s possession. If you are able to be reunited with your mother, then you only need to take out the two pieces of the pendant and match it up to prove your identities.

No matter how Lei Yu thought about it, he did not think those tragic drama TV show plots that he used to watch growing up would actually happen to himself. This whole thing was like a dream, for nearly two decades, he didn’t even know what his mother looked like.

“So where is my mother right now?” asked Lei Yu.

Uncle Liu shook his head helplessly, “the day your mother left was the last time she was ever seen again. Everything I know has been revealed to you, I hope you can find your loved one soon, I have to leave now.”

“Wait!” shouted Lei Yu as uncle Liu was walking away. He then asked: “Why did you leave the Lei family?”

“This…” Uncle Liu’s body was shaking, and one could even see tears forming in his eyes.

“Uncle Liu, what is it?”

“No, nothing, I’m fine, well, don’t ask too many questions, I have stuff to do so I have to go now.” Then uncle Liu left in a hurry, leaving a Lei Yu by himself.

Sitting down on a seat, he had to find his mother and ask her why she would leave him without a care. Why did she have to leave, making him motherless for these ten plus years, especially when he had to endure being bullied at a young age.

Lei Yu was basically in a daze, and a whole afternoon had passed. Lei Yu was staring at two things motionless until someone knocked on the door before he regained his composure.

“Excuse me, do you need any more water?”

“Uh, no need, I’m leaving soon.” Lei Yu exhaled a long breath, putting away the photo and the jade pendant, he then immediately left the area.

Lei Yu did not tell anyone about this situation, even Nuo Hu and Ai Er did not know about it. Lei Yu hung the jade pendant around his neck, then put the photo inside his wallet before returning to Dragon Group.

“How did things go?” asked Nuo Hu as he patted Lei Yu’s shoulder.

“Uh, pretty well I guess.”

“That’s good then.”

Lei Yu had dinner with the two siblings around ten o’clock at night. Lei Yu then returned home and was about to cultivate when the phone started ringing.

“Master, are you currently free?”

“Liu Hao, I was just about to cultivate, what is it?”

“I’ll be right there!” With just those words, Liu Hao hung up the phone.

Pertaining to this son of the Governor, Lei Yu did not know what to do at times. As the son of a senior government official, no matter how you look at him, he doesn’t behave like one.

But no matter how you look at it, Lei Yu was still quite satisfied. Even though on a typical day, them two would be joking and laughing and not look like a master / disciple relationship. But when something happens, Liu Hao is still relatively obedient.

A short while later, the doorbell rang. Lei Yu opened the door and slightly hesitated, “this is…?”

“My sister.” (older)

Pulling a girl in her twenties, the two came through the door into Lei Yu’s apartment.

Lei Yu carefully examined this young girl, dressed in somewhat skimpy clothing, a one-piece tank top with skirt showing off her figure, buxom buttocks and a full chest formed the well sought after S-curve. Below the skirt were two long slender white legs, the face was delicate and the five main facial features matched each other, looking at her would make one feel very comfortable.

“How come I didn’t know you had a sister?” said Lei Yu while scratching his head. He also did not understand why Liu Hao would bring her sister here in the middle of the night.

“Of course you wouldn’t know because I’ve never told you!” Said Liu Hao with a mysterious smile. “But she’s not my biological sister, she’s from my school that became my god sister. Her name is Cui Ying Ying and her father and my father have been good friends for many years.”

“Oh, please sit. What would you like to drink?”

“No need to be so polite.” replied Cui Ying Ying. Her voice sounded very gentle and it even startled Lei Yu.

“How about some juice, I still have some juice here.” Lei Yu turned around and went into the kitchen towards the refrigerator. Liu Hao looked at Cui Ying Ying and smiled before following into the kitchen.

“Why did you bring your sister to my house for?” asked Lei Yu while pouring a glass of juice.


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