Ch 191 – He’s The Enemy?

Finally, Lei Yu arranged for Black Panther, Gray Bear, and Hu Jiong to take care of the nightclub and the fighting arena. As for whether anyone will appear to cause trouble, there was nothing to worry about. Who would be scared when they had the Vatican as their backing? Moreover, just one word from Romon and the Pope would be at his beck and call.

As for Romon, he chose to wait and had no intentions of returning to Tenglong country with Lei Yu. As a cultivator, Romon understood that relying on outside help was of no use.

Ten, twenty, or especially thirty years was a long time for Lei Yu but was nothing to Romon. It’s no wonder Lei Yu often used the term old evil spirit or old devil when referring to Kalchas.

In fact, Lei Yu still had some important things he hadn’t completed yet, and that’s finding his mother and finding the real murderer behind the death of his grandfather. The current Lei Yu had the complete qualifications to do such a thing!

Meeting up with Liu Hao and Cui Ying Ying, Lei Yu and Ai Er flew back to Tenglong country together. The ones to greet them on arrival was actually the army!

After receiving news that Lei Yu was coming back, Lin Cang Hai and Martial Sect’s Shangguan Xi Hong personally came to pick them up. Of course, included was Lei Yu’s sworn older brother and best friend Nuo Hu, his father and aunt Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng.

Based on manners, Lei Yu first greeted Lin Cang Hai and Shangguan Xi Hong. Everyone knew that this twenty something year old kid who was greeting them politely was someone that had reached the legendary peak of a Sixth Order Warrior.

“Good! It’s great that you’ve come back!” Lin Cang Hai was extremely pleased. As the country’s highest ranking official, he of course craved the support of such a talent. Since Lei Yu at such a young age had reached the strength of a Sixth Order super expert, he was definitely the first in the country’s history to accomplish it.

With a police motorcade and a military escort, they had practically pushed Lei Yu to the highest position of attention. All of this was of course unnecessary to Lei Yu since was tired of putting up these false facades, but he still had to accept everything politely to give those leaders face.

This line of cars drove directly to Lei Yu’s previous residence. Lin Cang Hai, Shangguan Xi Hong and others first left, the only ones remaining were the ones Lei Yu had missed dearly.

“Big brother, I really missed you to death!” Lei Yu was finally able to give Nuo Hu a big bear hug. They both patted each other’s back, a gesture that meant more than a thousand words.

“Little Yu, you’ve matured a lot and became a lot stronger. As your big brother, the distance between us is getting further and further away!” Nuo Hu was feeling a hard to describe emotion. A youngster that was considered useless trash and kicked out had now been prioritized by the country. This was simply too incredible of a tale!

“Big brother!” Ai Er pouted, “Could it be that you don’t miss me at all? Seriously, you just ignored me and left me aside!”

“Ha ha…”

“Ha ha…”

After chatting and reminiscing for a few days did things die down for this group of happy people. This group even went back to that Barbecue City a few times, except they were missing one person – Fang Yi Ke.

They didn’t want to bring up the previous sad memories, and the Kou country had already paid a heavy price for it. And this happened because Lei Yu’s friend had been sexually assaulted. If the Kou country was able to turn back time, we bet that even if they were beaten to death, they wouldn’t want this incident to repeat itself.

Cui Ying Ying’s body no longer had any big issues and the construction project in the Kou country still needed her to personally supervise and manage. Entrusted by Lei Yu, Liu Hao left Tenglong country with Cui Ying Ying. Lei Yu believed that the past incident of being abducted will no longer happen with Liu Hao around, therefore his heart calmed down a lot.

What Lei Yu was planning on doing now was to cultivate and to investigate the whereabouts of his mother. As for this evening, Lei Yu had already made plans…

As night fell, Lei Yu arrived at Nuo Yi Long’s residence. “Little Yu, quickly come in!”

Lei Yu had come here a few times before so he wasn’t particularly formal. Although he was seeing his possible future father-in-law, the aura and the looks Lei Yu unintentionally gave out gave Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng an oppressive pressure. Fortunately Lei Yu realized this early on and retrieved his momentum back into his body.

After receiving some tea, Lei Yu carefully sampled it. A tea that revealed a faint aroma of leaves was something Lei Yu had yearned for. Drinking coffee all the time in a Western country had started to bore Lei Yu quite a bit.

“Little Yu, I really want to know what level of strength have you attained now?” Nuo Yi Long asked.

Lei Yu smiled, “I can at least avenge the death of my grandfather so Uncle Nuo doesn’t need to doubt this.” Lei Yu went straight to the point since that was his purpose of coming here today.

The words said by Nuo Yi Long back then had been played back in Lei Yu’s mind all the time. His strength was too weak and he couldn’t do anything. As for now, someone that’s able to stand on the same level as Lei Yu in Tenglong country would not exceed five people.

Nuo Yi Long’s eyes were a bit moist; he was suddenly reminded of the many scenes he spent together with his most beloved. It’s been many years that his hatred had been hidden inside, unable to be released. Now that a capable person has appeared, how could he not be happy?

Glancing at his sister Nuo Yi Feng, Nuo Yi Long sighed heavily before saying: “Previously I didn’t want you to seek revenge because I was worried your power wasn’t enough. As for now, with your personal strength, you subdued the Kou country and you destroyed several major powers in the United States. Based on all of these, little Yu, you now have the requisite strength!”

Lei Yu was getting excited, he was about to know his mother’s enemy and the murderer behind his grandfather’s death!

“Who is he?” Lei Yu asked as he clenched his fists.

“The Ming Sect’s Du Chang Hai!”

Lei Yu suddenly stood up, “It’s him?!”

“That’s right; Du Chang Hai is at the Sixth Demonic Realm which is the same as a Sixth Order Warrior. Also, Demonic Cultivators have extremely vicious methods so unless you have 100% certainty, I don’t want you to confront him!”

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and nodded. “I understand… he will pay with his blood!” Lei Yu slapped his palm on top of the marble coffee table. With his tyrannical attack power, the coffee table would have easily shattered but this scene didn’t occur. Lei Yu was angry but didn’t lose his head. After experiencing many hardships, he was no longer the impulsive youngster like before. He had to be more or less shrewd in his actions now since it was something how a mature person was supposed to act.

“Little Yu, what are you planning to do now?” Nuo Yi Long asked. “If there’s anything you need from your uncle, just go ahead and tell me!”

Lei Yu lightly smiled and waved his hand. “I’m not in a hurry in dealing with this.” Since he knew who the enemy was, Lei Yu looked quite calm now. What he wanted was a period of peace since he had just concluded two terrifying battles which had made him feel really exhausted. Lei Yu really needed to take a break. It’s not that he wasn’t in a hurry to see his mother, or that he wasn’t in a hurry to seek revenge for his grandfather, it’s just that he had to remain calm and not be impulsive with his actions.

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