Ch 192 – The Energy Returns

They’ve waited for so long already so why rush things now? Since this layer of paper hasn’t been pierced, Lei Yu had to carefully plan things. Moving against Du Chang Hai meant moving against the foundation of the Ming Sect. This major force had deep roots inside Tenglong country and they’re probably even more fearsome than Dr. Tony’s in the U.S. Even though there’s only one person, Du Chang Hai, who had reached the Sixth Demonic Realm, his underlings have spread to every nook and cranny. The political field, businesses, and there’s possibly spies in any or all three other major forces of the country. If there really was a falling out, there was bound to be big waves inside Tenglong country.

Returning home, Lei Yu took out the transparent white crystal he had taken off the body of Primus Hogue. He even dared to focus his spiritual energy into the crystal but didn’t notice anything out of place. Lei Yu could only put it back into his storage ring and not bother with it for now.

Growing strong came from hard work, and through the process of hard work would one improve a little bit at a time. Although Lei Yu had encountered many fortunate opportunities that made his strength go up by leaps and bounds, he still remains convinced that painstaking cultivation was the key to becoming a super expert revered by all.

Lei Yu sat down cross-legged as he calmed down, pushing all the things bothering him to the side. There was just too much stuff going on during this period, so Lei Yu hadn’t been able to quietly cultivate in a while.

Circulating an unusually strong energy stored in his dantian, it was so much more powerful compared to when he had just started training “Lei Yu’s Cultivation Method” which he personally named. Lei Yu could not help but have mixed emotions when thinking about the past.

Mixed with little dots of white starry light, Lei Yu circulated this energy through his meridians in accordance to the all too familiar method imprinted in his mind. A sense of numbness with a mix of warmth flooded his entire body in waves, giving Lei Yu quite an enjoyable feeling.

After learning the Thirty-Six Lunar Star’s cultivation method and techniques from Minotaur Linos, Lei Yu had fused its energy with his own internal energy. He had used quite a bit of time in order to reach a point of mastery. Not only did his attacks contain the vast powers of the stars, it also contained his own powerful lightning energy which made a single attack much more devastating than the original. This was all due to Lei Yu’s constant experimenting and theorizing that produced such progress.

The attacks displayed by the Thirty-six Lunar Stars were indeed unique and peerless. Every time Lei Yu was exposed to the energy of the universe, he was shocked by the vastness of it which made him feel tiny and insignificant. This was a very good way to forge a person’s mind, making it a cultivation method that was difficult to master at the same time.

It was at this time that Lei Yu’s body started trembling! This was caused by a familiar energy!

Inside his heart meridian, Lei Yu was shocked when he felt a weak force that contained great power make an appearance. Quickly focusing his spiritual senses to investigate, “The green energy! Why would it suddenly appear again?”

This was an energy that hadn’t appears in a long time. Ever since the big battle in the Kou country against Hasegawa, this green energy that had lurked inside Lei Yu’s body had disappeared without a trace. Even though Lei Yu felt it was still in his body, it had never revealed itself all this time.

This green energy had once helped Lei Yu repair his injuries and damaged meridians but after its disappearance, Lei Yu had gradually learned to survive without depending on it. He never expected it would suddenly appear again.

Weak, way too weak! The energy was similar to something that had just hatched from an egg. As if it was scared, Lei Yu once again lost touch with the green energy. He could only quietly watch and wait.

Sure enough, the energy was like a little shy and naughty child, appearing briefly like it was testing the waters. It then disappeared again so Lei Yu hurriedly locked all his internal energy inside his Sea Of Energy meridian, so that not a hint of it would escape. After a while, the green energy finally appeared again. After finding no other threats around, it become bold and started flowing out of the heart meridian.

The green energy started condensing itself into one single gaseous form. This gas looked just like it was in the past, except it wasn’t as powerful. It looks like Lei Yu’s previous death had made it lose too much energy, causing it to be so fragile looking and even a bit timid.

Lei Yu was kind of worried about its reappearance. Would it still follow its previous responsibility of healing his wounds and repairing his damaged meridians?

Thinking to this point, Lei Yu opened his eyes and decided on an experiment. Using his fingers that were as strong as steel, he scratched himself in the shape of a line. In order to obtain results in the shortest amount of time, Lei Yu made the wound closest to the heart meridian where the green energy was gathered.

Momentarily, Lei Yu started laughing out loud. He could clearly feel that a warm energy was advancing through his meridians; its target was the wound he had just produced. After more than an hour of recovery, Lei Yu’s wound had completely healed without any traces of it ever being injured in the first place.

Perhaps the green energy had just reemerged, so that’s why it was so weak. Lei Yu believes that after a period of recovery, the green energy may be as strong as it was in the past.

With the reemergence of the green energy, Lei Yu’s confidence in defeating Ming Sect’s Du Chang Hai had increased a bit. At least if he couldn’t beat him, he could always run away. The recovery process of serious injuries would lead him to become unconscious, but at least he now had some life insurance up his sleeves.

For now, Lei Yu cannot allow himself to be injured because he had to give the green energy sufficient time to recover. When he’s absorbing the spiritual energy in the atmosphere, Lei Yu was even planning to share a large portion of it with the green energy. Strangely enough, the green energy gladly accepted the spiritual energy and the outcome was just as Lei Yu imagined, it started growing stronger.

Once morning came, Lei Yu opened his eyes. Even though most of the night’s cultivation was used to service the green energy, Lei Yu did not feel an ounce of fatigue. A comfortable feeling from deep within his heart appeared, which he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Lei Yu twisted at the waist and stretched his joints. After quickly washing up, he drove to Dragon Group where he hadn’t been to in a long time.

This place was where his previous brothers were all located at. Even though he didn’t have much contact with them after leaving, he will never forget how well his fellow brothers of Dragon Team treated him. Most importantly, Lei Yu had to thank one person. If it weren’t for the favor Instructor Fan Hong Chang had given him, most likely he wouldn’t have gotten into Dragon Team. Of course, we can’t forget about Lei Yu’s astonishing performance. Lei Yu’s gravity test result was a record that no one has been able to break yet.

“Instructor Fan!” Far away, Lei Yu could see that Fan Hong Chang was lecturing two soldiers that seemed to have made a mistake. Fan Hong Chang was annoyed at first, but when he turned around and saw Lei Yu, his eyes were as big as a cow’s that was comparable to Minotaur Linos.

“Little Yu! How… how come you’re here?” Not bothering with the two soldiers, Fan Hong Chang hurriedly went over to Lei Yu.

“Can’t I come back to visit the one that unearthed my talents?” Lei Yu didn’t bother with a military salute and just gave Fan Hong Chang a hug, making it more intimate.

“Little Yu, no, I meant Deputy Commander, how could I be someone that unearthed a talent? It’s only because you are too outstanding!” Fan Hong Chang smiled while shaking his head.

“Don’t call me that, it’s too distant sounding. Just continue calling me little Yu since I’m used to it!”

“Ha ha… fine. You are just too promising; I knew I saw something special in you!” The two had their arms on each other’s shoulder as they walked towards the villa.

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