Ch 193 – Banquet Invitation

Those soldiers that were training all looked over with a strange gaze in their eyes. Fan Hong Chang looked at those soldiers and shook his head, “Sigh, if we had a few more people like you, then our Dragon Group would become the most powerful!”

In the midst of those soldiers, one of them recognized Lei Yu and suddenly exclaimed out loud: “Isn’t that Lei Yu?!”

Lei Yu smiled and waved at him before continuing to leave the area with Fan Hong Chang.

The soldier that was greeted by Lei Yu grinned with a proud look on his face. The other soldiers beside him who didn’t know what was going on started discussing this. Some started telling the others how formidable Lei Yu was and how he got to be so strong etc. After listening to the discussions, those once clueless soldiers started worshipping Lei Yu as well.

After arriving at Dragon Group headquarters, Lei Yu wasn’t here just to see his former instructor Fan Hong Chang and his fellow brothers; there was an issue that he had to deal with. Lei Yu handed his resignation paperwork to Nuo Yi Long. Even though this wasn’t unexpected, Nuo Yi Long and others were still reluctant. With Lei Yu’s powerful strength, it would be really great if he could stay in Dragon Group permanently. Even if he doesn’t stay and just becomes a Commander in name, this will still make Dragon Group look good. But once Lei Yu decides on something, it’s really hard to make him change his mind. Nuo Yi Long and them could only reluctantly accept his resignation because forcing him was an impossibility.

After bidding his farewell to Dragon Group, Lei Yu returned home. As he neared his house, Lei Yu noticed someone appeared to be waiting there. There’s no doubt this person was here for Lei Yu, but he didn’t recognize this person at all.

Seeing Lei Yu’s car driving over, this person walked up. “Second young master, you’ve finally returned. I’ve waited here for you for almost a whole day.”

“You are…?” Hearing the way this person greeted him, Lei Yu had an inkling what this was about but he still had to ask.

“I am one of the outer members of the Lei family. The master knew you had returned so he had me invite you back for a visit. The family has prepared a banquet for you and is awaiting your participation.” This person appears to have prepared his words in advance before speaking with Lei Yu.

Lei Yu was slightly hesitant but still nodded. “I will go but I need to clean up first. You may return to the family and I will head there a bit later.”

This person was overjoyed and nodded before leaving. Previously he had heard from other family members that it would be difficult to get Lei Yu to agree to the invitation. After all, all the things that had happened in the past were witnessed by a lot of people. This person never expected Lei Yu would only slightly hesitate before agreeing.

Lei Yu took a bath before putting on a set of more decent looking clothes. Although Lei Yu was reluctant to step foot in the Lei family household again, he still agreed.

Lei Yu used to hate everyone inside the Lei family, even his own father. He was ruthlessly driven from the clan just because he didn’t have the family’s brand. Thinking about everything that had happened filled Lei Yu’s heart with grief, but over time, the hatred he felt had gradually lessen. Lei Yu hadn’t changed his mind and forgave these hypocrites; it’s just that it used to be his home. Even if it was an unhappy place, it still supported and fed him for a good amount of years. Lei Yu was merely holding onto the thought of gratitude for them.

Going there for a meal was just to express his thanks to the family and had no other meanings.

The time he was in the Kou country, Lei Yu had agreed to his father’s request that after he had found his mother and avenged his grandfather, he would then return to the Lei family. But Lei Yu hadn’t really intended to do this. Getting vengeance for his grandfather was a must, and finding his mother had always been Lei Yu’s dream. Both of these issues had to be accomplished. Having Lei Yu accept his family once again seemed a bit too difficult to do. Lei Yu only said those words of rejoining the family because he didn’t want his father to keep on bothering him.

Since Ai Er had left Tenglong country for a good amount of time, she decided to stay by her father’s side for a while. She said she wanted to accompany her father and aunt around to show her filial piety. As for the others, some left and some stayed to take care of their own things so Lei Yu could only attend the banquet by himself.

The person that went to invite Lei Yu to the banquet returned to the family to give the master the good news. He also bragged how articulate he was in front of Lei Yu, and how he had explained and defended the wrongs the family had done to him. The master of the family Lei Yun Tian didn’t care how it was done; being able to invite Lei Yu back to the family was good enough to make him happy.

“Go to the Finance Department and get your reward of $10,000 dollars.” Lei Yun Tian waved his hand and this person left in a happy manner.

If Lei Yu saw this scene, his heart would definitely be filled with sadness. Back then when he was forced off the cliff by the family’s Lei Yun and company, his father merely asked a few words about it. Only after Lei Yu reappeared did his father find out his son did not jump off to commit suicide. Even so, the so called family rules were to randomly whip Lei Yun and the others a few times and let it go like that. And now in the present, in order to have Lei Yu return to the family household, this random outer family member was able to get a reward of $10,000 dollars. Had anyone ever asked Lei Yu if he went hungry or cold after being kicked out? That’s why in Lei Yu’s heart, Nuo Hu was his real family and his real brother.

A sports car was driving up the mountain roads. The mountain was still the same and hadn’t changed one bit. Lei Yu felt that not a single tree or a blade of grass had changed. Shaking his head with a smile, “Most likely the people in the family hadn’t changed at all either.”

Arriving at the Lei family household’s main entrance; the scene looked like they were greeting some VIP guest. Lei Yun Tian who rarely showed his face was standing right at the entrance while all the members of the clan were standing behind with a fake smile on their face.

“Little Yu!”

Getting out of the car, Lei Yu merely smiled and didn’t say anything. Wanting to call out “father” was too difficult for him to say right now. It was clear that Lei Yun Tian didn’t hear the greeting he wanted to hear had become slightly disappointed, but tried to show he wasn’t concerned. After all, Lei Yu coming here had already made him feel very happy.

The sky had begun to get dark. The Lei family was originally a big family and the lights that turned on made it even more dazzling. Throughout the mountain, the lights created a touching scenery but Lei Yu wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it.

Being led to the main hall, the Lei family was really set in their ways. The ancient feeling of this place really made a person a bit depressed. The repeated used of wood in the hall made Lei Yu really wonder if these guys had the flame ability. If someone made an accidental strike, wouldn’t it burn the entire Lei family’s main hall down?

The dishes prepared were very luxurious and most of them were what Lei Yu liked to eat when he was young. But the current Lei Yu wasn’t so rigid and unchanging; ever since he had left the family, he rarely ate those dishes. In order to give his father face, Lei Yu still ate it with a smile which made Lei Yun Tian quite happy.

During the banquet, dozens of family members took turns to toast Lei Yu. Alcohol to cultivators were just a formality since even if they drank a few cases of it, at most they would feel a bit bloated. Wanting to get drunk on alcohol was a very difficult thing.

Lei Yu never declined a toast. Even that guy Lei Tian who Lei Yu had broken his arm during the exchanging of pointers contest¹ had a face filled with smiles while clinking their glasses together.


¹ – Back in Chapter 17, Lei Yu told his disciple to get off the stage and he would fight Lei Tian instead.

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