Ch 20 – Alluring Guest At Night

“Sister Ying Ying’s admiration of you is like an endless surging river, so I brought her here to meet you, get to know each other a bit.” Liu Hao’s voice wasn’t that loud, just loud enough for them both to hear each other.


“Master! Stop playing around!” Liu Hao took a cloth from the side, wiping the juice from his face with it.

“You stop playing around! That’s a dirty dish cloth!”

“Ah crap!”

“What are you doing? Bringing such a beautiful girl to my home in the middle of the night!”

“Master, you still don’t understand?” Liu Hao raised an eyebrow, with a malicious smile, then said: “Previously, we were together at a bar drinking, she then asked me some things about you.”

“How does she know about me?”

“She was there during your awesome performance at the competition! Then she asked me to give you a call, to see if you were free, and then we came. I also want to know what she’s up to.” Liu Hao made an evil smirk.

“What on earth were you thinking! Don’t do stuff like this!”

“What are you so afraid of! You possess all the charms and qualities of what a man should have, handsome looks, nice body, very powerful, these are very typical things that women are attracted to.

Lei Yu started frowning, not replying to his nonsensical disciple, then went out holding the juice. He then handed the juice to Cui Ying Ying.

“Thank you!” The soft sweet voice made Lei Yu’s body experience a numb feeling, like it was quietly attacking his spirit.

“Excuse me…” Although Lei Yu felt that asking this was a bit difficult, but he still asked anyway. “Is there something I can assist you with this late at night?”

As the small mouth sipped the cup of juice, Cui Ying Ying sweetly smiled and said: “I’m really attracted to you, I hope to become friends with you.”

“Ah!” Lei Yu opened his mouth and his jaws dropped to the ground.

“I saw your competition the other day, you’re so powerful, just by raising your hand you were able to break that guy’s arm.” Cui Ying Ying apparently was still reminiscing that day’s match.

“Thank you.”

“I also know your life story, being kicked out from a prominent family would be really difficult for one to accept, but that’s okay, you are very strong and persistent, I really admire you.

“Thank you.” Lei Yu did not know what else to say.

“At school, I have thousands of people chasing after me, but I’ve never really paid any attention to them. It has nothing to do with family rules and such, it’s just that I think they are a group of inferior people, they don’t possess any real ability or anything outstanding, but you’re different.”

“I’m sorry, I… right now, I don’t intend on having a girlfriend!” Lei Yu had to stress that this issue had nothing to do with Cui Ying Ying being not beautiful enough. As higher-intellect mammals such as humans being faced with such an impulsive confession, one may just blurt out what they really wanted. But for Lei Yu, he could not because inside his heart, there was already someone very important.

“It doesn’t matter.” Seeing Lei Yu with an embarrassed expression, Cui Ying Ying laughed: “We can slowly get to know one and another for now. I’m going to leave now, Liu Hao, what about you, are we leaving together?”

“Oh? Uh, sister Ying Ying, you go ahead and leave first, I still have to talk to master about some stuff.”

Sweetly smiling, Cui Ying Ying slowly strutted her long beautiful legs towards the front door. Lei Yu even forgot to see her off, but she did not seem to care too much, opening the door and leaving by herself.

“Master, you’ve really won the jackpot! I did not expect sister Ying Ying to be so direct! This is something I’ve never seen in my entire life!” Liu Hao had a weird grin on his face.

“You asshole! Why didn’t you give me some advance notice of this introduction?”

“I was thinking, if I didn’t say anything and you were cultivating while completely naked, then that scene with sister Ying Ying…” Liu Hao squinted his eyes, daydreaming what a splendid show that would have been.

“You’re courting death!” Lei Yu turned around, raising his hand ready to strike, “Ouch! Mercy master! I now know I was wrong! Ouch!”

Liu Hao did not stay for too long, he was there only to briefly introduce Cui Ying Ying to Lei Yu.

This beautiful young girl was a second year student at the Tenglong University. Normally there would be quite a few guys going after her, but she just ignored them all, she was considered the school’s ice queen. How many people wished they could use their flames to melt that layer of ice, but the results were quite predictable.

Cui Ying Ying’s family could not be compared to the four major forces in prestige, but in the country of Tenglong, they were considered not bad. The had a national chain of jewelry stores and the store names all contained “Cui Ying” in them.

In the eyes of all the students, this wealthy princess was similar to a sparkling diamond. Not only did she have an appearance that stimulated a man’s urges, but she also had a prominent family.

Lei Yu was a bit puzzled, this son of the Governor chased after him desperately because he wanted to learn his martial arts. Strangely this Cui Ying Ying was also attracted to him because of his strength. It seems like becoming strong is indeed a good thing. When his thoughts switched to Ai Er, Lei Yu firmly shook his head.

After getting rid of those distractions, Lei Yu squeezed the jade pendant hung around his neck. After exhaling a long breath, he removed all his clothes and sat down cross-legged.

His internal energy was vast and endless, this torrential momentum of energy circulated throughout his meridians. Although this way of cultivating was considered a bit crazy for a typical practitioner, if one was to accidentally fracture a meridian, then it will become an irreparable fault of themselves. Lei Yu was not afraid of this because he had the mysterious green energy guarding and escorting, paving a smooth path without any barriers.

While absorbing the trace spiritual energy in the air, Lei Yu’s body suddenly trembled, “this… what is going on?”

A warm energy from the outside began entering into his body. And this energy did not have any impurities whatsoever, so the yellow bead’s assistance was not needed at all. Lei Yu carefully experienced this pure energy, and then was surprised to find out that it came from the jade pendant.

Rejoicing in his heart, Lei Yu concentrated onto the pure energy entering his body, and with ease, Lei Yu was able to control it.

The Sea of Energy inside his dantian continuously devoured this energy, similar to a ghost that died of hunger would never get full in the afterlife, absorbing the energy like crazy. (T/N: Chinese belief of why people should always die with a full stomach)

Lightly spitting out some turbid air, in this dark night, the piece of jade pendant gave of a crystal clear emerald green light. Lei Yu’s consciousness was involuntarily drawn to the jade, the ground and the sky suddenly rotated, plunging him into a world of darkness.

Lei Yu looked all around, there was nothing but darkness and he was standing all alone in the midst of it. Such a scenario would indeed cause one to feel some surprise and fear mixed in, but this was only within his awareness so Lei Yu was not at the point of being too afraid yet.

Within the dark space, a small light suddenly appeared. This light gradually became brighter and Lei Yu subconsciously took a few steps forward. This was a full moon!

“Would there be any relevance with the ‘moon’ word on the jade pendant?”

Under careful observation, Lei Yu determined his conclusion was correct. The full moon gradually rose higher up into the air, and its soft warm light shone a white beam directly onto Lei Yu. A warm and comfortable feeling covered every inch of Lei Yu’s entire body.

It was because of this comfortable feeling that Lei Yu could not miss out on this opportunity, he started to absorb it. This soft and warm energy being absorbed into Lei Yu’s dantian would actually cause his cultivation level to have a tremendous growth.

This was the power of a full moon? Why would it appear within this piece of jade pendant? Lei Yu could not figure out these questions, but since it helped him improve his level, why not just ride the wave to wherever it goes.

Absorbing this soft and warm energy into his body gave him a kind of excitement. Because of this kind of unprecedented comfort, Lei Yu focused all his efforts onto the feeling. As time progressed, his internal energy gradually increased at frightful speeds, and eventually Lei Yu’s abdominal area began to have a bloated feeling.

“Oh no! I have to immediately stop absorbing!”

If he did not immediately stop, then his internal energy being at maximum capacity could make his whole body expand, there was a chance he would explode! Lei Yu had read about this experience before in some scrolls. How much internal energy one could sustain was based on their strength. If one’s strength was not up to par and there was too much internal energy, then that energy would become uncontrollable. That person would ultimately die from self explosion.

“How come I can’t get out?” Lei Yu’s head was covered in sweat, he could not figure out how to withdraw his consciousness from the jade pendant.

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