Ch 21 – Clearing Away The Clouds

The warm energy continued entering his body. It appears this warm energy was an nightmarish illusion and the most scary thing behind all of this was the fact that it was continuous and unceasing. If his consciousness doesn’t break away from this soon, his life will likely end today!

Lei Yu messed up big time! No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do it. “What should I do? What should I do? Do I really want to give up my life at this point?”

The most surprising thing to Lei Yu was that they mysterious green energy that had always been protecting him was now hiding somewhere, not even the slightest hint of its whereabouts. If this powerful energy did not help him out, then the consequences would be disastrous.

At the most crucial moment, inside his mind a powerful yellow energy suddenly exploded forth. This force was like a sharp sword, cutting off his consciousness with the full moon within the jade pendant.

Lei Yu suddenly awakened from the trance, his hands on the ground supporting his body while he gasped for air. Sweat was continuously dripping from his body onto the wooden floor.

When gasping for air, Lei Yu felt his body tremble. After calming his breathing, he monitored his internals once again, his consciousness deliberately bypassing the jade pendant that was resting against his chest.

Inside his dantian area, the powerful energy was constantly surging around forming a vortex, and in the middle of the vortex, Lei Yu was able to see and electric net like threads slightly shimmering. A loud “Ka cha” sound was heard, startling Lei Yu.

Clearly remembering he was still in the mid-stage of [Integration], from the current changes he could detect inside his body, and according to the cultivating methods imprinted into his mind, it was similar to being in the fourth stage [Energy Suppression]. What on earth was going on?

The purple energy inside his dantian area began to settle down as the lightning elements calmed down. Like a machine suddenly unplugged, it was lifeless inside, not even a slight tremor, it was now completely different from the past.

Lei Yu swallowed hard, attempting to control his internal energy, his consciousness reaching the Sea of Energy in an instant. His internal energy actually moved around easily according to his will, his control had actually improved by a lot! This meant his advancement was actually true and not in error. The [Energy Suppression] stage was in fact being of stillness, “using calmness to react to an action, waiting carefully to adjust to any scenario.” (T/N: Chinese idiom)

Lightning has a powerful gravitational force, thus the need for mutual attraction of an opposite reaction force in order for his lightning infused internal energy to not leak out.

Meanwhile, Lei Yu noticed that not only were there changes in his Sea of Energy, there were changes in his bones as well. His bone density actually felt heavier.

“What’s going on?”

Under careful observation, Lei Yu realized that the makeup of his skeletal structure had completely changed in nature, now his bones had metallic elements infused inside. In the [Energy Suppression] stage, it required the Yin and Yang to complement each other, undergoing attraction and friction. Making the dantian’s Sea of Energy as the focal point, the bones in his skeletal structure as a counter force, forming an attraction force, this made the emerging internal energy hide his vital status.

Heavily exhaling a breath, he stopped monitoring his internals. Lei Yu stood up, lightly jumped a few times and did not have any heavy feeling. It seems that his bones containing traces of metallic elements inside did not cause too much of a burden. And even though his bones became a bit heavier, this did not cause any reduction in agility for his body.

Lei Yu was overjoyed, “f*cking hell, I had one foot in the grave, scared the crap out of me!”

Lei Yu screamed out this sentence, but thankfully the soundproofing in the apartment was pretty good.

Lei Yu grabbed the jade pendant dangling on his chest, he wasn’t sure if he hated or loved this thing. He almost died from self explosion while being trapped in there, but the benefit it brought allowed him to directly breakthrough a bottleneck. If it wasn’t for the yellow bead’s power that exploded forth at that instant, he maybe a pile of rotting meat spread all over the ground right now.

Lei Yu’s current strength – although not at the same level as the Lei family’s master or elder, but if in the same generation as him, he was absolutely sure that no one would be his match

Tidying up everything, he was used to washing up before leaving the house. Lei Yu’s mood was quite good, kind of like having the feeling that he could fly. Making a breakthrough meant he had just become stronger a bit, and this pleasant feeling for him was not something everyone would understand or comprehend.

Outside the military compound gate, Nuo Hu and Ai Er were standing there waiting for Lei Yu.

“I see that you’re in high spirits, your mood is quite good!” Nuo Hu said while raising his eyebrows.

“Why are both of you here?” asked Lei Yu slightly surprised. Ai Er rarely came here so this was a rare encounter.

“Is there a reason why you’re so happy?” Asked Ai Er with pouted lips, slightly unhappy.

“Ai Er, what’s wrong?” Asked Lei Yu a bit confused.

“Is it because last night, a hot girl visited your home that caused this happy attitude? Despicable! Forget about you!” Ai Er pushed her hair back, turned around and stormed away.

“What… what’s going on?” Lei Yu was speechless

“Little Yu, you… *sigh*, what should I say to you?” said Nuo Hu shaking his head.

“Oh my god, you’ve all made a mistake! I… this… “ Lei Yu did not know how to explain at this moment.

“Shortly before, someone named Cui Ying Ying called Ai Er’s cell phone.” Nuo Hu then said: “She told Ai Er she wanted a fair competition to see who would get you, after this, do you think Ai Er was happy? For such a long time, did you not know that Ai Er had always liked you? And it just so happens that you appear in this elated mood, you tell me what Ai Er would think?”

Lei Yu was scratching his head with both hands, his mind was suddenly plunged into chaos, while his brain felt like a pot of glue.

“Nuo Hu, you guys misunderstood me! I…” Lei Yu forcefully shook head, “I’m happy because my cultivating level went up a stage, why wouldn’t I be in a good mood right?” Lei Yu slightly frowned, “it must be that bastard Liu Hao who gave Cui Ying Ying, Ai Er’s cell phone number, in fact… I also like Ai Er but just did not know how to tell her, I… I…”

“Go chase after her.” Nuo Hu patted Lei Yu’s shoulder. Lei Yu took a deep breath, then ran after the direction Ai Er went towards.

Dragon Group’s training ground. Ai Er was leaning against a wall, her eyes were a bit dejected and did not know what to think.

“Ai Er, don’t be angry!”

Seeing Lei Yu, Ai Er turned her head away from him, her pink little face was a bit swollen, and was still very cute. Lei Yu was a bit startled, then said: “I didn’t know what you were angry about just then, but now I know, in fact…” Lei Yu lowered his eyes and scratched his head, even though at this point, he still didn’t know what to say?

“In fact what?” asked Ai Er with her clear big eyes staring at Lei Yu.

“In fact…” Lei Yu took several deep breaths, then said: “In fact, that day at the airport picking you up, I had already fallen for you, but I’ve never had the courage to tell you. Just then, Nuo Hu said you also… you also…”

“I also like you!”

Ai Er stepped forward, wrapped her arms around Lei Yu’s neck with such ferocity, face blushing red, then dove into the embrace of Lei Yu.

Lei Yu was in a daze, standing there not knowing what to do. He did not think Ai Er would be this forward, it seems his most sensible choice right now is not to say anything.

Lei Yu raised his arms, lightly resting on Ai Er’s narrow waist in an embrace, enjoying this very comfortable feeling. They could feel each other’s heartbeat and Lei Yu experienced an unspeakable happiness.

In a distance, countless soldiers were looking with jealous and envious stares.

“Let me take you home?” Asked Lei Yu while gently stroking Ai Er’s hair.

Ai Er nodded, in reality her heart beat was jumping around in chaos. Lei Yu borrowed the car keys in Nuo Hu’s hands, then drove Ai Er back home.

“The two of you must be really pleased right now!” Said a teenager approaching the two.

“Xiao Fei?”

“What? Surprised? I just bought a villa here, very honored to become neighbors with you.” Said Xiao Fei with his eyes gleaming, relentlessly glaring at Lei Yu with his deep sunken eyes.

“Despicable, such a stalker!” Ai Er then angrily went into the house.

“Lei Yu, I know you’ve had a miserable life experience, but do you really have to bother Ai Er day in and day out relentlessly? Shouldn’t you think about your status, what makes you qualified to be with her?” Said Xiao Fei forthrightly.

Lei Yu turned around with a blank face and coldly said: “People who insult me will regret it later on, and aren’t you just relying on the power of the Eagle Group’s commander for your status?”

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