Ch 22 – Genius Of The Lei Family

Lei Yun Tian = Lei Yu’s father
Lei Tian = the one that got his arm broken by Lei Yu at the competition


“My status is more higher class than yours!” Xiao Fei angrily responded.

“Right, higher class, isn’t Nuo Hu higher class than you? Why do you have to put up a face that makes people disgusted with you?”

Xiao Fei’s cold deep eyes were full of anger now, “get away from Ai Er, otherwise I will give you a horrible death.”

“Get lost! I don’t have time to waste on you!” Lei Yu ignored Xiao Fei’s anger and provocation, walking around him and leaving.

“You just wait and see!” Xiao Fei’s anger completely exploded at the walking away Lei Yu. When he was abroad, he went to school together with Ai Er. A year ago Ai Er returned home, so after begging and pleading, Xiao Fei finally convinced his family to allow him to return home. But now a Lei Yu came out of nowhere, the beauty that was almost within his grasp was intercepted by another person. Xiao Fei promised that he would not let this go without a fight.


Lei Yu is currently with Dragon Group, which is just one of the many forces belonging to Martial Sect. Inside Martial Sect, all the large and small military units were actually set up by the families of different ancient martial clans. But nevertheless, all these military units are lead by the most powerful Shangguan family.

Although the elite members of Dragon Team only had eighteen members, adding the newly joined Lei Yu this past year made it nineteen. Everyone worked hard continuously cultivating, and Lei Yu cultivated by himself had reached the [Energy Suppression] mid-stage, which also happens to be the mid-stage of the rank Fourth Order Warrior. If he was able to attain the rank of the Sixth Order Warrior, which according to his cultivating methods imprinted in his mind, would be the [Detachment] stage, then what should he do after that? Would that mean he would no longer have any further cultivation methods? But he shouldn’t dwell on this too much because ever since he improved with the help of the jade pendant, he had relaxed his cultivating schedule a bit. Lei Yu sat down cross-legged, and as usual, went into his consciousness, but this time he did not dare to use it to enter the jade pendant. Although the gains were enormous and improved his cultivation greatly, this was still a bit too dangerous for him.

The Lei family household, Lei Yun Tian’s office.

“Master (of the family), the child Lei Yu, are you sure you don’t intend on dealing with him? Asked an elderly person with white hair.

Lei Yun Tian shook his head, “not time yet, definitely not time yet.”

“You should be able to see the situation with Lei Tian was quite clear, especially when Lei Tian himself said that his arm was broken in an instant. This destructive power is not something an ordinary person is capable of, besides, there were traces of a lightning power, could it be…”

“I’ve already thought about this point, the problem is that day, I was the one that gave the order for him to be kicked out of the family. If we go back on our words now, then our family will definitely lose face!” Lei Yun Tian was helpless, the decision that day was too arbitrary.

As a descendant of the Lei family, who happens to have the ability of lightning, there’s only one possibility right now – the original “lightning” brand. In the Lei family, this brand appeared on the third generation’s master of the family, but ever since he had passed away, the brand never appeared anymore in the descendants. Based on Lei Tian’s description, it is likely that Lei Yu could be the Lei family’s ultimate genius that appears once every 10,000 years. That day, Lei Yu was suspected of not having a pure enough family blood line so the flame brand did not appear on him, now thinking about it, not only the master of the family Lei Yun Tian, even the white-haired Elder felt a bit embarrassed. They forced a person who could’ve been the successor to lead their Lei family to the next higher level, right out of the family’s door.

“So master, what are you waiting for?” asked the Elder.

“We have not seen with our own eyes whether Lei Yu is the so called ultimate genius, and also no one has actually seen whether he has the lightning brand or not, so this matter cannot be settled yet.”

“Isn’t that easily solved? I’ll just send someone to investigate quietly and then we’ll know?”

“That’s fine then, but this situation should be conducted in secrecy so the other family members do not know about it. You should know, Lei Yu has currently joined Dragon Group, every move we make should be extra careful. This situation should only be known between you and I, pertaining to Lei Tian…, warn him that if he spreads this secret out, then he will be punished according to the Lei family’s rules!”

“I understand.” The Elder turned around and left the office.

Lei Yun Tian looked up and sighed, “I am such a fool! That days decision has really made me beyond regretful. Perhaps it’s all too late now, but I just hope Lei Yu does not hold this grudge against me!”

Lei Yun Tian was completely clear about Lei Yu’s performance ever since he was young. Towards the family, the child did not have any disloyalty. Even when he was identified as not having the family’s brand, he would still put in a lot of effort into improving himself, proving his existence to others. Now that he was kicked out of the family, he wasn’t sure if Lei Yu would hold a grudge or not?

Little did they know, during times unknown to Lei Yun Tian, the little Lei Yu suffered so much humiliation in those five years and survived countless beatings. Even the truth behind Lei Yu jumping off the cliff, he knew nothing of. He had always thought it was the results of Lei Yu being too weak. If he had only knew the truth, then perhaps he would not put any hope in bringing him back into the family.

Unaware of what was happening, Lei Yu continued going on with his life like before. But off to the side, there was a pair of eyes staring and following him wherever he went.

After several days, the person arranged by the Elder to investigate whether Lei Yu had the brand or not, did not make any progress. Mainly he was unable to enter the restricted area of the Dragon Group’s military grounds, since this was a dangerous action he should avoid.

This man hurriedly went into a store to buy something before ending up in front of Lei Yu’s home. While Lei Yu was still at Dragon Group, he picked the lock and opened the front door.

It was currently in the evening, Lei Yu was holding onto Ai Er’s hands, arriving at the front entrance to his home.

“You two are really like love birds!” A voice could be heard by the two. Turning around to look, a voluptuous figure appeared in front of them.

“Cui Ying Ying? Why are you here by my house?” asked Lei Yu.

“You’re the one that called me?” Ai Er’s eyes were shimmering, looking at the person in front of her dressed in a sexy mature attire.

“Little girl, I did not expect you to form a relationship this quickly, this truly surprises me.” Cui Ying Ying laughingly said.

Lei Yu suddenly became dumb, standing there not knowing what to say. He could not just start cursing her out, after all, Cui Ying Ying did not treat him with malice.

“Brother Yu, let’s go, just ignore her.” Grabbing onto Lei Yu, Ai Er angrily walked towards the main entrance of the apartments.

“Hey! I am not giving up, you have to watch your lover carefully, don’t let me steal him from you! Ha ha…” a silvery laughter entered their ears

“Why is she like that? She’s so despicable.”

“Okay, do you think I’ll be so easily taken away by her? Silly girl, let’s go, I’ll take you home?”

“I don’t want to! I want to go to your house!”

“You can’t joke around like that, I…” Lei Yu suddenly felt everything was spinning around, what was happening to this generation? How could girls become more forward than boys?

“I’m just kidding with you, dummy!” Ai Er made a funny face, then ran off in a good mood.

The two ate dinner, then bidding Ai Er farewell, Lei Yu returned to his apartment and stretched around, “time to cultivate!”

After some warm up movements, Lei Yu took off his clothes leaving only his underwear on. Sitting cross-legged on the ground, he began to circulate his internal energy.

Across from Lei Yu’s apartment was a hotel, and inside a guest hotel room…

“He really does have a lightning brand!” A middle-aged man stared at the computer screen, his eyes revealed a look of shock.

“Looks like our decision that day was a complete blunder! Ugh! Should not have, should not have!” Sighed the white-haired Elder.

“You can leave now, but remember, you are forbidden from mentioning this to anyone!” said Lei Yun Tian to a young man.

“Yes!” The young man left the room filled with shock. No one would think that the useless trash without the pure blood of the Lei family lineage, considered a bastard child, would actually become the Lei family’s most pure blooded person and possess “the” original lightning brand.

“Master, what should we do now?” asked the Elder.

“What do you think?”

The Elder thought for a moment and then said: “Since we’ve determined he is the foundation of our Lei family, then we should do everything possible to re-invite him back into the family. Right now, we can’t consider the issue of saving face, we can’t miss this opportunity!”

“I was thinking the same thing, but how do we explain this to all our family members? Could we say that we both got drunk that day and made a bad decision?” Lei Yun Tian suddenly became worried again.

“Now is not the time to consider these things, this original brand and its importance to the Lei family, you master, should understand it. If we lose it, it means that in the next one thousand years, or even ten thousand years, we may never see this miracle happen again.

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    • george766h says:

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      The decision to kick him out was base on pity
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      what I hope was MC return back to his clan
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      destroying his clan when no all of them is at fault is just way to stupid

      after all its still his own clan
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      not so MC material lol


      • george766h says:

        I was speaking of the ignorance of not knowing about the abuse from ignoring his son’s situation before having the drunken fit to throw him out (which is what we find out here) which in my mind dropped the father down from indifferent but tough to the trash people that did do the bullying. So I threw him in with what the trash bullies would have to do to get him back, that’s all, I mean he’s not going back so telling them in this way also takes all of their face too.


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    And rub it in so deep, salt in the wound like you’re laughing right at me”

    “Did you think we’d be fine? Still got scars on my back from your knife
    So don’t think it’s in the past, these kinda wounds they last and they last.
    Now did you think it all through? All these things will catch up to you
    And time can heal but this won’t, so if you’re coming my way, just don’t”

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