Ch 23 – Surprise Guest

Indeed, the emergence of such a brand would mean that the in the history of the Lei family, this would be the fourth clan member to have this brand. The laughable thing was that they made such a stupid decision that day.

“Lei Yu of course does not want to go back, he himself should know what it means to possess that brand since he has seen countless ancient scrolls pertaining to this subject. Since he has not returned to the family, that means he does not forgive us.”

Ten years ago, Lei Yu did not have the family’s brand, Lei Yun Tian felt powerless. Now that Lei Yu had the family’s most pure blooded lightning brand, Lei Yun Tian felt even more powerless. Doesn’t this whole course of event feel like the heavens are playing a joke on our family?

“How about… how about we go directly to him, and ask his opinion?

“What if he refuses?”

“Trying is better than not doing anything right?” said the Elder.

“Ugh!” After a long sigh, Lei Yun Tian said: “Fine then, but it looks like he is currently cultivating, it is a taboo to interrupt people cultivating so lets wait until he finishes, then we’ll go.

The Elder nodded his head meaning he agreed.

The young man that the Elder sent to investigate did not achieve any results after days of following Lei Yu. He could only go to a store to buy some wireless pinhole cameras to install in Lei Yu’s bedroom and bathroom. When Lei Yu took off his clothes to cultivate, that’s when this previous scene took place.

Lei Yu focused on his dantian as the center of his attention, nothing distracting him at all, after breaking through and reaching the [Energy Suppression] stage, Lei Yu became more skillful in controlling his internal energy. It was similar to holding onto a string and flying a kite. Leading his internal energy to circulate, each step he took was very careful. He was afraid of any further accidents, not like before where he would just carelessly force through every meridian point.

Lei Yu was worried that if another accident occurred, and if that powerful unknown green energy did not show up to help like before, then he would be in big trouble. Being careful is better, it’s best to rely on his own since he can always count on that. Lei Yu has learned his lesson ever since the jade pendant situation.

The internal energy inside his Sea of Energy did not move at all, but when it does move it’s pretty much earth-shattering. Mixed with threads of lightning and loud noise, as if the clouds in the sky was warning people a storm was about to come. The internal energy inside his dantian and within his bone structure had a trace of lightning that was near invisible being attracted to them. It was because of the bone structure that the internal energy was able to be still like it was lifeless, but then explode forth capable of astonishing others.

Lei Yu slowly exhaled a breath, the internal energy flowing to the heart vessel was the most noteworthy of places. The heart vessels are where the human body houses its most vulnerable meridians, it is the center point where all meridians gathered. What made Lei Yu rejoice the most was during the process, the green energy once again appeared, protecting and escorting all the way, helping Lei Yu heal all the damaged areas. Without realizing it, he shouted out “asshole, you should’ve came out earlier!”

With the appearance of the green energy, Lei Yu felt his worry go away. When cultivating before, the thin internal energy was easy to enter into the heart vessels, now the thickness of his internal energy had been doubled, but he still had to be careful.

After breaking through the [Fusion] stage and reaching the [Energy Suppression] stage, Lei Yu had always been consolidating his internal energy, so he did not continue to follow the methods imprinted on his mind to circulate that internal energy. Today is the first time he is controlling this internal energy that is double the power than previously. Lei Yu was naturally a bit nervous, but fortunately that green energy was following.

After breaking through the first line of defense, the complex heart vessels structure caused Lei Yu to pause a good amount of time. Finally selecting the target, then condensing his internal energy together by using the energy from the rear, forming something similar to a crowded line, he opened the flood gate and pushed forward.

The soldiers guarding the heart vessels were a lot stronger than the other meridians, but after several confrontations, Lei Yu was still unable to break in. Slightly gasping for breath, the condensed internal energy he previously gathered together doubled in size again, this time Lei Yu was determined to ruthlessly breakthrough.

However, Lei Yu’s entire body system could be considered more powerful than before. Having experienced the [Body Refining] stage, whether it be his meridians or his bone structure, his muscles or his skin, they’ve all become much more tough and powerful than an ordinary person.

Clenching his teeth, Lei Yu readied himself for the finale, making his internal energy instantly burst forth towards the meridians of the heart vessels. Sure enough, the heart vessels were unable to handle the pressure from the instantaneous momentum. After struggling for a few minutes, a fracture broke open.

A heart-piercing pain transmitted from his chest to his brain. Lei Yu’s breathing increased, but his eyes were still tightly closed, he could not afford the slightest disruption. His heart vessels suffered a fracture from the impact, which for a typical cultivator would mean the signs of imminent death. The majority of people that were unable to breakthrough, would be stuck on the same level unable to progress to the next rank. Lei Yu had the unknown green energy protecting and escorting, naturally did not realize just how terrible his situation was.

Lei Yu felt a terrible tightness on his chest, and even felt that he was unable to breathe. Every inhale of breath was a small amount, but exhaling was a lot. This condition could be considered extremely serious.

Sure enough, the green energy started its powerful force, holding Lei Yu’s own purple energy back, it then instantly rushed forward, wrapping around the fractured heart vessels and blood vessels. At the same time, a thin thread was pulling a blood vessel, attempting to reconnect it to its original place, but it was not that easy. After several more attempts, it finally succeeded. From the cluster of green energy that had wrapped around the fractured areas, a separate energy split off to nourish the recently fixed blood vessel.

When Lei Yu’s whole body became stronger, the mysterious green energy all became more powerful as well. Previously, it required one to two hours of repair time, however today, it only took a few minutes for it to complete. Meridians that had gone through being repaired became much tougher than before. After Lei Yu’s breathing became normal, he made a second attempt, this time the breakthrough went very smoothly, even Lei Yu had no idea it could be this easy.

The newly broken through heart vessels required a follow-up internal energy, but it was too far from the dantian. The most straightforward way was to draw the trace amounts of spiritual energy from the surrounding air, by extending out multiple threads from the Sea of Energy, then forming them as one. This whole process actually required the yellow bead inside his brain to help out. So with the fastest speed, turning the outside spiritual energy into a gas, then the newly entered energy inside the body had its impurities removed.

After the entire process was completed, Lei Yu was completely drenched in sweat. Apart from the floor covered in sweat, there were also the dirty impurities removed from his body.

At this time of day, the sky had already started to become bright. Lei Yu rushed into the bathroom to scrub away like his life depended on it. Lei Yu had faced these disgusting impurities everyday, he was already sick and tired of it, but it was all in the name of cultivating so there was nothing he could do about it.

One could only say the city’s pollution was too severe, even the spiritual energy in the air was invaded by the pollution. That night not too long ago he had cultivated in the unnamed paradise, the impurities left on his body was not as much dirt as today’s.

After washing up, he changed into a set of clean clothes. Putting away some textbooks into his backpack, he was ready to leave.

*Ding Dong*

At this time, the doorbell rang. Lei Yu blinked “what time is it now? Who would come by? It shouldn’t be that asshole Liu Hao right?”

Putting the backpack on the sofa, Lei Yu went to open the door. He had originally wanted to mockingly laugh at the person but then his face froze, his whole body was motionless as if this moment, time stood still.

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