Ch 25 – Fighting Hu Li

Night time, it’s already around ten o’clock. Most of Dragon Group’s soldiers had already returned to their dorms while it was very lively inside the villa.

The training hall on the second floor had been vacated to allow a large open space, covered with a layer of blue carpet. In the center of the carpet were written two large eye-catching characters “Dragon Group”. Surrounding those two characters was a life-like dragon.

“Today is Lei Yu’s one year anniversary of entering Dragon Group.” Fan Hong Chang was standing in the center of the blue carpet, he then continued saying: “He also received a challenge. It has already been a decade since Hu Li joined Dragon Group. Everyone is familiar with Hu Li, one step at a time, he went from the Wild Wolf Team to the Lion Team, after a long and harsh journey, he entered Dragon Team. Going through continued hard work, he has reached the strength of a Third Order Warrior. Today’s competition is very special, let us all be witnesses to their strength!”

Cheers erupted everywhere. Even though there were only ten plus or so people present, the atmosphere here was no less than a 10,000 person concert. Also at this time, Lei Yu and Hu Li both entered the main hall at the same time.

Both of them had a bare upper body, lower body wearing Dragon Group’s military issued camouflage pants. The pants had some pale colors in it and were actually designed with some fashion sense.

As the two entered, cheers erupted once again. The two belonged to entirely different body types: Hu Li’s whole body was full of bulky muscles filled with explosive force; and Lei Yu had a very masculine toned muscles. Although it was unlike Hu Li’s muscles that gave off a bear-like feeling, it still contained a wild explosive power, just like a black panther lurking in the darkness of the night.

“I’m not going to say anymore useless words, the competition begins, be careful of your actions, causing any major disabilities are not allowed, understood?” Once Fan Hong Chang’s words ended, they both ran forward to get ready.

Lei Yu did not move, only watching Hu Li who had begun to exert some strength. His entire body was surrounded by a pale yellow light, the muscles on his body began to expand again as if they had become blocks of hard stone.

Lei Yu casually stood on the side, waiting for his opponent’s strengthening. Although his current appearance gave people a very casual feeling, the power of lightning within his body was surging non-stop. The dantian region’s trace internal energy were being absorbed by the meridians, while the rest of his internal energy were surging around, circulating through his four limbs, upper and lower body, as well as all parts of the body.

At this point, Lei Yu had completely become an electricity conductor, anything that encounters him will be subject to a bombardment of lightning.

After they were finished with preparing, they both rushed towards each other. At this time, the entire audience were holding their breath, this was not an arena competition, nor was this an underground life or death struggle, therefore there weren’t any unruly shouts or clamor, everyone here had dignity and class.

Having to admit, Hu Li’s strength was very powerful. After Lei Yu raised his hand to ward off a punch, his body was helplessly knocked backwards. Forcing Lei Yu to have such a reaction, one could see how powerful this Hu Li was.

Hu Li was not better off, when his punch came in contact with Lei Yu, a numbness passed through his fist, causing his movements to be somewhat slower. His eyes revealed a look of surprise, he did not see Lei Yu charge up any special moves, so why would he experience such a strong sense of paralysis? Could it be related to the brand on his arm?

Thinking to this point, Hu Li had a an idea. Since once his fist touches his opponent, he will suffer a paralysis effect, then why not just use his feet, with the military boots as protection, it can definitely play the role of insulation.

Seemingly slow but in reality it was extremely fast, without hesitation, Hu Li raised his right leg. A standard text book side-kick stance was taken, then a kick was completed in a blink of an eye, a kick that was precisely aimed at Lei Yu’s chest area.

If Hu Li’s speed was considered extremely fast, then Lei Yu’s speed could only be described as the speed of lightning. Simply withdrawing a step to the right, he easily dodged Hu Li’s heavy kick, followed by approaching his left side. When there is only one leg on the ground, a person’s balance will be affected to some extent. Lei Yu simply went for Hu Li’s left leg that was supporting the body, gently hitting his knee joints, causing Hu Li to instantly fall to the ground. This beautiful series of moves by Lei Yu was pulled off in perfection.

The audience could not help but start boiling with excitement, the moves Lei Yu made were seen clearly by everyone, only one word could describe it, “fast!”

If one was to say that Lei Yu’s actual strength relied on the power of lightning, then his speed was the outcome of relying on said lightning.

Hu Li who did not have enough time to react to the attack fell to the ground, but immediately slapped the ground with his hands to stand back up. He looked at Lei Yu and observed his facial expressions appeared to be more focused. Although he did not receive any damage from blow to the joint, but he had to recognize his opponent’s superior speed. He could only use the power of his strength to contend with the opponent, since this was Hu Li’s forte. The cultivating methods he received from Dragon Group happened to be strength-based methods.

Raising his huge fists, he went forward and smashed it downwards. The air around his fists gave of a “whirring” noise as it went down, this punch could be described as containing all of Hu Li’s power. Even if he had to suffer the paralysis feeling from striking Lei Yu, Lei Yu will not be better off receiving the punch.

After all, Hu Li’s thought process was a bit too simple. Lei Yu was indeed going to rely on speed to win. High strength could generate a lot of speed and a large collision was dependant on that speed. But if a weak punch was thrown, as long as there is enough speed behind it, the power of that punch would no longer be considered weak.

Let’s use an example of two cars in a collision, if the speed of the cars were slow, there would be at most dents and scratches. But if cars were travelling at high speeds, then the results of that crash could be easily imagined.

While Hu Li’s fist was still travelling forward through the air, Lei Yu made a quick decision. Slightly lowering his head, raising his right hand, then condensing a hint of lightning power, using the fastest speed possible, he threw a punch hitting Hu Li in the abdominal area. Lei Yu’s timing was really good, if one was to be hit in the stomach with a high force, then it will make the person lose their breath (getting the wind knocked out of them), completely losing the ability to fight. Even if the force wasn’t too great, it could still make the opponent temporarily stop their current action.

“The results of this competition is very obvious.” Nuo Yi Long excitedly stood up. This competition was quick and simple, the opponent merely threw out some punches and kicks and it’s already over.

Withdrawing his fist in the air, Hu Li did not show any signs of anger after his defeat. He smiled and said: “I never would have thought you would be this powerful, you have my admiration, thank you for going easy on me.”

Lei Yu laughed and patted Hu Li’s shoulders, “if you were my enemy, I will definitely not go easy on you, but we are brothers in Dragon Team, naturally I would not use all my strength, aren’t we all family?”

“Your statement about being a family is great! Lei Yu, you have not disappointed me!” Fan Hong Chang happily ran forward, disregarding his status as Dragon Team’s instructor.


Lei Yu left a not too bad record in Dragon Team which gave him a lot of idle time. But what Lei Yu wanted most were more battles, because only when one constantly fought, then they would able to grasp more techniques and guidance.

Gradually, Lei Yu tried to challenge other members of Dragon Team. At first, there would be one or two members accepting the challenge, but in the end, even though accepting the challenge, they would all be knocked down or admit defeat within the first round. This situation made Lei Yu quite helpless, but in the meantime, there was one person silently watching in the background, and this person was scarcely seen by Lei Yu.

Dragon Team’s treatment of their members were really quite good. Being with them for only one year, Lei Yu was able to purchase a good car and also move to a new place. This was primarily due to the space inside the military apartments weren’t sufficient. Sometimes at night he would want to try out some new combat methods but due to the lack of space, he was unable to practice.

Lei Yu bought a residence within the urban areas of the city that was close to the Dragon Group headquarters. The place was indeed not small, a full two hundred square meters (2152 sq ft) of living space. Half of the space was used for normal living while the other half had become a practice/cultivating area (dojo like). Whether it be cultivating his internal energy or refining his combat skills, Lei Yu would be there. And Lei Yu’s house also became a place that Liu Hao would often come by.

In today’s society, gun battles with bullets flying everywhere, relying on personal strength as a unique weapon is something ridiculed by others. But the geniuses among them are actually the most scary people in the world.


In Lei Yu’s hands was the spike that was pulled from the unnamed beast’s back. His mind constantly replaying a scene, that day he was chasing the cub, why would it suddenly disappear? And the picture carved on the boulder, what could it mean?

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