Ch 26 – Ice Queen Beauty

It was natural that he could not figure it out. Currently he was a bit hungry so Lei Yu decided to simply go out, ready to find a random restaurant to eat at.

The city’s night was illuminated with lights throughout. About one street away from Lei Yu’s house, there was a street filled with snack stalls (street market). Compared to other streets, it was way more lively here.

Randomly selecting a relatively clean stall and sitting down, Lei Yu looked around. The signature dish of this stall was a noodle dish, by adding some tasty side dishes and drinking a glass of beer, this will be such a relaxing idea.

“Where should we hang out tonight?”

“The Rose Park is not bad, the girls there are super cute, and quite a few of them are university girls.”

The voices came from behind him but Lei Yu did not turn around, just eating his midnight snack minding his own business.

“Right, I know of a few university girls that are quite cute, especially one called Cui Ying Ying. Listening to those two people chatting, it appears that Cui Ying Ying is one of the school’s beauty.

Hearing to this point, Lei Yu felt surprised. Isn’t Cui Ying Ying the one that came to his house in the middle of the night, the daughter of some jewelry store magnate? Did someone have their eyes on her? He couldn’t help eavesdropping, carefully listening to the sounds of conversation behind him.

“This piece of news is reliable, I heard that her family is very rich, if someone amongst our buddies could get her, then we would not have to worry about money for the rest of our lives.”

“Come on, what are you guys waiting for? Hurry up and eat so we can go look!”

Hearing the name Rose Park, Lei Yu’s first impression was of an entertainment place where illegal transactions took place. After listening to them chat for a while, he then realized it was just a bar. Many young men and women enjoyed frequenting those establishments in the evening to pass their time. What they seeked there were some excitement away from their mundane lives.

Those young adults that prefer nightlife enjoy meeting up with people of the opposite sex; or they would meet up to play with whatever games that were currently popular; or they were just there for unclean thoughts. Those sitting behind Lei Yu were obviously of the latter.

In any case, they were considered acquaintances. Even if Ai Er despised this Cui Ying Ying, how could he turn a blind eye if he knew she may be in danger?

The first time Cui Ying Ying came to his house, Liu Hao mentioned they both drank at a bar first before coming over. It seems this Cui Ying Ying enjoys clubbing so this matter of her being targeted is highly likely.

Quickly eating their food, the people behind all left together. Lei Yu also paid his bill and followed behind them.

Rose Park was not far away from their current location, it was only about a ten minute walk before getting there. The neon lights on the front door were flashing constantly while the large name Rose Park up top was particularly conspicuous.

Following along with four other people and entering, the bar in general was a quiet and elegant place, but after ten o’clock at night, the place will begin to go crazy. The DJ would be spinning music shockingly loud; countless young men and women were wildly moving their bodies; even some of the opposite sex who were dancing would start grinding each other’s lower parts to seek a more exciting thrill. (T/N: it appears that a bar and a club are the same thing, unlike in the U.S.)

In the corner of the bar, a girl wearing tight-fitting white clothes with a skirt was sitting there, her small mouth sipping a glass of wine. On the side, there were a group of young people that wanted to approach and greet her but were shot down by her cool gaze, it seems that her mood wasn’t very good today.

These four people were able to quickly locate this girl. Wanting to go to that direction, Lei Yu also followed behind.

“Brother Hui, there’s the chick, look at that fine piece of ass, her figure is fcuking damn attractive!” Since the music was so loud, one of them shouted this into the ear of a fat guy which allowed Lei Yu to hear very clearly.

“Don’t you see? All the men have been rejected by her scolding, it seems like she’s an ice queen beauty, not bad, I really like it.” The fat guy rubs his unshaven chin with his right hand, nodding with a weird smile.

Lei Yu could determine from seeing her back that this was the Cui Ying Ying he was acquainted with. She was indeed very attractive, especially in this environment. Cui Ying Ying was like a clear crystal amongst a ground of weeds, but this crystal’s outer appearance was exceptionally cold, very hard for people to approach.

After the four discussed something amongst themselves, they set off going forward.

“Miss, you seem to be very lonely, are you in a bad mood? Do you want me to drink with you?” The fat guy from before leaned on top of Cui Ying Ying’s table, the look on his face could only be described as shameless.

“Get lost!” Cui Ying Ying openly scolded, but even though her delicate and charming eyes expressed wrath, it looked particularly enchanting.

“Damn! You are sure fcuking spicy, not bad, I really like your hot temper. After I conquer you, the accomplishment would feel so great!” The fat guy nonchalantly looked at his other three buddies laughing as he said this.

“Miss, brother Hui is an important well-known figure, drinking with our brother Hui is actually your good fortune.”

“Right, isn’t your family very rich? Matching it with brother Hui’s strength, that can be called a match made in heaven!” These ruffians knew Cui Ying Ying’s family had money, but did not know to what extent of wealth she had so they dared to say such things.

“I’m going to say it once more, get lost!” Cui Ying Ying was obviously in bad mood, meeting several flies who had verbally harassed her, she once again scolded them.

“Fcuk, I gave you face but you won’t accept it! Fellow brothers, grab her and drag her to the back alley, watch how I will give her a good time!” The fat guy seeing such an attractive beauty, coupled with her hot temper, he could not resist anymore, directing his buddies to ready to take action.

Inside the bar, scenes like this happened plenty of times, so of course it was not something surprising. But for such a great beauty to be treated like this was the first time, so for a lot of people looking over, they had surprise on their face.

Lei Yu was about to intercept them but right at this moment, a good looking twenty something year old male came over from the side. “Don’t you guys know how to be tender to the fairer sex? You should be more gentle to such a beautiful girl, don’t go near if you aren’t capable, why would you resort to force?

“Fcuking brat, you dare to disturb my scene?” The fat guy frowned, throwing out a punch directed at the male’s face.

*Pak* The male fell to the ground clutching his face in pain rolling back and forth. The atmosphere in the bar really started boiling up, some people even started shouting in excitement.

Those men that were previously rejected by Cui Ying Ying saw that the ice queen beauty was about to be dragged away, also cursed: “Bastard, who do you think you are acting all high and mighty?”

Looking at the young man lying on the floor, the fat guy spit a few mouthful of disgusting phlegm at him “you don’t know what death is, you dare to interfere in my affairs!”

The remaining three individuals did not stop their actions, still pulling onto Cui Ying Ying’s arm. One of them wanted to take this opportunity to squeeze her round ass a bit, but was suddenly stopped by an outstretched hand.

Those several people got a little surprised, looking at a youngster standing in front of them, the fat guy turned around, “fcuking hell, another person that doesn’t know their place!”

The sudden appearance of this person was not Lei Yu, but was someone else. Lei Yu stood at his original spot smiling and not saying a thing.

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