Ch 27 – Appearance of Liu Hao

“Fcuker, you’re seeking death!” The ruffian with his hand caught was struggling to pull his hand away, wanting to grab the neck of the youngster that suddenly appeared. The youngster stepped back a little, grabbed a bottle from the table that Cui Ying Ying had previously drank from and smashed it down on the ruffian’s head.


The breaking of the bottle sounded throughout, the excitement in the bar completely increased at this time. The DJ on the front stage immediately turned off the music, standing there watching with interest. Then several security guards came from the outside, led by a middle-aged man wearing a black suit. He appeared to be the manager of the place.

“Kiddo! I see you’re looking to die!” Said the fat guy after seeing his underlings actually get hurt. Angrily approaching them, the manager went up to the fat guy and said: “Brother Hui, it’s not right for you to cause trouble here, at least give me some face.”

“Fcuker, if I give you face, who’s going to give me face? Don’t you see that my buddy was hit by a bottle and was wounded by someone?” Said the angry fat guy.

Cui Ying Ying seeing the arriving people, forcefully broke off from being held by the two people, and ran behind the youngster, “Liu Hao, let’s go, don’t get involved in this.”

The person that appeared wasn’t a stranger, it was Lei Yu’s disciple, the Governor’s son Liu Hao.

“Sister Ying Ying, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, let’s go!” Cui Ying Ying pulled Liu Hao’s arm, wanting to leave.

“You want to leave? Do you have the ability to go?!” Those previous ruffians that were holding onto Cui Ying Ying ran over and shouted: “You want to leave after hurting my buddy? Fcuk, we’re having such bad luck today!”

Without waiting for what the other two were going to do, Liu Hao rushed forward like an arrow. Within a blink of an eye, the two were knocked to the ground, unable to get up. This caused the entire audience to stare in silence, everyone’s eyes were round and wide, they were unable to see what exactly happened.

If there were cultivators within the audience, they would naturally know what Liu Hao did, but unfortunately, Liu Hao who had already reached the rank of Second Order Warrior, how could his actions be observed by the ordinary people here?

Although Liu Hao did not have the special power of lightning like Lei Yu, because he received cultivating methods, Liu Hao still had some internal energy circulating inside him. But according to his own personality, although he was able to be improve gradually, but his improvement speed compared with Lei Yu would be considered comparing heaven and earth.

After everything was messed up by Liu Hao, the fat guy whom people referred to as brother Hui suddenly became dumbfounded. He has heard that in this world there exists some special people, yet he did not expect to actually hit the jackpot and meet one today.

“Can we go now?” Liu Hao did not look at anyone else, just staring at the fat guy asking the question.

“Who is causing trouble at my place?” Came a vigorous voice from the outside crowd. The fat guy was the first to react; Lei Yu also looked over following the sound of the voice.

The fat guy ran towards this person, with a smile: “Brother Gui, I’m sorry, there was a bitch that didn’t know her place, I originally wanted to teach her a lesson, didn’t expect some random guy to run out.” After saying that, his finger pointed towards the location of Liu Hao and Cui Ying Ying.

“Bastard!” Cursed the person known as brother Gui: “Who do you think you are? You better scram right now!”

The fat guy was actually a regular at Rose Park, and the boss in front of him, brother Gui, was usually quite friendly with each other. Occasionally them two would drink together, and although their relationship could not be considered close, they were still friendly with each other. He did not expect that for the sake of these two young man and a woman would create a falling out between them. He then asked: “Brother Gui, what do you mean? I believe I have never pissed you off, why aren’t you giving me any face?”

“Have you not caused enough trouble in my place? I know you are in control of some areas, but this place is not yours, I told you to scram so just scram, don’t interfere with my conducting of business.” After saying this, he went towards Liu Hao and Cui Ying Ying. Cui Ying Ying was actually quite close to this brother Gui, that’s why she often came to this place to drink. As for Liu Hao, he has visited this place a few times, their identity was naturally know to brother Gui. One was the world famous jewelry tycoon’s daughter while the other was the Governor’s son, neither of them was someone he could afford to offend.

But unfortunately this fat guy was unable to recognize Mount Tai in front of him (unable to recognize someone of importance). Still not giving up, the fat guy said: “Brother Gui, calling you brother Gui is giving you face, if you don’t give me a good explanation today, don’t blame me for not recognizing you anymore!”

“What do you want then?” Brother Gui wasn’t a newbie in the underground world, in such a busy downtown area and was able to establish their own place is not something anyone can do.

“You just wait and see.” After saying that, the fat guy reached for his cell phone. In this area, there had never been anyone that dared not to give him a bit of face, let alone calling him a bastard, making him extremely angry. From his pocket, he took out his cell phone and began to dial a number, “gather several hundred brothers, I’m currently at Rose Park!”

“You actually have the guts? You dare to call people to mess with my place?” Cursed brother Gui.

Seeing this volatile situation, all the people in the bar were starting to leave. There were only a few dozen people that stayed behind hoping for a good show, they wanted to see this once in a lifetime scene.

“You’re not giving me face, today I will let you know the meaning of fear!” Ever since he was young, this fat guy had already hung around the bad crowds in this area. After ten plus years, he had met a lot of people, setting up his own little gang, the number of underlings under his control were quite impressive. Based on manners, calling him brother Hui was to give him some face, but this has really caused his ego to get out of control. He had completely forgotten what character brother Gui was. Even though brother Gui was just a minor figure inside Ming Sect, what sort of status did the Ming Sect’s name carry? As one of the four major forces in the country of Tenglong, even a minor figure inside Ming Sect, in the eyes of ordinary people, he was as mighty as Mount Tai.

“Brother Gui, no need to call for more people, this is a perfect opportunity for me to try out my moves.” Liu Hao stopped the brother Gui who was just about to make a call.

“Don’t think that just because you’ve wounded a few of my brothers, you’ve become superman. Kiddo, just wait a bit and you will become meat paste!” As the fat guy’s voice faded, Liu Hao angrily rushed forward.

This fat guy was utterly clueless, he was the only one left standing while his other buddies were injured quite heavily. Yet, he was still so boastful, wasn’t it obvious that he was asking to be beaten?

After only a couple of moves, the fat guy’s face was black and blue and blood was coming down from his nose. Clutching his nose and pointing at Liu Hao: “It looks like you want to die! You are courting your own death!”

The people present seeing the fat guy’s embarrassed face all began to laugh. Lei Yu was also laughing, standing at the rear of the crowd laughing non-stop.

A short while later, outside the walls of Rose Park, one could clearly hear the squeels of motorcycles and cars braking quickly to park. This was followed by a noisy group of people rushing in.

“Brother Hui!”

“Brother Hui! We’re here!”

Now that there were helpers on scene backing him up, the fat guy was immediately filled with spirit. Ignoring the blood flowing from his nose and pointing to Liu Hao, “take care of him for me!”

A dozen or so people rushed up, all with vicious intentions. These underlings did not really have hobbies, fighting and brawling to them were as simple as a family dinner. It may be the mentality of a young person, thinking that these types of acts were what impressed others.

Liu Hao was not flustered nor in a hurry, he did not move at all after seeing those dozen or so people rushing towards him. While seeing this, Cui Ying Ying and brother Gui standing behind Liu Hao were sweating enough for the three of them.

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