Ch 29 – Have Some Self-respect

Shaking his head, he was about to turn and leave. Cui Ying Ying suddenly woke up as if she came out of a nightmare, “don’t go!”

“Just go to bed and rest up, I need to hurry back.” Lei Yu did not want anything to happen here, if this was to spread out, then even if he had a thousand mouths, he would not be able to explain it satisfactorily to Ai Er.

“Can you not give me a bit of your time? Why are you always avoiding me to this extent?” With some reddish glow on her cheeks, Cui Ying Ying stood up from the bed.

“You’re not drunk? I thought…”

“If I did not pretend to be drunk, would you have escorted me all the way back to my bedroom?” Cui Ying Ying lightly stepped forward, her smooth and tender hands rested on Lei Yu’s shoulder, her mesmerizing eyes revealing a look that was hard for one to refuse.

Hurriedly breaking away from her grasp, Lei Yu took a step back, “I’m really going back now.”

“Is it that I’m not beautiful enough? I’m not pretty enough compared to your little girlfriend huh?”

“You are both pretty.” Lei Yu did not know how to exactly answer this question, he could only feel that his face was getting red and hot.

At this time, Cui Ying Ying put her hands in front of her dress, she gently made some flicking gestures around her chest area and the hidden buttons were undone. A pair of soft and white bouncy things appeared more evident. Although they were wrapped up with a piece of cloth (tube shirt), but it could not hold back a woman’s fiery strength. (T/N: I think it means it cannot hold back the shape of a woman’s secret weapon)

Lei Yu suddenly backed up two steps again, his body tightly backed up against the wall. His hands were also against the wall, as if the other person was an extremely hard to deal with enemy.

During his life or death battle against the unknown black beast, Lei Yu did not feel that much fear. But today, because of the moves by a girl, he, a dignified ranked Fourth Order Warrior, had the pressure of wanting to flee with his tail between his legs.

“Hurry up and put on your clothes!” Lei Yu said anxiously, his eyes did not even dare to take one glance at the super sexy beauty before him. Lei Yu felt something was strange, within such a big house, there was only Cui Ying Ying living here alone.

“You don’t like my body?” Cui Ying Ying’s face was flushed, her delicate hands flourishing in front of her chest area while gently walking forward.

“I don’t like you like this!” Lei Yu exhaled heavily, “I do not know the real reason why you like me, but I do know you’re not such a casual woman. Liu Hao told me about this so I hope you do not destroy the image I have of you, please have some self-respect!” Once finished, Lei Yu opened the door and left without looking back, leaving Cui Ying Ying alone.

A short while later, gently buttoning up her hidden buttons on the shirt, she sighed: “Are you really that unique? What should I do then?” Cui Ying Ying firmly shook her head: “Why did I commit such actions? Was I really drunk?” Thinking about the actions she just made, her face started feeling red and hot. But after recalling Lei Yu’s words, this so called princess of a wealthy family became more resolute and determined.

Escaping from Cui Ying Ying’s house, Lei Yu walked for some distance before hailing a taxi, and then hurriedly returned back to his house.

“What on earth just happened? If I let Ai Er know about this, she would eat me alive!” Lei Yu sat on his bed, remembering the erotic scene that just happened. His lower part began to “rise” up again. He rushed to the bathroom to splash cold water onto himself, then went to sit down preparing to cultivate.

Having already reached the [Energy Suppression] stage, Lei Yu’s strength is equivalent to the rank of a Fourth Order Warrior. Within the country of Tenglong, he could be regarded as one of the few top masters. As for the future of his cultivation, the degree of difficulty in improvements becomes greater. The time and effort he needs to put into improving grows exponentially the higher he climbs up. Since the beginning, Lei Yu had never thought of giving up. Since he wanted to become strong, wanting to stand in the position of the best of the best, then the effort he expends needs to be greater than others.

“For the battle date in three years, currently more than a year has passed by. I don’t know the current strength of Cai Zhong, whom is a branch leader of Ming Sect.” Lei Yu dared not to neglect his training. Although normally inside Dragon Group; he was able to gain quality training during the past year; especially since he was inside Dragon Team for the full year being able to challenge any member of Dragon Team. But he still could not forget this opponent of his that was comparable to his own strength. Due to his miraculous encounters, his strength has surged. But who can say Cai Zhong’s strength has not increased either? Since he has gained good fortune, he has to assume other people could also have found good fortune. At least that’s what Lei Yu was thinking.

Internal energy slowly spread out from his dantian’s Sea of Energy region. Ever since he had broken through the stages, Lei Yu had become more careful in monitoring the changes to his body. If any abnormality was detected, he will focus his consciousness into it to investigate. It was no long the previous First Order or Second Order power he was controlling. The higher the ranks he climbs, the more careful he had to be, each step he took had to be careful and considerate.

Circulating his internal energy according to his cultivating methods, the energy flowed slowly inside his body’s meridians. Each time it passed a meridian point, there would be subtle changes. This change belongs uniquely to the power of lightning’s effect. After passing through the [Body Refining] stage, regardless of any time, as long as Lei Yu was in his cultivating state, his internal energy will formlessly and slowly refine his body, creating a constant and endless reinforcement.

The first changes were to Lei Yu’s bone structure – his bones contained metallic properties making it exceed the ordinary hardness of steel. If he were to suffer attacks that did not contain any internal energy, then he would not get hurt under those normal circumstances.

His purple internal energy slowly crawling forward, the unknown green energy inside his body was constantly following, taking the role as a protector and escort. And inside his head, the yellow bead as always was busily doing its own thing. Those three energies were each performing their duty, making everything appear in good order.

After a night of cultivating, apart from making Lei Yu more energetic, there wasn’t much improvement in his strength. But just this alone had already made him very satisfied; at least all aspects of his body were functioning normally.

It’s hard to blame Lei Yu because whenever he cultivates, he is filled with worry and fear. The green energy inside him is simply an unknown, although it has played the role in helping him repair fractures, who knows when it will suddenly go crazy one day? One thing for sure is that Lei Yu was unable to control this energy because it was just too powerful.

There was also the yellow bead – until now, Lei Yu still did not know what it was. Since it was something very beneficial to Lei Yu, he was reluctant to exclude or abandon it. Just like the jade pendant resting on his chest, although it was extremely dangerous to use, it did cause an unprecedented rapid increase in his strength. Moreover, it was something left to him by his mother, and even if it was dangerous, Lei Yu will always wear it on his neck.

The sky was getting light. Lei Yu was used to washing off the dirt from his body now. Putting on some clean clothes, he wore his backpack and was ready to jog back to Dragon Group.

Halfway there, “beep beep” sound of a car horn was heard. The incoming person was none other than his sworn brother Nuo Hu.

“Come on, I’ll drive you there!”

“No need, I prefer jogging.”

“Come on, we have a mission today!” said Nuo Hu.

“A mission?” Lei Yu was surprised, after joining Dragon Group for such a long time, he has never received any missions.

“That’s right, my father already told me to rush there as soon as possible so that I could bring you along. Last night, they had a meeting with their superiors and my father did not even come home at all.”

“What kind of mission? Why would it be in such a rush?”

“I don’t know, but I heard it’s not a simple task.”

Getting into Nuo Hu’s car, those two hurried towards Dragon Group headquarters.

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