Ch 31 – Fight Over A Dispute

“Hello, I am Nuo Hu.”

“My name is Lei Yu.”

“How come you are alone? Aren’t there supposed to be two people?” Asked Nuo Hu.

“Can’t help it, I was forced to perform this mission, other members were not willing to come. Were you two also forced to come here?” This Hui Wei Tao had a helpless look on his face.

Lei Yu and Nuo Hu both slightly smiled without actually replying.

Those three people discussed some simple strategies then walked deep into the forest. This place was no different than before, one could hear beasts growling and birds chirping everywhere. The visibility inside the forest was getting low so those three were walking quite slowly.

“Three directions, Hui Wei Tao, you go to the right side, Nuo Hu will go to the left, and I’ll go forward.” Lei Yu waved his hands at the prearranged paths.

Seeing Hui Wei Tao going off into the distance, Lei Yu quickly went in the direction towards Nuo Hu, “follow me!”

“Why are you…?”

Accompanying Lei Yu for a period of time, they arrived at the edge of a small river. Following the familiar path, going around and entering another entrance of the forest, they arrived at the place where the cub was born.

“That’s strange, where did it go?” Lei Yu looked all around with an urgent look on his face.

Seeing Lei Yu’s actions, Nuo Hu became more hesitant, “little Yu, you seem to be very familiar with this place?”

“It’s not the right time to explain, we’ll talk more after we find it.” Lei Yu did not stop, continuing to walk forward, Nuo Hu could only keep following.



A scream of a beast and then a scream of pain, that sharp contrast immediately made the forest animals excited, startling countless birds and animals.

“Not good!” The two ran at high speeds towards the direction of where the voices came from.

When seeing a beast with its whole body covered in shiny black fur, forepaws stepping on where Hui Wei Tao’s head was supposed to be, Nuo Hu could not hold back a burst of nausea. Hui Wei Tao had already become a corpse, and his neck clearly showed signs of being cut with something sharp. Fresh blood was pouring out; it appears to be caused by the spikes on the wild beast’s back.

“Little Yu! What should we do? Asked Nuo Hu grabbing onto Lei Yu.

The moment Lei Yu saw the wild beast, he was immediately surprised. The wild beast’s physique was very large, exactly the same as the mother he had fought before. The most obvious characteristic of this wild beast was that one of its eyes was actually blind.

“You stay here and don’t move!” Lei Yu pulled Nuo Hu’s arm and then went forward on his own.

“Don’t go over there!” Seeing the ground all bloody, Nuo Hu wanted to catch up. Lei Yu suddenly shouted back: “Don’t move!”

Seeing Nuo Hu standing still, this assured him to return looking to the front. The wild beast’s upper and lower teeth were tightly clenched; a single ferocious looking eye would give anyone the chills if they saw it right now.

When Lei Yu was about to approach the wild beast, a “swishing” sound suddenly came from the sky. Looking up, a few strands of white light similar to lightning rushed down towards them, the target being the black wild beast. The white lights stabbed into the ground, and only afterwards did Lei Yu realize they were swords. The swords did not directly attack the wild beast, the twelve swords stabbed into the ground was used to form a cage. At the end of the swords, a flow of milky white internal energy was seen. This energy appears to play the role of a seal.

With the sudden appearance of the swords, the wild beast became extremely angered, howling into the sky. Extending its claws, it started swiping at the swords. The toughness of the swords appear to be beyond the wild beast’s expectation, helpless, it started using the spikes on its back. That was obviously not effective; the twelve swords only slightly trembled before restoring its calm.

Lei Yu looked all around, where did the swords come from? Why did it suddenly appear trapping the beast in the middle?

“Swish, swish” sounds of leaves rustling came from deep inside the forest. Three figures then rushed out from within the forest.

One old and two young people, all dressed the same in old traditional Chinese clothes, the type you tie around, not button up. It appears these people were also martial arts cultivators.

“Who are you people?” Asked Lei Yu to the three that suddenly appeared.

“You guys should be soldiers sent by Martial Sect to perform this mission right? Not bad, you guys have some courage, seeing the death of your companion and still able to keep going, it seems like the people raised by Martial Sect aren’t all trash.” Said the old man gently stroking his long white beard.

“Who are you people exactly?” Asked Lei Yu once again.

These three people in front of him gave off an aura, relying on his own power of lightning, he was able to determine that the old man had the strength of a Fourth Order Warrior while the other two had the strength of a Third Order Warrior. And from the weapons they used and the clothing they wore which were hard to tell apart, they should belong to one of the four major forces of Tenglong country… “Celestial Court!”

“Then is there any further need to ask? Didn’t Martial Sect teach you juniors that when you see members of Celestial Court, you need to avoid and step aside?”

Lei Yu did know some things about Celestial Court, but he personally had never been in contact with a member before. The three in front of him were clearly of Celestial Court, but they suddenly entrapped the wild beast, what exactly were their intentions?

“Dragon Group of Martial Sect are undergoing a mission, why did you people suddenly appear?” From the back, Nuo Hu came forward and asked.

Everyone was disregarding the roar of the wild beast and its resistance. These three people seemed to be very confident in their swords’ ability in caging the beast.

“You guys can go back and report to command that Celestial Court is taking over the situation.” After saying these words, the old man turned and walked toward the wild beast’s direction, with an overbearing proud look on his face.

“You wish!” Lei Yu narrowed his eyes. If something was to happen to the wild beast, he would definitely feel guilty about it. This wild beast is most likely the cub from the other time, although the injury to its blind eye were similar to what Lei Yu had caused to its mother back then, Lei Yu believes that this cub’s injury was an accident.

“Oh? Looks like you’re trying to prevent Celestial Court members from accomplishing their task? The old man slowly turned around, the two younger people beside him had faces filled with anger. It looks like the relationship between Martial Sect and Celestial Court were like oil and water.

“Enough with the bullshit, we were the first to discover the wild beast, and our companion has died because of it, you guys better step aside!” Nuo Hu naturally had a bad temper so he would never allow someone to insult Martial Sect. There were internal strife but that was family business, once they encounter an enemy, they would band together and work against them.

“This is troublesome, looks like we have to settle you two first.” The old man waved: “You two go take care of them, they are buzzing around like flies.”

One can hardly blame the old man for being so confident, thinking his underlings were able to get rid of Lei Yu and Nuo Hu. Their companion behind them had died in the hands of the wild beast, so based on his estimation, Lei Yu and Nuo Hu could not be much stronger.

The two heeded the old man’s words, stepped forward a few steps. As if they were suicide soldiers, they obeyed the old man’s words without hesitation. Pulling out a sword strapped to their back, their mouths muttering some unknown chant. Their swords suddenly started flashing a bright light; a sharp internal energy similar to a bone chilling wind blew towards where Lei Yu and Nuo Hu were standing.

“I’ll take care of it!” After a shout, Lei Yu shot forward like an arrow, his arms containing the power of lightning had a slight amount of suction ability, particularly noticeable when it came to metallic objects. The sword in the hands of the two gradually became harder to control as Lei Yu got closer to them, the swords began to vibrate non-stop.

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    And enemies abound—!


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