Ch 32 – Shangguan Xi Hong

The eyes of the two had a look of surprise, and the old man on the side suddenly fiercely opened his eyes. Lei Yu’s speed was too fast, his speed almost matching a gust of wind. “Bang bang” sounds of metallic objects colliding, the swords those two had in their hands landed on the ground. Their bodies were also forced back five steps by the power of Lei Yu’s arm.

Lei Yu directly used his fists to collide with the two swords, one could not imagine this inhuman person was just standing there after the clash.

“Martial Sect had such a powerful junior? Which military group are you guys from?” The old man openly asked after seeing Lei Yu’s display of power.

“Dragon Group!” Without waiting for the old man to speak, Lei Yu then said: “Let go of the wild beast.”

“Let it go? Are you kidding with me? Isn’t your goal here to capture it as well? Such a valuable thing is not something only Martial Sect wants!”

Lei Yu frowned looking at Nuo Hu at his side, then looked at the old man and asked: “Valuable thing? What do you mean?”

“Ha!” The old man stroked his beard again then laughed: “Are you actually an idiot, when you were given the mission, didn’t your superiors tell you to capture it alive instead of killing it?”

At this moment, Lei Yu and Nuo Hu only now recalled it was indeed true, their superior’s order was to make their best effort to capture the wild beast alive, unless it was a last resort, they were not to kill the beast. Does this mean the wild beast possesses something of great value? Then why would the Shangguan family members not come themselves? They do not lack masters capable of it.

“You said it was valuable, exactly which part of it is valuable?” Asked Nuo Hu.

“There’s no harm in telling you, would I, a dignified Fourth Grade Celestial, fear you kids of snatching it away from me?” The old man then proudly said: “I will not speak of anything else, this wild beast, do you know its name yet?” Looking at Lei Yu and Nuo Hu’s expression, he was certain they did not know. He then said, “this wild beast is called an Ink Beast; it is an ancient magical beast, considered one of the four demonic beasts. Its sworn enemy is the magical beast Qilin.

Hearing these words, Lei Yu’s heart suddenly skipped a beat – sworn enemies with the Qilin. Would there be any relation to when he saw that battle scene in his mind amongst the backdrop of where the sky met the earth? Quelling the questions in his heart, he continued listening to the old man.

“The extinction of the magical beast Qilin was caused by the Ink Beast because an Ink Beast needs to consume the Qilin’s spiritual bead in order to survive to the present. And in the entire world, there aren’t any Ink Beasts left except for this one, so tell me, how valuable do think it is?”

Since consuming the Qilin’s spiritual bead allows it to live until now? So does that mean within the Ink Beast’s body, they have a longevity pill? Then that definitely means it is a heavenly treasure.

“That means I definitely cannot allow you guys to get it!” A distant voice could be heard, suddenly, a huge pressure came from somewhere. Lei Yu and the old man were able to tolerate it, while Nuo Hu and the two youngsters immediately frowned. Looking at their faces, it seems to be extremely uncomfortable for them.

The pressure gradually disappeared, followed by the emergence of a middle-aged man, dressed in black impressive clothing, his athletic physique unequalled. Just walking by Lei Yu, his aura gave off an oppressive feeling.

“Who are you?” Frowned the old man, feeling the immense strength of the newcomer.

“Shangguan Xi Hong!” The middle-aged man’s voice had penetrating effect, startling and scattering the surrounding beasts, showing how powerful his internal energy was.

“You are Martial Sect’s Shangguan Xi Hong?!” The old man said with bulging eyes, “despicable!”

“Despicable? Are you, a little Fourth Grade Celestial, actually qualified to say I’m despicable? You’re courting death!” With an explosive shout, Shangguan Xi Hong’s single palm condensed a rich yellow internal energy, launching a palm strike through the air. The yellow internal energy came out like surging waves, directly aiming for the old man.

*Bang!* An extremely strong palm strike hit the chest of the old man. From the impact of the attack, the old man’s body flew out backwards landing in the grass, blood spraying out from his mouth.

“Strong!” This was the first impression Lei Yu got. Was this the person in charge of all matters in Martial Sect, in charge of the entire military of Tenglong country, the master of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Xi Hong? This was without a doubt the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior.

“You two kids back up a bit, I’d like to see why this trash of Celestial Court thinks he is qualified to boast in front of my Martial Sect.” Shangguan Xi Hong waved his hand implying to Lei Yu and Nuo Hu to back up. This sense of awe-inspiring dominating appearance made Lei Yu and Nuo Hu slightly startled.

The old man on the ground struggled to get up and the two youngsters hurriedly approached to support his arms. Compared to dying, how much worth was the demonic beast? Even if he had gotten the spiritual bead of longevity, what use was it here? In front of a Sixth Order Warrior, wouldn’t he still instantly die with no ashes remaining? This the old man could still comprehend, “you are ruthless! We Celestial Court will not let this go so easily! We’ll leave!” While supporting the old man, the two youngsters and he quickly left the area.

Once the three left, Lei Yu coldly said: “Chief, since you were already here, why did you watch Eagle Group’s Hui Wei Tao get killed without lifting a finger?”

“What a joke!” Shangguan Xi Hong turned around and said, “as a warrior, when facing an opponent you believe you cannot overcome, you must carefully probe the situation. Are you telling me that while in Dragon Group, Nuo Yi Long and them did not teach you this?”

This was obviously treating his men as cannon fodder, it looks like everyone’s opinion was not wrong, Shangguan family members saw their own lives as more valuable compared to others.


“There is nothing left here! Your mission has been accomplished; you can go back and report to command!” With those final words, Shangguan Xi Hong walked towards the direction of the wild beast.

It seems to be able to sense the immense strength of Shangguan Xi Hong, the wild beast within the cage of swords frantically roared and struggled. But it was useless, no matter how hard it struggled, it was unable to break out.

Both feet planted firmly on the ground, the surrounding area started shaking and waves of yellow internal energy came out from Shangguan Xi Hong. The twelve swords seemed to come alive; each of them took off from the ground into the sky, flying off into the distant. The direction was exactly where the three Celestial Court members were headed. And the internal energy sealing the wild beast disappeared without a trace.

This so called demonic Ink Beast realized its cage had been broken, so it desperately moved in the opposite direction of Shangguan Xi Hong to escape.

“Demonic beast! Where do you think you’re going?!” Once again condensing a powerful yellow internal energy on his palm, using the same technique like the one he dealt with the old man from Celestial Court, he threw a palm strike. A ferocious and powerful energy flew straight at the Ink Beast.

*Howl!* A loud sharp cry of pain, the Ink Beast instantly fell to the ground, its body thrashing around, Two of the spikes on its back was split into two due to the power of the energy, and blood kept flowing out.

Walking forward, wanting to finish off the Ink Beast with another palm strike, but at this moment, Lei Yu’s body intercepted with the speed of lightning, blocking Shangguan Xi Hong’s path.

“What are you doing? Move aside!” Shouted the angry Shangguan Xi Hong at Lei Yu.

“You can’t kill it!”

“You are not qualified to tell me what to do!” Knowing that the Ink Beast possessed a spiritual bead capable of eternal life, he only had to kill the Ink Beast and extract it, no longer needing to capture it alive.

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