Ch 33 – Demonic Ink Beast

“You cannot kill it!”

“Move aside!” A strong forceful impact blasted Lei Yu’s body out of the way. Shangguan Xi Hong then with extreme speed released forth his internal energy attacking the Ink Beast. It seemed like the Ink Beast was no longer in extreme pain; with its single red eye, it stared fiercely at Shangguan Xi Hong whom was the person that was ending its life. Right after the attack, the body of the Ink Beast began to blur and become illusory, turning into a black gas like substance, and then dissipated into the air without a trace. The meridian point between Lei Yu’s eyebrows briefly flashed a black light; he then felt his mind go blank before becoming unconscious.

“Chief, you…” Nuo Hu hurriedly rushed to Lei Yu’s body supporting it, then looking at Shangguan Xi Hong in front of him.

“Such rotten luck, I wasted so much effort and didn’t think the legend would actually be fake! It originally never had any spiritual bead of longevity!” Stamping one foot on the ground, Shangguan Xi Hong flew into the air, disappearing in the depths of the forest.


In a world of darkness, Lei Yu seemed to have once again gone inside the space of the jade pendant, but currently, the sky did not have that round moon. Lei Yu cautiously walked forward.

“You killed me time and time again, why?”

“Who is it?!” Lei Yu looked all over but there was only darkness and only the sound of his voice, he simply could not see anything. At this time, inside the world of darkness flashed a red light. This red light steadily approached Lei Yu.

“It’s you! How can you be here?” Lei Yu was surprised to find that in front of him was the Ink Beast previously killed by Shangguan Xi Hong. And the red light was actually the Ink beast’s eye. But why did it appear within his subconscious mind?

“The line where the sky meets the earth; after recovering from the battle, perhaps this was destined; the day I defeated the Qilin, I received the spiritual bead of longevity. As the flow of time passed by, I, the Ink Beast was no longer the king of the world. I was actually sealed inside a boulder for ten thousand years!”

“I really cannot understand what you’re talking about…” Lei Yu looked at the pondering beast in front of him.

“The day that I was able to break free from the seal, my strength was at only 10 percent of my peak power, who would have thought I would run into you. And you, you’re the one that killed me and extracted the spiritual bead of longevity from my head!”

“Are you saying I have the spiritual bead of longevity? That yellow bead?” Lei Yu was suddenly shocked. Could it be this yellow bead that assisted him in clearing away impurities was what Celestial Court and Martial Sect fought over to gain, the spiritual bead of longevity?

“That’s right! You were supposed to die!” said the Ink Beast sitting on the ground. “After being killed by you and having the spiritual bead of longevity removed, if you had only waited a while longer to absorb it, then I could have relied on the trace connection with the spiritual bead to resurrect. But because of your curiosity that day, you happen to absorb it. *Sigh* But fortunately inside my body still had trace amounts of the spiritual bead’s energy, allowing me to use the power of self-breeding for my rebirth. Coincidentally you appeared again, rescuing me from the body’s stomach. Tell me; does this count as killing me once but then saving me? Unfortunately, this time I have been truly destroyed.”

“So that’s what happened!” Lei Yu then hurriedly ask: “So are there any methods for you to revive again?”

“Impossible!” Said the Ink Beast. “You killed me then saved me, so we should be considered even. But today you helped me by speaking on my behalf, so let’s consider the spiritual bead of longevity a present I gift to you.”

“This… this doesn’t sound too good right?” Lei Yu thought back to the day where the Ink Beast resurrected and came out of its own stomach, thinking about it made him a little sick. If he ever died and the only way to resurrect was using that method, then he’d rather just die permanently.

“Many people sought but failed to attain the bead, yet you don’t want it? They why did you dig it out of my head that day?” The Ink Beast asked in a hateful tone.

“I…” Lei Yu was suddenly dumbstruck. That day, he only killed the Ink Beast in order to protect himself. And it was because of his curiosity that made him extract the unknown bead. He did not expect it to be a spiritual bead capable of longevity.

“Enough talking about this. Although I’ve been destroyed, the Ink Beast species should not be allowed to become extinct in this world.” The Ink Beast then said, “I need to borrow your body to nurture a new beast.”

“Screw that, no way!”

“You need to quickly improve your strength, so I will then be able to awaken and appear once again. But you shouldn’t count on any good fortune because I will not help you in anyway. My spiritual energy is too weak, I need to sleep. Maybe in a few years, or maybe in a thousand years, everything depends on your karma… “The voice of the Ink Beast gradually disappeared and Lei Yu gained back control of his consciousness. Searching within his body, he was unable to find any traces of the Ink Beast’s spiritual energy.

In a hazy condition and feeling his face being wiped with something, it was kind of warm and felt very comfortable. Lei Yu then gradually opened his eyes.

“Ai Er?”

“Brother Yu! You’ve finally woken up!”

In front of Lei Yu was Ai Er. Seeing Lei Yu awaken, Ai Er was immediately filled with joy. “You scared me to death; you’ve been unconscious for a long time.”

“Ai Er, where am I?” Lei Yu sat up; felt a slight headache and began kneading his head.

“Don’t get up, you should rest well, I’ll tell them you’re awake.” With that, she then rushed out.

Shaking his head, his headache seemed to have lightened a bit. “I somehow had gotten the spiritual bead of longevity? How could this be? Why did I become unconscious?” Lei Yu blinked a few times thinking about everything. “Fcuk! The Ink Beast is inside my body!”

“Little Yu, you’re awake!” The door suddenly opened and Nuo Hu, Air Er, Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng came in.

“I’m fine now.” Lei Yu scratched his head and hurriedly got off the bed.

“You’ve been unconscious for seven days; it’s great that you’re okay now.” Nuo Yi Feng smiled as she said that.

“Seven days?! No way!”


Everything was the same as always. Every day, Lei Yu would train his body at Dragon Group headquarters, and then he would cultivate his internal energy at home. And occasionally, he would go out on dates with Ai Er or accompany her to go shopping.

One and a half years later, Lei Yu was currently calculating the date. The three year battle date he had with Cai Zhong will arrive in approximately two months. This past year, it was unfortunate for him because his improvement speed was too slow. He was only able to advance from the mid-stage of [Energy Suppression] to the late-stage. It seems he is still very far away from breaking through this bottleneck.

At around the same time, in a sealed dark chamber.

Black smoke filled the entire chamber, the smoke was swirling around pushed by a strong wind. A deafening howl could be heard, filled with resentment like it came from the depths of hell.

Smoke gradually dissipated, and the howling gradually stopped. A young man dressed in black was sitting cross-legged in the center of the chamber. His long hair obscured his face; one was simply unable to clearly see what he looked like.

“It’s soon nearing the three years’ time. Lei Yu, I worked hard for the past three years just for this day. I have finally reached the Fourth Stage of the Devilish Realm; I’d like to see whether you can oppose me!”

The chamber’s door opened and the man clothed in black left.

“Cousin, were you able to succeed?”

“Yes, now we wait for the duel in two months time.” The person in black was none other than Cai Zhong, the northern branch leader of the Ming Sect.


(T/N: Although the author doesn’t say it out right, from my year of translations, I realize he likes to infer things at times. Since the Ink Beast defeated the Qilin and was suddenly sealed, then came out weakened and encountered Lei Yu, I believe the Qilin’s body decomposed in that area and became the miraculous fruit tree.)

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