Ch 34 – Uncle Liu Shishi

“Cousin, I inquired around, that guy joined Dragon Group and has some association with Martial Sect” said Zhao Han.

“Oh? Martial Sect?”

“That’s right cousin, you were behind closed door training so you haven’t heard what’s been happening on the outside.”

“It seems like we need to change the way how our contest will be held.” A red light briefly flashed in Cai Zhong’s eyes while he coldly laughed.

On the other side.

“Instructor Fan, are you alright? You’re actually challenging me?” Said Lei Yu with his eyes wide in surprise.

“What’s the fuss about? You still don’t know about your own evaluation after joining Dragon Team. Within the two plus years you’ve joined, ever since you’ve defeated Dragon Team’s strongest member Chen Chao, no one has dared to challenge you anymore. If it weren’t for the other team members pressuring me, did you think I want to challenge you?” Fan Hong Chang also looked helpless. This instructor appears to be thoroughly discredited since it was the Dragon Team members that put him in this embarrassing situation. Challenging Lei Yu, if he happens to lose, then he will no longer have any face in the team. If he did not challenge Lei Yu, then the team members will say he was a coward.

“Well, that’s fine then, I could actually learn some fighting techniques from you” said Lei Yu with a smile.

“How could you say these words so carefreely? Let me ask you, what level of strength have you actually attained? You Lei family members… uh no, I meant you special people are too mysterious, I cannot tell at all.” Fan Hong Chang realized he said the wrong thing, thus hurriedly changed his statement.

“It’s a secret, but don’t worry Instructor Fan, I should not be a difficult opponent for you.” Lei Yu smiled and then said: “This match is at night right?”

“Ten o’clock, second floor training hall, I’ve already told the other members to prepare for it.”

“Understood, see you tonight.”

Leaving the gates of Dragon Group, he has been jogging every day, he rarely drove at all. Coincidentally Nuo Hu left early today; he wasn’t able to hitch a ride. Looking at his watch, it was currently a bit later than six o’clock. There was still quite a bit of time before the ten o’clock match, Lei Yu didn’t really have anything else to do.

He went to a busy downtown area where it was very lively and crowded. It looked like something had happened. Lei Yu then joined the crowd to also engage in its liveliness, wanting to see exactly what was going on.

The crowd surrounded a person who was huddled on the ground, his body constantly shaking. Lei Yu got a closer and cried out in surprise: “Uncle Liu!”

After this shout, the crowd of people turned to look at Lei Yu. A good-hearted person then said “young man, quickly take him to the hospital, did he have some serious illness?”

Lifting up Uncle Liu, Lei Yu rushed out of the crowd, stopping a random taxi, they then rushed towards the hospital.

Uncle Liu had already been inside the operating room for two hours yet there weren’t any news of what was going on. Lei Yu was pacing back and forth in the hallway, his heart filled with unease. “How was this possible? Why would uncle Liu become like this? What exactly happened?” Once again looking at his watch, it was already past eight o’clock. If there still weren’t any news with what’s going on with uncle Liu, then even if his teammates considered him a coward, he will not attend tonight’s match.

Every second of every minute went by, Lei Yu’s heart feel more and more uneasy. Looking up, the operating room lights went off. Lei Yu quickly ran up as the door opened, the doctor then came out.

“Doctor, what’s going on? How is the patient?” Lei Yu anxiously asked.

*Sigh* The doctor helplessly shook his head, “I’m sorry, we tried our best, if you have anything to say, you should say it to him soon. I believe he doesn’t have much time left.”

“What?!” Lei Yu could feel a ringing buzz in his head. His mind went blank, “how could it be like this? What exactly happened?”

At this time, a few of the nurses came out of the operating room pushing uncle Liu. Lei Yu followed behind them, arriving at a hospital room.

Looking at uncle Liu’s hollowed out face and his sunken eyes, Lei Yu felt like needles were stabbing into his heart. Since he was young, the Lei family household had cast him aside, despising him for being a bastard. It could be said that uncle Liu alone took care of all of his daily necessities. Sometimes he would openly berate those that had ridiculed Lei Yu. Lei Yu would have never thought the person he most respected would become like this, how could his heart not ache?

Uncle Liu’s eyes had some slight movement. Lei Yu hurriedly grabbed his skinny hand which was like twigs. His eyes all red, he said: “Uncle Liu, how did you become like this?”

“It’s you little Yu!” Uncle Liu smiled weakly, “child, don’t cry, it looks like this was destined by the heavens, allowing me to see you on my last breath.”

“Uncle Liu, hurry up and tell me what happened!” Said Lei Yu anxiously.

“Enemies, they were enemies, enemies of your mother.”

“Enemies of my mother? Who are they?” Asked Lei Yu with eyes filled with anger.

“Child, your current strength is not enough to go against them. It’s best that you didn’t know, but you must remember one thing, there is another piece of jade pendant apart from your own, possessed by your mother. When those two jade pendants are close to each other, there will be a strong reaction. Once the time comes, you will understand everything.”

Lei Yu unconsciously touched the jade pendant hanging around his neck. He once again asked, “but when can I get to see my mother? Where exactly is she?”

“Don’t ask too many questions, I *cough cough* there are some things that you cannot know right now. When the time comes, you will naturally understand. Child, just once, can you call me grandpa?” (maternal)

“Grandpa?” Lei Yu was immediately shocked, what exactly is going on?

“Child, twenty years ago, I accompanied your mother to the Lei family household. When your mother left, I was allowed to stay and take care of you. Once you left the Lei family, I was then driven out.” Uncle Liu was gasping for breath before continuing: “Back then, your father and your mother had sinned, but you were the one to suffer. Our Liu family apologizes to you, child I… I…” Uncle Liu became faint of breath, he was breathing out more than breathing in. His breathing intensified with short shallow breaths.

“Gran… grandpa! Grandpa!” Lei Yu firmly grasped uncle Liu’s hand; the tears on his face were dripping down involuntarily, dropping onto uncle Liu’s extremely thin arms. “No! Grandpa!” Lei Yu began to wail and cry. He had just learned that the person who had accompanied him since childhood was actually his grandfather, but now he had drifted away from the living world. To this Lei Yu who had been tortured since he was a child was undoubtedly a big blow, this blow he suffered may be considered too great.

Inside the hospital room, the sound of crying gradually stopped. Lei Yu’s eyes had become even more intense and terrifying. He suddenly thought of something, and ran out of the room to find the doctor that had performed the operation.

“What happened to my grandpa? Why did he become like this?” Asked Lei Yu.

“We found this thing within his body, but we don’t know what it is, we are currently studying it.” From a white container, the doctor used some tweezers to take out a black chip, “this thing is the reason it lead to the death of your grandfather. We discovered it in his brain, and it appears as if it’s been there for a long time. This chip was pressing against your grandfather’s nerves. By the time you brought him to the hospital, there was nothing we could do.”

Lei Yu then proceeded to store the black chip inside his own wallet.

“You cannot take this away, we still need to study it. It might be something that was grown inside his body, something like a new type of disease” the doctor hurriedly cried.

“You shut your mouth!” Lei Yu angrily said. “If you want to study, go look for someone else to study on. Immediately prepare the death certificate, I want to have my grandpa cremated as soon as possible.”

He didn’t need any grand funeral, Lei Yu just wanted to quickly find a permanent place of refuge for his grandfather.

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