Ch 35 – Mysterious Enemy

Lei Yu’s phone kept ringing, but he was sitting on a chair in the hospital hallway in a daze. Lei Yu’s current location was outside the doors to the hospital’s morgue, very few people were here. The dim lighting combined with the night’s cold air gave this place a chilling atmosphere. It even felt a bit scary around here.

“Mother, mother! How should I find my mother?” Lei Yu was firmly clenching his fists, suddenly feeling hopeless. My grandfather’s words were very clear, my current strength was not enough to oppose mother’s enemies. “I need to put in more effort in cultivating! I need to put in much more effort! That’s right! I must put more effort in cultivating!” Suddenly snapping his head up, Lei Yu recovered from his grief, then finally noticed his cell phone had been ringing non-stop.

“Eighteen missed calls!” Looking at the numbers, it was not just Nuo Hu that called, there were also the phone numbers of Nuo Yi Long and Fan Hong Chang. Lei Yu then remembered, tonight was supposed to be the match where Fan Hong Chang challenged him. But because of the incident with his grandfather, he had completely forgotten about it.

Thinking about it, he then answered the call from Nuo Hu.

“Hello.” Lei Yu’s voice sounded a bit depressed.

“Little Yu, where are you? Did you forget about the important event tonight?”

“Big brother, I think… I think I won’t be able to attend, I’m currently at the hospital.”

“What?! Why are you at the hospital? Did you get hurt?” Nuo Hu’s voice was a bit anxious, from his end of the line, one could hear a lot of noise in the background.

“Don’t worry, I’m okay, I’m coming back now.”

The hospital’s paperwork and procedures needed another day before it could be completed. Lei Yu could only return to Dragon Group and explain to those worried about him about what exactly was going on.

“Little Yu, what happened? How come you were at the hospital?” Nuo Hu was filled with concern after seeing Lei Yu. Even though he and Lei Yu were only sworn brothers, Nuo Hu actually treated him as real younger brother.


A deep sigh could be heard. Lei Yu was currently sitting in a main hall within the villa of Dragon Group. Next to him were all the people concerned about him, including Nuo Yi Long and his sister, Fan Hong Chang, Nuo Hu, and his beloved Ai Er. Everyone’s face revealed an anxious look.

“I found my grandfather. It appears that he raised me since I was young and took care of all my daily necessities; uncle Liu was actually my grandfather.”

“Eh? How could…” Everyone was astonished after the explanation. Everyone knew what Lei Yu had to endure growing up – labeled as trash since he was young, being kicked out of the Lei family when he was eighteen years old, and growing up without a mother.

“I just found that out today. This evening, I found my grandfather lying on the street, surrounded by a crowd of people. I then rushed him to the hospital but it was already too late. I was told a black chip was removed from his brain, and it was only around this time that I found out he was my grandfather.” As Lei Yu was talking, once again the tears would not stop streaming down. Such a powerful and dignified man would actually shed tears, perhaps only familial love will cause him to be in such a vulnerable state.

Because of what Lei Yu told them, everyone could feel his grief. Nuo Yi Long suddenly asked, “black chip? Did you say a black chip? Do you have it with you? Take it out and let me see.”

“I have it; I deliberately took it from the doctor.” After saying this, Lei Yu took out the chip from his wallet and handed it over to Nuo Yi Long.

“It’s really them!” Nuo Yi Long’s eyes became extremely wide after seeing the black chip in his hand.

“Uncle Nuo! Do you recognize this thing? Who does this belong to? Who killed my grandfather? Who are my mother’s enemies?” Lei Yu suddenly stood up, his emotional stress was at its limits. But after seeing Nuo Yi Long’s facial expression, Lei Yu began to have some doubt.

*Sigh* Shaking his head, Nuo Yi Long said: “Little Yu, your current strength is not enough to oppose him, this… let’s talk about this in the future.”

“Uncle Nuo! Who exactly is this person, I beg you to tell me!”

“Did you not hear what I just told you? Stop asking about it! Nuo Yi Long’s tone suddenly became angry. Everyone inside the hall was confused, and only his sister Nuo Yi Feng knew why his brother would have such a big reaction.

Nuo Yi Long turned to leave; Nuo Yi Feng smiled at the rest of the people before following in his steps. The people left in the hall were all extremely confused.

In a remote corner of Dragon Group’s military headquarters.

“Brother, did you really have to show such a big reaction?” Nuo Yi Long then said, “little Yu does not understand what’s going on. It’s only because of the death of his grandfather that he would be so eager to find out who the murderer was, why did you exhibit such a big temper towards him?”

“Well, what do you think I should have done then?” Nuo Yi Long’s resolute face now suddenly became dispirited. This was like a completely different person from the mighty and domineering commander of Dragon Group.

“Brother, sister-in-law has died for so many years now; you should stop thinking about it.”

“I did not think… did not expect that our Nuo family’s enemy and little Yu’s enemy is actually the same person, I really hate him! Twenty plus years, these twenty years I have painstakingly cultivated, hoping to break through the Fifth Order Warrior rank, becoming a Sixth Order Warrior. But I’ve been stuck here unable to break through the bottleneck. If I could break through, then I could avenge your sister-in-law!”

“Brother, don’t be like this. I know you feel bad deep inside your heart, suffocating for twenty years, but seeing you like this again, my heart also aches.”

“At least there’s some hope in this situation.” Nuo Yi Long suddenly thought of something as he said this.

“Brother, you mean little Yu?”

“Right, come with me.”

Inside the main hall.

Instructor Fan, I’m sorry, the situation today delayed our match.”

“Let’s put aside my challenge towards you for the time being. Death is final, there’s nothing we can do about it so you should overcome this. I will mention this to the commander, about giving you a one month break; you can take care of things and adjust your life.” Fan Hong Chang said this intending to comfort Lei Yu. (T/N: death is final is a Chinese saying to console someone)

“No!” Lei Yu shook his head: “I cannot rest, I need to put more effort into cultivating. Not only did uncle Nuo say it, but my grandfather on his deathbed also said it – my current strength is not enough to oppose this enemy. I need to work harder in improving myself! Even though I currently don’t know who my enemy is, but I cannot give up, I cannot become dissolute! ”

“Good! You have ambitions!” Nuo Yi Long’s vigorous and powerful voice came from outside the door.

“Uncle Nuo.”


“Father, are you okay now?” Everyone hurriedly approached him.

“I’m fine now little Yu.” Nuo Yi Long smiled and said “Before I was a bit too emotional, I hope you won’t mind it. Maintaining this dedication and tenacity, I believe that sooner or later, one day you will become a force to be reckoned with. Once you are strong enough, I will tell you everything you need to know.”

“Don’t worry! I can do it!” Lei Yu nodded his head in enthusiasm.

Everything went smoothly after that. The next day, Ai Er and Nuo Hu accompanied Lei Yu to the hospital. There, they completed the paperwork and had uncle Liu cremated and buried in a cemetery.

The soldiers of Dragon Group were currently training with their utmost effort. Lion Team were training without slacking at all. But occasionally, they will gather together to discuss things that were going on.

Outside the villa stood a few of Dragon Team’s elite, all were abnormally alert. It seems like within the main hall, there’s the presence of an important figure.

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