Ch 37 – Strong Absorption

The instant both their arms came into contact with one and another, Fan Hong Chang’s body was forcefully knocked back a few steps; a look of surprise was clearly shown on his face. The audience on the side including Nuo Yi Long, Nuo Yi Feng, and all the other Dragon Team members were shocked beyond expectations.

If one was to look closely at Fan Hong Chang’s arm, you would see his right hand was slightly shaking at this time. But the cause of this effect, only Lei Yu would understand it. His attacks contained the hidden power of lightning, and in addition to his skeletal bone structure containing trace metallic properties, being in contact will make his opponent’s hand feel numb, especially with the added force of impact.

“Little Yu, you are really strong, it seems that I really need to concentrate in order to fight you or else Dragon Team will see me as a joke.” Fan Hong Chang had a brief smile before frowning. Lei Yu’s performance has made him feel a little uneasy, this type of strong opponent other than Nuo Yi Long, he hasn’t encountered for a very long time.

The white internal energy on the surface of his body began to surge forth again, enveloping and concentrating on Fan Hong Chang’s eyes, then focusing his will onto his arms.

Those that practice martial arts, those that cultivate internal energy, and those that cultivate devilish energy were all very different. Those that focused on martial arts were strong and powerful by relying on their internal energy to stimulate their bodies, performing a powerful attack in order to kill their opponent. Practitioners of internal energy would rely on their internal energy’s circulation of their life essence, and then expel forth that power out of their body for long range attacks. Practitioners of devilish energy are a combination of both, although not considered a perfect union. Of course, the body of practitioners focused on martial arts were sturdier than those in Celestial Court by double or even triple, which is their clear advantage.

Inside the large main hall, there was complete silence; everyone’s eyes were firmly fixated on the two men dueling. One whose internal energy was surging around like a river, the other calm and steady anticipating any moves or changes. It appears the atmosphere of hall was filled with extreme tension. It’s possible that any moment now, an overwhelming flood of ferociously powerful attacks would appear.

Sure enough, the first to move was Fan Hong Chang. Both his legs were on the ground balancing on the balls of his feet, and then his body was like a hare, pouncing towards Lei Yu approaching him through the air. Surrounding his arms were white internal energy resembling two waterfalls that were spiraling straight towards Lei Yu’s location.

This time, Lei Yu had to pay full attention. He understood that Fan Hong Chang had not used his full power yet, but seeing the posture of attack in front of him, this magnificent onslaught attack showed Fan Hong Chang was no longer hiding his cards. Quickly circulating his internal energy, a thin line of energy absorbing within the meridians so that there was a hint of connection to his Sea of Energy, Lei Yu’s response to his opponent was the usual, by using the shortest amount of time in order to bring forth his strongest attack power.

Focusing his internal energy as one instead of spreading it throughout his body, Lei Yu’s right arm was similar to a completely loaded anti-aircraft cannon, ready at anytime to fire off an unimaginably powerful attack.

The figure of Fan Hong Chang was drawing closer, now it was just a short second between them, he had now entered Lei Yu’s attack range. He shifted his stance, not daring to drop his guard, Lei Yu focused on his concentration. Fan Hong Chang’s two white waterfall of internal energy passed by Lei Yu’s ear with a whistling sound, making it unbearable for him. Although the attack seemed to be slow, but this actually took place within a blink of an eye. Fan Hong Chang’s reaction speed was also really fast, once the attack reached empty air, his hand reversed. The attack that was frontal suddenly became a side sweep, directly aiming for the Lei Yu who had dodged sideways.

Lei Yu, who had already stored his power, had use a portion of his lightning power to evade. Adding his shifting footwork on the ground by borrowing the force of his waist, this combined effect allowed him to create another collision between them. Two palms versus a single fist, the two instantly stood their ground after the collision. Staring at each other warily, except without the enmity, Fan Hong Chang was just too shocked with Lei Yu’s strength. Is this person in front of him really in his early twenties?

With their fist and palms still connected in a struggle, Lei Yu was currently focusing his entire attention on Fan Hong Chang when his mind suddenly shook. He was feeling slightly faint, but soon regained his concentration. The yellow energy inside his brain, without being controlled, started flowing towards Lei Yu’s right arm. A powerful adhesion force caused Lei Yu and Fan Hong Chang to both shudder at the same time. Lei Yu’s arm would not stop trembling while Fan Hong Chang was not better off, he felt like his internal energy was rapidly leaking out, as if a strong suction power had decided to absorb the essence of his internal energy.

Clenching his teeth, Lei Yu used his strength to wrench his arm away, separating Fan Hong Chang from him. Both their faces exposed an inconceivable expression. Fan Hong Chang’s forehead was beaded in sweat, thinking that was way too dangerous. If Lei Yu continued his struggle between their fist and palms, he would definitely be not able to break free by relying on his own power.

Lei Yu currently felt that there was some kind of power within his body kindling, and that yellow energy after suddenly absorbing had now restored its calm. Inside his Sea of Energy, a portion of energy had been depleted due to the previous strike, but now seemed to have regained some of its lost internal energy. “Could it be…?!”

“Great!” Nuo Yi Long was the first to recover from the surprise, clapping his hands.

Then the audience burst into applause. It was as if all the Dragon Team members had just witnessed a battle of epic proportions. Although they did not personally participate in this battle, those that have crossed paths dueling with Lei Yu know that this mysterious guy is quite deadly. Especially when they go on an all out melee, every contact with him produced a sense of paralysis that was quite unbearable.

“Little Yu, you are very strong, this match, I…”

“We will call it a draw!” Lei Yu interrupted Fan Hong Chang from continuing his words. The latter looked at Lei Yu with gratitude, his expression revealing admiration and shock. Possessing such strength at this young age, plus a thoughtful and generous attitude, there’s no way he could not admire him.

Although the battle between the two only resulted in them clashing twice, yet Fan Hong Chang knew that the first time they made contact, he himself did not use his full power and neither did Lei Yu. The second time they clashed, even though their power were on a similar level, Lei Yu’s body later exhibited an absorption power making his internal energy leak out. There was no way he could continue fighting, but then again, this was Fan Hong Chang’s own thought process.

Lei Yu understood that Fan Hong Chang had exhausted all his internal energy dealing with his attack. If it wasn’t for the spiritual bead of immortality inside his head suddenly activating and absorbing Fan Hong Chang’s internal energy, the two would probably be able to battle it out for another few rounds.

Thus, one could see how fearsome the spiritual bead that everyone wanted to get their hands on was. And it even had this unimaginably frightening ability of absorption, perhaps the scope of this ability was not limited to just this.

“Little Yu, it seems we unnecessarily worried too much!” Nuo Yi Long and others walked towards the center of the stage area.

Nuo Yi Feng laughed, “that’s right, we didn’t expect little Yu to have already reached the strength of a Fourth Order Warrior. Hong Chang is already at the peak of the late-stage Fourth Order rank, we didn’t think the fight between you two would result in an undetermined winner or loser.

“It was Instructor Fan going easy on me, or how else would we draw?” Lei Yu scratched his head and laughed.

“Okay, it’s time to dismiss, we still have training tomorrow.” Nuo Yi Long turned around and said this to the ten plus Dragon Team elites.

“Yes commander!” People started to leave, and they left with both surprise and admiration in their eyes while looking at the most recently joined Dragon Team member. After this competition, it had stirred up the fighting spirit of these competitive elites, the spirit of wanting to become stronger.

“After seeing everyone leave, Fan Hong Chang asked “little Yu, what exactly is the current level of your strength?”

Hearing Fan Hong Chang ask this, the few that were left in the hall had some doubts. Nuo Yi Long asked, “isn’t it very clear? Little Yu should be at the Fourth Order rank right?”

“Nope, it shouldn’t be. I feel like I had just returned from taking a stroll through hell. If it wasn’t for Lei Yu promptly withdrawing his arm, I believe I would not have any strength left to be standing here.” Fan Hong Chang recalled the scary scene of being absorbed, a chill then ran down his spine.

“What?!” Nuo Yi Long, Nuo Yi Feng, Nuo Hu, and Ai Er all shouted out in shock.

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