Ch 38 – Liu Hao’s Advancement

“That’s right.” Fan Hong Chang then said: “Little Yu’s power had originally been fused with properties of lightning, causing a paralysis effect on people. I intentionally concentrated all my internal energy onto my arm in order to nullify the paralysis effect. It should have been enough to resist it, but an inexplicable force suddenly came from his body. And this force was extremely powerful, containing a strong siphoning action. My internal energy that was beyond my control was then absorbed. Little Yu must have realized such circumstances so he immediately broke off contact.”

“Little Yu, do you have any more shocking things you haven’t told us?” Nuo Yi Long’s eyes were filled with surprise, unable to hold in his joy before openly asking.

“Uncle Nuo, this I’m not too clear on, I… I want to go back and rest a bit.” Lei Yu did not know how to explain that this force was granted by the Spiritual Bead of Longevity. Which happens to be the objective item from his last mission, but now this thing ended up inside his body. So, there’s no way he can openly tell them all these things right? Even though Nuo Yi Long and them would not eye his prize, but if this information somehow got out, then other people will definitely see him as a prey for hunting.

“Nuo Hu, take little Yu back to rest, we will all disperse as well. I am now very confident with the match against Ming Sect!” Laughed Nuo Yi Long.

Ai Er and Nuo Hu took Lei Yu home together. In order to allow Lei Yu to have adequate rest, Nuo Hu did not do stay too long. Ai Er also only cuddled with Lei Yu for a bit before leaving in a hurry as well.

Returning to his bedroom, Lei Yu sat on his bed. He wasn’t cultivating but only monitoring the internal changes inside his body, therefore he did not have to take off his clothes.

“Why would the spiritual bead suddenly activate such an effect? How come this has never happened before?” Lei Yu was completely puzzled.

When looking at his body with his inner vision, Lei Yu then found out the previously absorbed white internal energy of Fan Hong Chang had disappeared without a trace. He had no clue when did it disappear.

“That’s strange, what’s going on? Didn’t I absorb some of it?”

After careful exploration, he still could not come to a conclusion. The energy he had absorbed silently disappeared without a trace. There was no hint on where to start looking making Lei Yu extremely depressed.

Taking off his clothes, he sat cross-legged on the floor. Lei Yu had always been strict with himself when it came to cultivating, never giving himself a break. Even since he attained the self-named “Lei Yu Divine Arts”, he had never ceased to seek newer heights. Each time he advanced a step, Lei Yu would have a fulfilled feeling.

Ever since he had reached the late stage of [Energy Suppression] which correlated to being a rank of a late-stage Fourth Order Warrior, his improvement speed had gradually slowed down. And there were even times when he felt that he did not make any progress at all, which made Lei Yu very distressed.

Circulating his internal energy, and within the Sea of Energy, his internal energy was floating around in silence. The energy there entirely relied on Lei Yu’s spirit to move it. Reaching the [Energy Suppression] stage allowed Lei Yu to better control his internal energy, and when cultivating, he was able to control the thickness of the flow of internal energy through the meridians in order to safeguard against any dangers. After more than a year, although the unknown green energy continued to follow his own internal energy acting as a bodyguard and escort, the frequency of repairs had decreased a lot; perhaps this was related to Lei Yu’s improvement.

Exactly because of this reason, it caused Lei Yu to have doubts. Did he really have to make his internal energy into a powerful torrent in order to fracture his meridians, so that the green energy could repair it in order for him to improve? No, the idea was quickly rejected by Lei Yu. Those that have reached the late-stage of the Fourth Order rank all have encountered this extremely difficult to break through bottleneck. And it is this thin barrier that hampered the growth of most people making them stay permanently on the Fourth Order rank, unable to break through. This was a threshold; one needed enough patience and insights in order to pass through.

Slowly breathing out a breath of turbid air, by the time he opened his eyes, the light of dawn could be seen in the sky. After stretching his body, he rushed to the bathroom to wash off all the impurities his body had expelled through the night.

“Master! I’ve succeeded!” Hearing this from the end of the line, Liu Hao’s voice was very excited.

“What did you succeed at? Speak more clearly!” Asked Lei Yu while blinking his eyes.

“Just wait, I’m coming over right now, oh yea, sister Ying Ying is with me, we are coming over together.”

“Hey! Wait! Hello? Hello? I think I’m going to faint!” Lei Yu shook his head helplessly. This Cui Ying Ying had already gradually drifted out of his life, but now she’s going to reappear again?

Sure enough, in less than half an hour, Liu Hao arrived to his house bringing Cui Ying Ying along. Because during this period, Lei Yu had to concentrate on cultivating his internal energy, wanting his utmost to break through the [Energy Suppression] stage, he did not go to Dragon Group headquarters that often. Of course this was only allowed through the consent of Nuo Yi Long.

It has already been over a year and a half, Lei Yu’s eye widen a bit after seeing Cui Ying Ying once again. Was this the girl that was usually dressed in sexy clothing, causing men to daydream everywhere she went, the same Cui Ying Ying?

At this time, Cui Ying Ying was only wearing jeans and a white t-shirt, completely different than the past where she would be in scantily clad clothing. Her black hair was tied up by a plain black rubber band in a ponytail style. With this getup, she was still a beauty to behold. No matter how much she changed her style, there was no way to hide her looks that could stun a man or her eyes that could steal a man’s soul away.

“Lei Yu, I haven’t seen you in a while” smiled Cui Ying Ying, vividly revealing her charming personality. With the clothes she was wearing, her smile completely expressed her natural beauty, completely dropping her past image of only wearing provocative fashion.

“Yea, it’s been a while, what have you been up to?” Asked Lei Yu.

“I transferred to another school abroad, taking classes in business management. My father wanted me to inherit the family business, so there was nothing I could do. This past year and a bit, I made an effort in changing myself. I haven’t participated in any nightlife activities, nor drank any alcohol. I clearly remembered the words you told me that night before you left. Since you did not like how I was back then, I did my best to change, becoming someone you would like” replied Cui Ying Ying with a smile.

Lei Yu could not help gasping, no way! How could there be such a persistent girl? But Cui Ying Ying’s way of speaking whatever was on her mind instead of playing psychological games was something a lot of men desired. Lei Yu’s heart could not help but throb a bit for her, regarding this girl; he did not know what else to say, so he was only able to give her his usual clueless smile hoping the subject would be put to rest.

“Oh yea!” Remembering something, Lei Yu turned and said “Liu Hao, you said you succeeded, what did it mean?”

“Master, I thought you only cared about reminiscing with sister Ying Ying, forgetting my existence already!“ Liu Hao’s finger rubbing his chin, exposing an evil grin.

“Are you telling me or not?” Lei Yu raised his hand pretending he was going to smack Liu Hao.

“I’ll say, I’ll say it! I’ve finally reached a breakthrough from the second stage onto the third stage; I am now officially a Third Order rank Warrior!” Liu Hao smiled triumphantly.

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