Ch 4 – Round yellow bead

Lei Yu used the spike to open up the wound larger. Closing his eyes (in disgust), he shoved his fingers inside the eye socket and retrieved an object that gave off some light.

This was a yellow bead that was constantly flashing a faint light. Lei Yu grabbed the blood covered bead along with the spike. He then slowly limped towards the river.

After cleaning it in the river, this round bead regained its original appearance. The crystal clarity of the bead gave off a feeling like it was a thousand year old precious amber. Lei Yu brought the bead to his nose and took a sniff, an aromatic scent could be detected. The absurd Lei Yu even brought the bead to his mouth and licked it with his tongue. The round bead with saliva on it became even more brilliant and elegant looking as it flickered in the light. This dazzling light forced Lei Yu to involuntarily close his eyes.

Suddenly, the round bead moved by itself and plunged into Lei Yu’s mouth. The bead became similar to melted liquid, easily going down Lei Yu’s throat and dispersing throughout his body.

Lei Yu immediately panicked, trying to spit the round bead out, but now it had become an impossible feat.

Afraid of any adverse effect, Lei Yu immediately sat down cross-legged. Monitoring the internal changes, he saw that once the round bead entered his mouth, it turned into a gas and went straight to his dantian where his purple energy resided. Both forces collided together for a short period of time, then calmed down. Lei Yu did not notice any feelings of discomfort, and did not feel anything else unusual. After a long period of observation, no conclusion could be made.

Opening his eyes, Lei Yu looked at the direction the river was flowing in. He himself floated down the river, therefore if he followed the opposite direction, he should be able to get back to the city. Making up his mind, he went to pick more of the fruits he had been eating for the past year. He then used his tattered clothing to wrap the fruits up. Ignoring his leg injury, he limped towards his destination.


Outside the Lei’s family main gate, a teen similar to Lei Yu’s age asked: “Where is Lei Yu? Is he home?”

Curling his lips in disdain, a man wearing a black suit replies: “Lei Yu? You mean that vile spawn? He’s dead.”

“Dead?!” The teen stared wide eyed in shock.  “How did this happen? And when did it happen?”

“Little master Nuo Hu, this I am not too clear on. Hearing from little master Lei Yun, it appears to be a suicide by jumping off a cliff. After answering the questions, the man wearing a black suit turned and walked back into the Lei family manor, ignoring the shocked teenager standing outside.

“Nuo Hu!”

Hearing someone call out his name in a familiar voice, he immediately turned around. After seeing a stranger, he was a bit disappointed. But this stranger seems to be dressed in an over the top manner.

Naked upper body, wearing material from nature to cover his lower body (T/N: think Tarzan). He had extremely long hair that one could not make out his face.

“You are…?” Nuo Hu asked, completely baffled.

“I’m Lei Yu!”

“Lei Yu! No way!” Nuo Hu took a few steps forward to look more carefully. This modern version of Tarzan swished his hair away to reveal his face.

“It really is you! Why do you look like this?” Nuo Hu asked after confirming it really was Lei Yu.

“We’ll talk once we leave this place.” Pulling Nuo Hu, they walked towards a car a short distance away. Seeing the Lei family household again, his eyes were filled with anger and resentment.

While sitting inside the car, Lei Yu told Nuo Hu what happened the past year, but concealing his miraculous attainment of the lightning cultivation method.

“They have crossed the line! Nuo Hu slapped the steering wheel in anger, “this won’t do, I will bring my father back here so he can settle this.”

“No need, the Lei family kicked me aside, but I can still survive and make something of myself. One day, I will make them regret the decision they’ve made.” After saying these words, one can see the hatred in Lei Yu’s eyes.

“What do you plan on doing now?” asked Nuo Hu.

“I don’t know, nothing planned right now.”

“How about this, Bao and I will arrange for you to enter the Dragon Group. In there, you can get a better workout of your martial arts. Since you have something to prove, you will need to continuously attain higher cultivation levels.”

Lei Yu was currently without a plan. Wanting to look for his mother’s whereabouts requires some clues first. The probability of finding a needle in the haystack was too little. Additionally, Lei Yu wanted to secretly contact Uncle Liu, after all, he had seen his mother back then. And Uncle Liu had always treated Lei Yu well since he was young, even treated him the same after his unfortunate results at the baptism. He was the only person in the Lei family that Lei Yu had a favorable impression of, even though he was not blood related.

Taking Lei Yu out to buy some new clothes and to get a haircut, a brand new Lei Yu appeared before Nuo Hu.

“Now you look decent!” Nuo Hu smiled while patting Lei Yu’s shoulders.

Pertaining to Lei Yu’s experience, Nuo Hu was heartbroken. Knowing Lei Yu had jumped off a cliff and his status unknown, this person who he grew up with, a friend that was more like a brother, had once again appeared in front of him.

Nuo Hu’s family was very prominent and had considerable status inside the country of Tenglong. His father was a member of “Martial Sect”, one of the major forces in the country. Once known as one of the ancient martial clans of the country, the Nuo family relied on their courage and strength to be in charge of one of Tenglong country’s most outstanding military army, known as Dragon Group.

After some arrangements, Lei Yu was placed into a solitary building apartment to live temporarily. Nuo Hu’s personal bodyguard Bao, was able to successfully assist Lei Yu in joining the big organization Dragon Group.

Martial Sect’s Dragon Group was similar to other military units, having extremely strict requirements. Each soldier could be considered the elite of the elite. One would not necessarily  call them experienced veterans, but through their training, they’ve achieved an iron-clad body and a strong will. There isn’t even a need to mention how loyal they were to their own groups.

Entering the Dragon Group was every martial artist’s dream. Because Lei Yu was easily able to get in due to Nuo Hu, this caused many people to look at him through eyes of disdain.

Soldiers entering Dragon Group were hand-picked from the best after going through layers of screening.  And Dragon Group was divided into three teams. They were currently in the Wild Wolf’s team area. This team numbered only a few, about 2000 people. Even so, a normal team member could effortlessly deal with 3 – 4 ordinary people. So basically their team could deal with 5 – 6 thousand people without any problems.

These newly joined soldiers would go through rigorous training and testing. After attaining a certain level of proficiency, one could then enter the higher level Lion team. Basically, out of 20 members from the Wild Wolf team, only 1 would attain this proficiency and enter Lion team, therefore there’s only a hundred or so members. These members were different from the ordinary tough soldiers, each person had extraordinary abilities.

The most mysterious was Dragon Group’s Dragon team. Not only were they Dragon Group’s trump card, they were the soul of the entire group. Although there were only a mere 18 people in the team, they maintained a really strong existence here. These powerful soldiers were able to train in the cultivation methods of the ancient martial art clans, embarking on the road to the next level with internal energy. Each person were absolutely loyal to the Dragon Group. Just the Dragon Group alone had such a powerful force, one can wonder how much power the entire Martial Sect held in its hand.

Lei Yu entering the Dragon Group naturally had to go through a series of tests. Even with his connection to Nuo Hu, a random position could not be casually given.

Dragon Group’s testing were demanding and strict, there’s no back door to get in. Nuo Hu could forcibly put Lei Yu in the group, but whether Lei Yu could settle in peacefully would be up to his own ability.

This test given happens to be completely customized for Lei Yu because it wasn’t the normal scheduled time for the Dragon Group to recruit new people.

Presiding over the testing was Dragon Group’s famous #3 ranked, Fan Hong Chang. Dragon Group had 3 big mountains backing it up (3 pillars of strength). The first mountain was Nuo Hu’s father, Nuo Yi Long. His strength had reached a scary Fifth Order Warrior. Following close behind Nuo Yi Long was his twin sister, Nuo Yi Feng. This pair of Long and Feng (dragon and phoenix) can be described as tough to unimaginable proportions.

As for the third mountain named Fan Hong Chang, he is a descendant from the ancient martial arts clan. He has reached the Fourth Order Warrior stage, he just needed a breakthrough and will be able to attain a higher rank.

Lei Yu entering Dragon Group through a special relationship would of course cause many people to see him in a bad light. Not only were ordinary soldiers looking at him with disdain, Fan Hong Chang was also looking at Lei Yu with disdain.

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