Ch 40 – The Four Major Forces

The stadium was not as lively as one would think. Those that were attending apart from the two main contestants were the pivotal members of the four major forces of Tenglong country. If anyone of those four major forces were to merely stomp their feet, half the country of Tenglong would feel the tremors from their might.

The four major forces were all seated at the four corners of the stage; this was to avoid any unnecessary verbal disputes that may arise.

“Master, looks like Ming Sect really values this duel.” The Lei family’s elder said this while stroking his beard.

“That’s right, I’m just not sure if little Yu can win this duel. One need to know that his opponent is a leader of the main hall, his strength would at least be on the rank of a Fourth Order. No matter how talented little Yu is, it’s impossible for him to achieve the rank of the Fourth Order at his age” said Lei Yun Tian with concern.

“Master, in case of a last resort, should we make a move? Maybe when little Yu is in a pinch, that will help change his mind.”

“We’ll see what happens when the times comes.” Lei Yun Tian looked all around at the rest of the major forces entering the stadium. Amongst them included the representative of Celestial Court who was known as Elder Qing Feng, and followed behind him was his ten plus Celestial Court disciples.

At another entrance, Martial Sect’s Shangguan Xi Hong and several members of the ancient martial families were seen; this also included Nuo Yi Long and the rest. Ai Er and Nuo Hu were following behind the crowd of Martial Sect members, yet their eyes were scanning the crowd looking for Lei Yu’s whereabouts. Ever since their last meeting about a month and a bit ago, they have not even caught a glimpse of Lei Yu’s shadow all this time. Even finding no one at home when they went to his house, this made these two people closest to him very anxious. And this Xiao Fei also followed behind the crowd, his eyes never leaving the sight of Ai Er.

Near the easternmost entrance, a group of people with dark auras all dressed in black entered. Looking at them, the number of people should be in the one hundred plus range. All of these people respectfully followed behind a middle-aged man that did not look too strong, maybe even a bit frail looking. From the middle-aged man’s deep set of eyes, one could judge that he was not of simple status. The look on his eyes gave people the feeling of an aura of death, as if everything he saw were just corpses in his eyes. Following behind this middle-aged man was one of the main stars of today’s match, Cai Zhong. This entire month and a bit, Cai Zhong was concentrating on bonding with Blood Edge. Although he hasn’t grasped too much of the true essence of Blood Edge, but he at least was able to freely call it forth or store it away, and his strength had reached the late-stage of the Fourth Devilish Realm.

“The strength of Cai Zhong is definitely not weak; I predict little Yu is unlikely to win this duel.” Lei Yun Tian softly said.

Within the area where Ming Sect’s forces were gathered.

“Cai Zhong, what do you think of your chances in winning this match?” Asked the thin and frail middle-aged man calmly sitting in the pavilion.

“Responding to the Sect Leader, 120% chance for sure!” Replied Cai Zhong confidently.

“Good, very good.”

Currently at the stadium, those that needed to arrive had already arrived. According to the time on the invitation, it was only half an hour before the match begins, but there was still one person that had not arrived on scene, Lei Yu.

Every second and minute past by, Lei Yu’s figure was still nowhere to be seen. Cai Zhong was already impatient, walking to the middle of the stage quietly waiting.

“What is going on with little Yu? How come he still isn’t here?” Nuo Hu anxiously said this and kept looking all over for him.

“Yeah, brother Yu is usually the most punctual, how come he still hasn’t arrived yet?” Whispered Ai Er on the side.

Xiao Fei walked near those two, “I think he’s probably afraid and doesn’t dare to come to this fight?”

“Shut up! Brother Yu would never be afraid! He will definitely come.” Rebutted Ai Er with her pouted cheeks, and angrily staring at the annoying Xiao Fei.

“Really? So why hasn’t he shown up yet? Is that still not considered afraid? If he was scared, he should’ve told us earlier so that the rest of us wouldn’t have to waste our time waiting here.”

“Enough! You guys keep quiet!” Shangguan Xi Hong’s hearing was exceptionally sharp so he natural heard them talking.

They immediately shut their mouths, quietly waiting.

But as time progressed, the people’s hearts were all over the place, why has Lei Yu still not shown up on scene? The time and place of this match had already been notified in detail to him, and it was determined that Lei Yu knew about it, yet why is there still no signs of him?

Probably the most anxious person was undoubtedly Shangguan Xi Hong. Hearing about Lei Yu and Cai Zhong agreeing to fight had already made him very angry. If it were one of his Shangguan family members accepting the challenge, he could accept because he puts the most trust in his own family members. But since it was someone that the Lei family had abandoned as useless trash becoming the person to accept the challenge, it was hard to not feel depressed about. But things had already happened, so even if he was filled with worry, he could only patiently wait.

The few dozens of Martial Sect members, Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng were also frowning. Everyone was anxiously looking back and forth and all around, but did not see the person they wanted to see emerge. Some of the Dragon Team members that had a good relationship with Lei Yu were also quite anxious. Others did not believe Lei Yu could beat Cai Zhong but they did. In order to fight the instructor of Dragon Team to a standstill without a winner or loser was already an unimaginable thing to them. Perhaps there was something hindering Lei Yu so that he could not arrive at the stadium.

“Master, do you think little Yu was actually afraid, that’s why he still hasn’t arrived?” The time before the duel was only a mere ten minutes away, the Lei family’s elder also felt some anxiety.

“I don’t think so, since he was a child, little Yu was quite stubborn, if he promised something, then he will certainly fulfill it. Maybe there’s something delaying him, let’s continue waiting patiently” said Lei Yun Tian pretending to be calm.

Cai Zhong was standing in the center of the stadium with his hands behind his back, his eyes were slightly closed. He believes Lei Yu would not go back on his words today, moreover, riding on the lines of this match weren’t just exchanging of pointers but the reputation of Ming Sect and Martial Sect. If Lei Yu did not come, it would be certain that Martial Sect would be discredited and their face wiped all over the floor, and they will definitely not forgive him. Therefore Cai Zhong was not worried, worrying was useless, and the only thing to do was to wait patiently.

“It seems that today, we are unable to see a good dogfight show. The representative of Martial Sect was actually a coward, too afraid to fight” sneered Celestial Court’s Elder Qing Feng as he observed the anxiety and anger from the spectators.

Although Celestial Court brought the least amount of people, yet every member of Celestial Court here had extraordinary strength. If one was to show off strength with numbers, then Martial Sect was #1, the soldiers they had weren’t just the two Dragon Group and Eagle Group. But if one wanted to count the number of truly strong people, Celestial Court was undoubtedly the most powerful. Not only was Elder Qing Feng whom had already reached the realm of a Sixth Grade Celestial, the Court Leader of Celestial Court was at the late-stage of being a Sixth Grade Celestial. Between the four major forces, only Celestial Court had two super-strong people in the Sixth rank of martial cultivation. This also happens to make up for the small number of Celestial Court members.

At this point, the time for the match had come, but Lei Yu had still not appeared. The thin middle-aged man shouted out in a voice that everyone in the stadium could hear towards where Shangguan Xi Hong was located: “Does Martial Sect not have the guts to duel with us Ming Sect? Simply a turtle-like coward!”

“Shut up!” Shangguan Xi Hong’s anger was at its limit. With the presence of all four major forces here and this guy wasn’t giving Martial Sect any face. One should know, between the four major forces, face was the most important thing they valued. “If this kid dares to not show up for this fight, I will cut him up into 10,000 pieces!”

“You dare?” Lei Yun Tian’s words suddenly shocked the entire audience. The Lei family’s strength was the most mysterious. Every member of the Lei family cultivated extremely special methods, and very few were shown the public, but Lei Yun Tian’s strength was known to the people of the Fifth rank and up.

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