Ch 41 – Representing Martial Sect

“Brother Lei, this issue is between Martial Sect and Ming Sect, it’s best that you don’t interfere” said Shangguan Xi Hong as he looked towards the distant Lei Yun Tian.

As these super-strong people of Tenglong country conversed, simply no one would dare to interrupt. Additionally, this dialogue they were having was ear deafening so it was impossible for someone to do this if they did not have a strong internal energy, how great was the surface area of the stadium? Only they and a few would have such strength.

“Brother Shangguan, you seem to have forgotten that Lei Yu is part of our Lei family household, have you forgotten this point?” Asked Lei Yun Tian in a cold tone.

Once his words came out, the entire audience suddenly exploded. The previous quietness was broken by Lei Yun Tian, suddenly everyone started discussing, but it became quiet soon afterwards.

“Brother Lei, if I remember correctly, a few years ago, it was you that kicked Lei Yu out of the family, how is it now that you are saying he is a member of the Lei family? Such a joke” stated Shangguan Xi Hong in a cold tone as well.

“Today is a match between Martial Sect and Ming Sect, have you guys made up your mind whether Lei Yu is representing the Lei family or Martial Sect? Our Ming Sect does not mind either, but at least give us a clear accountability?” Asked the leader of the Ming Sect.

Indeed, regardless of which major force they were going against did not matter one bit, the goal of this match was to show off their strength. The four major forces had always been at equilibrium in the country, it had never been broken. At least after today, this balance will no longer exist.

Lei Yun Tian gritted his teeth, “he is representing our Lei family household!”

Once Lei Yun Tian said this, the Lei family members behind him all began to rile up. That day, Lei Yu was indeed identified as useless trash and kicked out of the house, but why would today, the master of the family would suddenly say the trash was part of their Lei family? Especially the elder’s grandson Lei Yun, within the Lei family he had always been the most outstanding and prominent person. Apart from the master of the family’s eldest son Lei Long, he would have the highest prestige within his generation of members.

But of course they did not know of the changes Lei Yu underwent, which meant they were clueless on how Lei Yu was now the once in a millennium genius of the Lei family.

“No! I am representing Martial Sect!” Suddenly an extremely strong voice came from the direction of an entrance. The voice actually contained a strong magnetic power, which was a unique property in the power of lightning.

Everyone in the stadium turned their attention to the figure that had just entered. His upper body was bare, his lower body wearing a pair of long black pants, exposing his exquisitely toned muscles that did not give off a sense of explosive power. The perfect lines of his muscles showed off the power it contained, his deep set of profound eyes showed his unfathomable thoughts, causing people to be uncertain at all times. If one was to mention the most special place, it would undoubtedly be the lightning brand on his right arm. That’s right; the appearance of this person is the other star of this match, Lei Yu!

The words Lei Yu said while entering the stadium made Lei Yun Tian’s heart falter a bit, but he did not say anything further, only turning around and sitting back down. The rest of the Lei family members then stared at Lei Yu with hatred in their eyes, this Lei Yu dared to not give any face to the master of the family?

“You’re late!” Cai Zhong opened his eyes wide and slightly smiled.

“No, I’m not late. From the time we agreed back then, we’re still early. The time we agreed on was eight o’clock in the evening, did you forget this?” Lei Yu went to the middle of the field, standing to the side of Cai Zhong.

“Did you not receive our Ming Sect’s notification of the time? Why are you late? Are you actually looking down on our Ming Sect?” Asked the Ming Sect’s leader at the newly arrived person.

“You are the leader of Ming Sect right?” Lei Yu asked politely. Lei Yu gently bowed to show his respect, after all, his identity at this time was not enough to go against this super-strong individual so he naturally had to demonstrate humility with his attitude. Of course, this humble attitude allowed the Ming Sect’s leader to be slightly less disgruntled.

“But you should not forget, three years ago on this day, Cai Zhong and I made an agreement of the date as individuals. Today Ming Sect changed the place; I only changed the time a little bit, is that not okay?”

Once he said these words, Ming Sect’s leader once again got angry, “this is what our Ming Sect had decided, so that means you disagree with it?”

“But you shouldn’t forget that I am representing Martial Sect here in this fight. This duel originally was just between Cai Zhong and me, but since you intervened in this duel and changed it into a duel amongst the major forces, am I in the wrong by wanting to be better prepared for this event?” Lei Yu said in reasonable manner.


“Well spoken, this kid gave us Martial Sect back some face.” Although Shangguan Xi Hong did not say this very loud, but one could hear joy from the tone of his voice. The first reason being the appearance of Lei Yu, the second being Lei Yu’s words won back the face of Martial Sect to allow them to stand back up on this stadium.

The Martial Sect members on the side all nodded in a pleased atmosphere, it seems that Lei Yu’s preparations have been very adequate.

Ai Er pursed her lips and coldly looked at Xiao Fei, “didn’t you say he would not dare to come? Humph, brother Yu is stronger than you; would you dare to go up for this duel?”

Once Ai Er said this to him, Xiao Fei suddenly became angry, but he directed the source of his anger onto Lei Yu standing at the center of the field. Forcefully clenching his fists, he silently promised in his heart that he will one day surpass this love rival.

Amongst all the audience, those that were optimistic about Lei Yu’s performance were only Nuo Yi Long and the dozen or so others. He personally witnessed the fight against Fan Hong Chang while the rest did not know, therefore it was natural to see Lei Yu as the weaker contender.

The Ming Sect’s leader slightly furrowed his brows, thinking: strange, I cannot tell what strength this kid possesses? Is he more powerful than my cultivation? Impossible! He’s just a nobody stinking brat, but why I can’t I see through his strength?

“Enough spouting nonsense, are you guys going to fight or not?” Urged the Elder Qing Feng from the corner of Celestial Court whom had kept silent throughout.

“Come on, let me experience how much you’ve grown in these three years!” Said Cai Zhong as he retreated a few steps back.

Lei Yu faintly smiled, “I too have been looking forward to this.”

No one knew where Lei Yu went or did this past month, but he was very clear, after just over a month’s time, he had already pushed his strength from the late-stage of [Energy Suppression] to the peak condition. So for this match, Lei Yu was filled with complete confidence.

They both instantly stood still in place. The atmosphere of the entire stadium was filled with tension, everyone held their breath waiting, waiting for the exciting duel to open the curtains and begin.

They two seemed like that weren’t stirring, but they were actually continuously circulating their own internal energy. Lei Yu spent a long time thinking and theorizing on how to combine the strengths of [Energy Suppression] stage into his melee expertise, to create a more perfect fusion of his strengths together.

The internal energy appeared to be standing still was actually absorbing and circulating to every part of his body. Compared to before, it was like heaven and earth. Whether it was his arms or legs, the internal energy stayed still there as if it was dead. As long as something happens, Lei Yu would rely on his spiritual strength to skillfully control this internal energy to instantly explode forth, sending out an extremely strong attack.

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