Ch 42 – Black Smoke

On the other side, the body of Cai Zhong began to emit a faint black smoke, as if his body was slowly burning. They both did not make any moves first since after three years, they did not know each other’s strength and to what degree they had each achieved. If they hastily made a move, they might suffer for it. So, they just observed each other waiting for an opportunity.

The audience present naturally understood this logic, therefore no one opened their mouths to press the fight on, they just sat quietly watching the two.

They’ve already confronted each other for over two minutes. A faint breeze blew by and the grass on the ground slightly quivered. Cai Zhong took this opportunity to make a move while Lei Yu as always, stood his ground. By using his own principles of fighting, he chose not to act in order to counter his opponent’s move.

Cai Zhong’s figure was very quick, each step he took on the ground, a gust of wind would pick up. Borrowing the wind’s gust to his advantage, it seemed to speed Cai Zhong up more quickly causing a blur of his afterimage being seen.

Lei Yu did not dare to underestimate this opponent of his that he fought to a draw three years ago. His internal energy started condensing while he deliberately abided his time. The moment the figure of Cai Zhong got close, they both struck out at the same time, every fist containing an explosive power. Lei Yu dodged around, punching whenever he saw an opportunity, but was cleverly blocked by Cai Zhong. Lei Yu had to recognize his opponent’s ruthless attacks, each strike his opponent threw had implicit penetration ability. And this penetration ability had an aura of death contained in it, as if attacking Lei Yu’s soul, making him unable to quell his trembling heart.

Cai Zhong was not better off, every time he dodged or attacked, he was deliberately avoiding Lei Yu’s fist. The feeling of paralysis made it somewhat difficult for him to control his own strength and accuracy. The two were currently fighting evenly, not knowing who had the advantage or disadvantage.

“Unbelievable! I’ve never expected little Yu could have reached such strength already!” Lei Yun Tian’s eyes revealed a look of surprise. Included were the clan members behind him, each with their mouths agape. With an opponent like this amongst the younger generation, it would be undoubtedly the most powerful they’ve ever seen. Some of them even began to regret how they had treated Lei Yu in the past. But the fight had just begun, everything was still an unknown.

Each time either of them attacked, their accuracy would be pinpoint. They also did not use their full strength because if they missed, then they would just be waiting for failure to arrive. From what we can see, they were still testing each other.

Their feet were shifting around non-stop, from east to west, from south to north, a rapid “pak pak” sound spread throughout the stadium. From this we can tell how fast their hand strikes were.

Cai Zhong cleverly shifted his hand from the bottom, bypassing Lei Yu’s blocking arm in a flash, aiming directly for Lei Yu’s chin from underneath. The palm speed with fingers of sharp nails caused a sharp whistling sound. Lei Yu’s reaction was considered quite fast, his body leaned back slightly so Cai Zhong clawed nothing but air. Their two bodies backed up a step before charging at each other once again, the collision of momentum instantly started up again.

As Cai Zhong drew close to Lei Yu again, he wanted to rely on his own forces of darkness to penetrate through and hit the chest area, but his flaw was revealed. Cai Zhong’s abdomen area was unguarded which was perceived by Lei Yu. One hand rose to block a series of violent attacks, his right leg was raised up without detection, his knee turned to the side, and then a side-kick directly struck Cai Zhong in the abdominal area. With no time to block, an extremely strong impact combined with waves of paralysis suddenly blew his body outwards.

Cai Zhong tried to stabilize his body but a wave of pain accompanied by sporadic paralysis made his body unstable, a mouthful of blood burst forth. And at this time, Cai Zhong’s gaze at Lei Yu became more vicious.

The audiences in the stadium were all up in a commotion, especially from the Lei family’s area. Wasn’t this the person that was originally considered useless trash? From the present situation, Cai Zhong’s strength was definitely at the late-stage of the Fourth Order rank, while Lei Yu’s strength was still undetermined. Being able to rival his strength and even hurt him meant that this Lei Yu’s strength was definitely not weak.

“I never thought little Yu would be able to reach the strength of a Fourth Order rank at his age!” Lei Yun Tian cried out in excitement while jumping out of his seat in shock.

After slightly gasping for air, Lei Yu slowly restored his calm. Cai Zhong wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and said: “You’ve improved a lot, looks like I have to become more serious in order to deal with you!”

Lei Yu did not do answer. Once Cai Zhong ended his words, a thick black smoke started to surround his body, his entire body was slowly wrapped up in this black smoke. Lei Yu stayed still while cautiously observing this black smoke.

Within the black smoke, Cai Zhong condensed his devilish power, his eyes suddenly turned blood-red, and a small black knife inexplicably appeared in his hand. But this entire scene was not seen by Lei Yu due to the thick black smoke, but those up in the spectator seats such as the Ming Sect’s leader and Zhao Han clearly saw it, Cai Zhong was completely filled with rage.

Suddenly, Cai Zhong’s figure with the black smoke disappeared, and the next instant appeared behind Lei Yu. All this is happened in a blink of an eye, no one knew exactly how he accomplished it.

No matter how fast Lei Yu’s reaction speed was, he could not foresee this situation happening. A sudden breath of chilled yin energy was felt on his back. Lei Yu wanted to turn around but it was too late, a cold light flashed by from top to bottom.


“Brother Yu!”

“Little Yu!”

The audience spectating suddenly bustled in a commotion; Nuo Yi Long and the rest, including Lei Yun Tian were anxiously looking at Lei Yu.

Cai Zhong’s attack would not be that simple, after slashing with his knife he raised his hand, and then threw a palm strike at Lei Yu’s back. “Agh!” Lei Yu cried out in pain once, his body was blown away a short distance, tumbling onto the grassy field.

First it was the deep wound on his back, followed by a palm strike with penetrating power; Lei Yu suddenly felt that he was unable to continue controlling his own power. The wound on the right side of his shoulder blade emitted a terrible pain. Lei Yu then coughed out a mouthful of blood, his body constantly shaking.

The short knife stained with blood within Cai Zhong’s hand appeared to be in a frenzy, its surface showed a touch of red light followed by the disappearance of the layer of blood belonging to Lei Yu.

“Little Yu!” Nuo Hu forcefully clenched his fist, the situation in front him showed that Lei Yu had been seriously injured. If allowed to continue, then he would most likely lose his life, he did not expect Cai Zhong to be this sinister and vicious.

But this was an impossible situation since before the duel; no one said that weapons weren’t allowed. Besides, the participants in this match knew that life or death had been decreed by fate; this match was no different from a life or death match.

The anxious look on Ai Er’s face was obscured by her hand; she did not dare to continue looking. As to the Xiao Fei on the side, his mouth gently turned upwards in a smile, his eyes filled with satisfaction as if he vented out his frustration.

Large drops of perspiration covered Lei Yu’s forehead; it was getting harder and harder for him to breath. Lei Yu clenched his teeth, keeping a close eye on the Cai Zhong in front of him. Was this the same rival as before? Why had he become so vicious? The previous time they fought could be considered quite vicious, but they were now somehow putting their lives on the line. And within Cai Zhong’s blood-red eyes, Lei Yu could not see any signs of humanity, there was only a frightening thirst for blood.

“Accept your death!” Cai Zhong stuck out his tongue and licked the blood on the corner of his mouth. He got closer to Lei Yu one step at a time, Blood Edge in his hand exuding a flash of chilled light. This aura of death approached Lei Yu one step at a time.

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