Ch 43 – Hanging By A Thread

“Since you are no longer the Cai Zhong I know, then I, Lei Yu will have to kill!” At the edge of death, Lei Yu naturally could not care about anything else; saving himself was the most important thing.

During the previous clashes, he did not consume too much internal energy, only some faint amount of output. Although he was seriously injured, Lei Yu was still able to dish out some fatal attacks.

Lei Yu and Cai Zhong were considered evenly matched so an explosive powerful attack should seriously injure Cai Zhong as well. Thinking up to this point, while Lei Yu was under an extreme crisis, he focused all his internal energy into his right arm causing the lightning brand on his right arm to faintly shimmer.

Naturally, most people were unable to see what Lei Yu was doing, including Cai Zhong, there’s no way he could detect it. Most of the spectators in the stadium were frantic for Lei Yu whose life was hanging by a thread. Even though Lei Yun Tian wanted to make a move to rescue him, it was impossible. Ming Sect’s leader was worried of such a situation happening, so from beginning to end, his stares did not leave either Shangguan Xi Hong or Lei Yun Tian.

As Cai Zhong neared, his aura of death became richer and thicker. Lei Yu could not help moving his body backwards. Maybe it was because of this that made Cai Zhong feel that his opponent was in a fragile state, so it further aroused the bloodthirstiness in his mind.

As his foot hit the ground, he explosively dashed forward. Cai Zhong was attempting to finish Lei Yu off with this last move because he had already lost control of his true nature.

“Fu fu” sound of the wind made the audience hold their breath. This blow could be the one that takes Lei Yu’s life away. Ai Er immediately fainted and Xiao Fei wanted to support her, but was immediately pushed away by Nuo Hu so that Ai Er fell into the arms of her brother.

Once Cai Zhong was extremely close to Lei Yu, Lei Yu clenched his teeth and was prepared to throw out a punch, a punch that contained his entire strength. Lei Yu did not think Cai Zhong was capable of such a move back then, able to instantly disappear within the black smoke and appear behind him, or else he would not have suffered such a serious injury. The situation before him was at a critical juncture, suddenly, the yellow energy inside Lei Yu’s brain fluctuated, pulling back Lei Yu’s desire to fight to the death, recovering his sense of being cool and logical.

Cai Zhong’s black devilish internal energy surfaced again, the small knife in his hand started rotating like a drill in a high speed, he then suddenly advanced forward followed by continuous attacks.



Two vibration sounds were heard.

Lei Yu still hadn’t made a move yet since he was still waiting for the best opportunity. Failure was not an option during the most crucial moment.

Cai Zhong could not help having a cold sneer appear on his face, his next move was to use Blood Edge’s aura of death to directly kill Lei Yu. But if he was able to so easily get rid of Lei Yu, then this fight would be too simple. But the Cai Zhong who had lost his true nature would not mind it being so simple. Cai Zhong’s mind invoked a thought; Blood Edge then disappeared from his left-hand and appeared in his right-hand. Like lightning, Cai Zhong stabbed Blood Edge directly where Lei Yu’s heart was, its speed achieving extreme speeds. “CLANG ~~~” sound of metals colliding was heard. Cai Zhong only felt his arm go numb and then he was blown backwards. Lei Yu clenched his teeth, fighting off the pain on his back; he then slammed the ground and spun his whole body back to a standing position. He wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth while coldly staring at Cai Zhong. Looking closely, under unknown circumstances, Lei Yu appeared to be holding a white knife object in his hand, seemingly very sharp. In reality it was actually a spike, that’s right; this was the spike that he removed from the eye socket of the Ink Beast he defeated. The clash they had just now seemed slow, but it was actually as fast as lightning. From the start to finish, those slightly weaker cultivators in the audience would have only seen a brief flash, and the sudden collision was already over.

The strength that Lei Yu had stored did not explode forth because he suddenly remembered his special weapon. Compared to Blood Edge, the spike was probably a grade or more inferior, but when faced with such a critical moment and unable to throw out the punch, Lei Yu could only take out the spike to withstand the attack. At this time, the spike in his hand showed a series of cracks, Blood Edge’s reputation was indeed justified.

The spectators in the stadium all had their mouths agape, wasn’t Lei Yu supposed to be seriously injured? Why was he still able to resist? The rest of the people could not understand this except for Lei Yu. Although the wounds on his back looked terrible, it was still just a flesh wound. His skeletal bone structure has metallic properties in them, so naturally his bones were not damaged. And through all his training efforts, his skin and muscles have built up some resistance. Since Cai Zhong’s previous attack came too suddenly which led him to receive a serious injury, Lei Yu who was originally distraught with his mind in chaos was stabilized by the yellow energy inside his brain, thus allowing him to react with the collision of weapons.

“Hmph, Cai Zhong, you’ve really surprised me, but… you are too cunning and vicious. Just then you caught me by surprise so I was not fully prepared, but if this is all the strength you have, then it’s still a bit too weak” sneered Lei Yu.

After he said those words, the audience started boiling up. This Lei Yu was clearly seriously injured, why would he still dare to say such a thing? Could it be that everything that had just happened was just Lei Yu testing his opponent? Was he using his injury as an ante for the test?

But inside Lei Yu’s heart, a sensation of fear was left behind. This Cai Zhong in front of him had already lost his senses, and for a brief instance, his heart was able to feel the sense of death emanating from him. And after those two simultaneous attacks, if his disposition was not strong enough to resist, maybe now he would already be a corpse. Appearing as if he ignored Lei Yu’s statement, the black internal energy coming from Cai Zhong’s body became more obvious, his entire body was completely shrouded in black which made Lei Yu surprised once again. “Ha ha ha…” a glint of carnage briefly flashed in Cai Zhong’s eyes.” Lei Yu, if you thought my powers were only at this level, then you are wrong, get ready for your funeral!”

Once again rushing forward, it appears that this time, the black internal energy on the surface enshrouding Cai Zhong had become a protective barrier capable of protecting against attacks. In addition, borrowing the trace connection between him and Blood Edge, this stab he was about to perform would easily make the living become the dead.

“Little Yu, watch out!” Cried out Nuo Yi Feng in her heart while she was wringing her hands. Nuo Yi Long on the side also showed expressions of worry all over his face.

This battle represented Martial Sect’s strength and reputation, so either winning or losing was no mere trivial matter. So Shangguan Xi Hong and some of the elders from the ancient martial clans were extremely nervous of the outcome.

Previously when Lei Yu suffered a serious injury, they thought that everything was over. They never expected a sudden turning point would appear; now everything would depend on this seemingly final clash.

Both of Cai Zhong’s hands grasped onto Blood Edge. Blood Edge was currently similar to a black snake giving off a “hissing” sound that seem to penetrate Lei Yu’s ear. An opportunity?!

Lei Yu could see an unprotected area of Cai Zhong. Cai Zhong was aiming for his chest and his head area was completely exposed. Lei Yu single handedly held onto the spike to block Blood Edge’s attack, his right arm that had been long charged with his internal energy was getting ready, the moment Cai Zhong arrived in front of him…



“Agh!” They both cried out at the same time. Only Blood Edge’s handle was seen sticking out of Lei Yu’s chest while the rest of the blade was stabbed inside.

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