Ch 44 – Appearance Of Variables

Cai Zhong’s body flew back in an inverted position, landing on the grass motionless about ten meters away from Lei Yu. At this time, Lei Yu’s body was constantly wobbling side to side, his eyebrows were in a frown and his face filled with pain.

“Master, is this the time we make our move?” Asked the Lei family’s elder in a whisper.

Lei Yun Tian nodded, Lei Yu’s current injuries had become more serious, his chest and his back had suffered a fatal wound, if it weren’t treated immediately, they may not be able to save his life. Lei Yun Tian was about to make a move when a voice that reverberated through the sky came from the Ming Sect area.

“No one is allowed to intervene!” Staring intently, the speaker was clearly Ming Sect’s leader. “Since they are both seriously injured, then we will see who is unable to continue fighting. Anyone that intervenes would mean this fight has become unfair!”

Sure enough, once that statement was made, the people that originally wanted to rush out such as Nuo Yi Long and Lei Yun Tian all hesitated.

The entire audiences were holding their breath, waiting for any changes coming from the two in the center of the field. Lei Yu finally could not keep standing and fell down.

“Little Yu!” Nuo Hu could not tolerate anymore, laying Ai Er against Nuo Yi Feng before readying to rush out.

“Stop right there!” Shangguan Xi Hong coldly eyed Nuo Hu, “what do you think you’re doing?”

“Little Yu has been seriously injured, there’s no way he can stand up anymore! I have to go save him!” Replied Nuo Hu anxiously.

“Nonsense! Is this something you can intervene in? You better stay here and keep quiet; you do not have permission to go!”


“No buts. Commander Nuo, keep an eye on your son, or don’t blame me for being ruthless towards him!” Indeed, what Shangguan Xi Hong wanted was the word “fair.” He wanted to see what situation would evolve between those two at the center of the field. Lei Yu was only considered to have joined Dragon Group halfway. Although he may be considered a member of Martial Sect, but ultimately his roots were from the Lei family. So in the eyes of Shangguan Xi Hong, Lei Yu was not even worth a dime, he was nothing more than a pawn in this chess game.

Lei Yu’s existence for the master of the Lei family’s eldest son Lei Long was a great threat, but fortunately he was not present. But there were two people present who hated this useless trash that was kicked out of the family. They did not expect Lei Yu to change from trash to a treasure, becoming someone the master of the family valued.

One of them was Lei Tian. On that day of the exchanging pointers match, he suffered terribly. To this day, he still could not forget the pain he suffered, it could be said that deep in his heart, his hatred for Lei Yu was a bit more than the envy he had. The other person is exactly whom you are thinking of, that is Lei Yun. The day Lei Yu, who had been kicked out and was forced by him to the cliff’s edge, the master of the family and his grandfather the family elder scathingly denounced him for his actions. With his deep hatred and now jealousy as well, seeing how it was unknown if Lei Yu was dead or alive, them two in addition to Xiao Fei could be considered the most happy people out of the entire audience.

Time slowly passed by, the audience were worried for the two people lying down on the field. How are their current conditions? One minute, two minutes, three minutes… it’s already been ten minutes now, yet the two people still had not regained their consciousness. The Ming Sect’s leader began to lose patience, “I think this duel is going to become a tie…”

“Wait a moment!” A wailing cry of resentment suddenly came from the center of the field; everyone was searching for the direction of where the sound was coming from.

“It’s Cai Zhong!”

“That’s right! Everyone look, he’s standing up!”

In an uproar, the entire audience went into a commotion. The sound of intense debates became more intense; they way they were speaking made it seem that they had forgotten that the leaders of each of the four major forces were still present.

“Little Yu, he…” Nuo Hu tightened his fists; his eyes were already a bit watery. Looking at Lei Yu lying on the grass still with a knife stuck in his chest, making Nuo Hu feel like his heart was being stabbed with needles, as if that sharp knife was impaled into his own chest. Fortunately Ai Er had already fainted back then; otherwise she would have ignored the words of Shangguan Xi Hong and rushed onto the field. Even though Nuo Hu wanted to do that exact thing, but in reality he couldn’t since he was a member of Dragon Group, his body was not really his own. Even if it was his own father Nuo Yi Long lying on the field, he still could not rush out.

Shangguan Xi Hong heavily sighed, “looks like we lost?”

Cai Zhong crawled up from the ground, his body swaying side to side. Step by step, faltering towards Lei Yu, his goal was to remove Blood Edge that was sticking out of Lei Yu’s chest. In his eyes, Lei Yu was already a cold corpse.

Inside Cai Zhong’s mind, he was no longer possessed by Blood Edge’s devilish energy; he was just going to retrieve this masterpiece that is Blood Edge since he could not give it up.

Step by step, Cai Zhong was getting closer to Lei Yu. The entire audience’s hearts were beating to the same rhythm as Cai Zhong’s footsteps. If that knife was pulled out and there weren’t any reaction from Lei Yu, then that would mean he had really died. Now the majority of the people present did wish to see this scene happen. But only the master of the Lei family, the Elder of the Lei family, and Martial Sect members; they all hoped to see Lei Yu stand up again.

Cai Zhong was getting closer, ten meters, nine meters…, three meters…, one meter, and finally with great effort, he was next to Lei Yu. He raised his hand and stretched towards the handle of Blood Edge. There was nothing Lei Yun Tian could do, his hands constantly rubbing each other out of anxiety, and even his forehead was covered with sweat. Lei Yu, you better be okay! The Lei family’s lifeline and future rests in your hands, you have to be fine!

When Cai Zhong’s hand grasped onto Blood Edge, Nuo Hu finally could not hold it in anymore as tears streamed down his face. The two siblings Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng also sighed while shaking their heads. Shangguan Xi Hong was just restless, he had already stood up from his chair, it seems liked the outcome has already emerged; there was no hope for Lei Yu to have survived this.

At this time, the expressionless Cai Zhong suddenly opened his eyes wide. He could hardly believe what he saw, Lei Yu at this time was staring at him, and it was Lei Yu’s green colored eyes that completely shocked him. And at this exact time when Cai Zhong grasped the handle of the knife, a powerful suction force made his body startled. His body’s only little bit of internal energy left was then absorbed in a hungry manner by Lei Yu’s body.

“You guys look! Lei Yu’s not dead!”


“Heavens, it’s for real! He actually survived!” The audience once again went into an unprecedented excited manner. In the area of the Lei family, both Lei Yun Tian and the Elder’s eyes were opened wide. With their shocking eyesight ability, they were naturally able to see Lei Yu with his eyes open.

“I’m not seeing things, right? This kiddo actually did not die?” Shangguan Xi Hong’s mouth was slightly curved like he was smiling but not really; he was staring at the center field where Cai Zhong’s body was continuously trembling.

And on the side of the Celestial Court spectators, they looked like they were watching something strange. Elder Qing Feng stood up laughing, “I never thought this would be worth seeing, I thought this was over already. Ah, not bad, not bad, today was not in vain. Even though it was just a duel between two little insignificant kiddos, but it was still quite enjoyable.”

“F*ck!” Zhao Han cursed where the Ming Sect members were seated, “his life is like a cockroach, he just won’t die.”

“I’m afraid this was the unknown variable.” The Ming Sect’s leader narrowed his eyes to a glint; his heart was already in a slump. If it was only because of Lei Yu opening his eyes, then there would be nothing special about it. The key was that he felt the changes to Cai Zhong. Being also a devil cultivator, he could clearly feel the little bit of devilish energy left inside Cai Zhong was gradually disappearing.

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