Ch 45 – Becoming Unconscious

“Little Yu, stand up! Stand up!” Nuo Hu was constantly shouting in his heart, that was what he wanted to see the most. Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Long were suddenly filled with spirit once again.



Lei Yu’s body was suddenly shaking on the ground, making Cai Zhong back away in shock. This was due to Cai Zhong grasping onto his most precious treasure reluctant to let go, he then forcefully pulled out Blood Edge from Lei Yu’s chest. Lei Yu sprayed out a mouthful of blood, but the next moment, the two were actually both standing and staring intently at each other.

“This little Yu… he is really beyond my expectations!” Lei Yun Tian could not help saying, and the Elder on the side nodded his head in agreement.

Looking intently, those few powerful people at the rank of Fifth Order or above realized even though Lei Yu had stood up once again, his face was expressionless, as if he was a moving corpse standing still there. But the most unusual thing was his eyes; his pupils had already become the color green, as if he had already turned into a ghost. And there on is his right arm; his original lightning brand had become green as well, becoming even more eye-catching than before.

On the other side, Cai Zhong who had what’s left of his devilish energy absorbed by Lei Yu was barely able to stand. Yet Blood Edge in his hand, who had just sucked up Lei Yu’s blood started boiling up again, a red wavy halo arose on its surface. This strong bloodthirsty aura was becoming one with Cai Zhong, entering his body like crazy allowing Cai Zhong to feel that he was filled with explosive power once again.

“You are very strong, but you still cannot escape the fate of death!” Said Cai Zhong coldly, his eyes becoming red again and glowing a red light.

But Lei Yu appeared like he did not hear what was said to him, still using his horrible lifeless eyes staring at Cai Zhong in front of him.

Cai Zhong whom had already been surrounded in an aura of killing intent could not stop his heart from feeling fear when looking at Lei Yu’s lifeless eyes. Even though his persona that wasn’t under his own control and was filled with bloodthirstiness could not stop trembling.

“I will not let you stand up again, accept your death!” Cai Zhong could not bear with this horrible gaze, both hands clasping onto Blood Edge, an unprecedented force exploded outwards from the center of the field. Cai Zhong’s black energy and the red light emitting from Blood Edge in his hands combined together as one. This resulted in a black and red shimmering aura of death. The whistling sound brought out some sharp wailing cries, and the wailing cry was like what someone would scream out before dying. All of this rushed towards the motionless Lei Yu.

Lei Yu remained expressionless, but his eyes of green suddenly flashed brightly. He simply raised his hand and a “bang” sound of metals colliding was heard. This made everyone in the audience wonder – they did not see any weapons in Lei Yu’s hand, why would there be such a sound?

*Crack!* Suddenly, cracks on Blood Edge held by Cai Zhong started appearing. Gradually, more and more cracks began to cover the blade of Blood Edge. *Ka Cha* Blood Edge become little bits of blade fragments falling onto the ground while Lei Yu’s fist was still raised in the air, not showing the slightest trace of being wounded by the knife.

“Strong! How did this happen?”

“That’s right! After being cut by the sharp knife and stabbed in the chest, how did his punch cause the sharp knife to end up becoming pieces of shattered debris?” The entire audience suddenly cried out in surprise. The eyes of everyone looking at Lei Yu looked like they were staring at a monster.

“Little Yu, he…” Nuo Yi Long’s voice was trembling, “he was actually this strong?”

In the area of the Lei family: “Is this really little Yu? How could he emit such a terrible aura of death? Even I cannot guarantee that I could take him on at his current state if I was his opponent!” Lei Yun Tian eyes were filled with shock. The shock that Lei Yu has given him could not be describable in words. The clan members behind him all had their mouths open agape, not one of them dared to look down on this powerhouse who was once considered useless trash.

“My Blood Edge! My Blood Edge!” Muttered Cai Zhong continuously. It seems like he did not care about what was going on with Lei Yu, his eyes only saw the weapon that supported him and gave him his current strength.

Just when everyone thought the outcome of this battle was very clear, a thick black smoke once again came from Cai Zhong’s body. The black smoke became more and more thick, enshrouding both Lei Yu and Cai Zhong within it. Anyone lower than the Fifth Order rank had absolutely no idea what was going on inside the black smoke. Even Nuo Yi Long and the other Fifth Order rank or stronger powerhouses could only rely on their senses to detect what was going on inside the smoke.

Within the smoke, Cai Zhong’s blood-red eyes looked at Lei Yu with complete hatred. He was staring at Lei Yu like he was the killer of his entire family. Losing Blood Edge, Cai Zhong felt like he lost something he could rely on, thus vowing to render Lei Yu in front of him into four pieces.

With one hand imitating a claw, sharp nails protruded with a flash of white light. Within the thick smoke, people on the outside could not see anything at all. Only those few super-strong individuals knew exactly what was happening inside.

Cai Zhong was aiming for Lei Yu’s head, although this claw attack would not take a person’s life immediately, but it should be enough to take out Lei Yu’s fighting ability.


This strange sound rose up into the air, echoing throughout the stadium, chilling the heart’s of the audience. “This… this is the sound of bones breaking!” It was unknown where these words came from but then, everyone held their breath. The thick black smoke in the center of the field began to dissipate, following the gentle breeze, the two shadowy figures of the contestants once again revealed themselves in front of everyone.

Both of Cai Zhong’s hands were down on the side of his body – one of his hand was constantly dripping blood onto the ground while the other hand was constantly trembling.

Lei Yu remained expressionless, as if everything happening here simply weren’t related to him in the slightest bit. The green in his eyes continued to shimmer slightly, and his eyes continued staring at the Cai Zhong in front of him.

“I… I lost!” Cai Zhong weakly stepped backward a few steps, then suddenly fell on his buttocks before ending up unconscious.

Lei Yu suddenly screamed into the sky.

“Aghh! Aghhh!” Both hands cradling his head, screaming as if his head was about to explode.

Cai Zhong who admitted defeat had determined this duel had come to an end. Lei Yun Tian, the Lei family Elder, Nuo Yi Long and the rest did not bother with anything anymore, rushing to the center field towards Lei Yu screaming up at the sky. They didn’t know what was happening to Lei Yu’s body.

The Ming Sect members seeing Cai Zhong had failed only coldly snorted. Bringing more than a hundred people, they disregarded the unconscious Cai Zhong in the field and left in a hurry. As for Shangguan Xi Hong, he opened his mouth and started laughing out loud. The final outcome of this duel was Martial Sect winning, how could this not make him happy?

Since the show was already over, Celestial Court’s Elder Qing Feng spoke in a voice that allowed everyone in the stadium to hear: “Congratulations to brother Shangguan, your Martial Sect won! Since the duel is now over, we Celestial Court will be taking our leave.”

“Take care!”

“Take care!”

Symbolically, Shangguan Xi Hong also went onto the field; after all, Lei Yu was the one that earned Martial Sect lots of face today. Those elders from the ancient martial clans that had come with Shangguan Xi Hong today all looked at each other, not one of them believed Lei Yu could have actually won this duel.

Lei Yu was still screaming. Lei Yun Tian was the first to arrive at his side, his hand wanted to grab onto Lei Yu’s arm, “aggh!” An unbearable sense of paralysis assaulted Lei Yun Tian forcing him back a few steps. And at this time, the surprise in his eyes became more evident.

“How could there be such a powerful force? Is this the true strength of little Yu?” Lei Yun Tian took in a deep breath, this was already beyond the scope of his imagination.

“Little Yu, how do you feel little Yu!” Nuo Hu wanted to grab onto him but Lei Yun Tian suddenly shouted “don’t touch him!”

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