Ch 46 – Breaking Through Again

“Why?” Obviously, not too many people had been paying attention to the prior reaction by Lei Yun Tian; they were all focused on Lei Yu who was still screaming into the sky.

“The lightning power in his body is too strong, even I cannot tolerate it, and you definitely shouldn’t touch him!” Shouted Lei Yun Tian.

“Then… then what should we do?” Nuo Hu and others were anxious. Eyeing Lei Yu cradling his head and screaming in pain, those that truly cared about him were all filled with anxiety.

As the situation become more urgent, a sudden “agghh” sound burst forth from Lei Yu. The layer of light green energy on the surface of his body suddenly disappeared. The green in his eyes also started fading, and even the lightning brand on his arm was restored to its previous color.

His head slumping forward, Lei Yu fell to the ground in front of everyone. Testing the waters, Nuo Hu extended his hand to touch – there was still a slight numbing feeling, but it was already at the level one could tolerate. They hurriedly rushed Lei Yu and Ai Er to a nearby large hospital. As for Cai Zhong, it went against some people’s conscience to leave him there so they brought him along as well.

If it were for ordinary people, any hospital encountering such badly injured patients would certainly contact the police for an investigation, but what status did these current people hold? They were members of Dragon Group and the Lei family household, the hospital staff did not dare to ask too many questions, they only had to focus on healing them.

Lei Yu’s consciousness gradually returned to a state under his own control. Since his mind was still in a daze, he continued staying in the state of a deep sleep. However, it was starting to get lively inside his body.

“What’s going on? What happened just now?” Lei Yu carefully monitored his internals to see what was going on. The intricate and complicated meridian paths were circulating a strong energy countercurrent, and this energy did not belong to him.

The green energy was going crazy right now, crashing all over the place. And every time this green energy collided into a meridian, the impact would cause a fracture. “How could this be?” Lei Yu was suddenly anxious; didn’t this energy usually play the role of a repairing force? Why would it suddenly become so violent and start wreaking havoc all over the place? Could it be that its previous actions were all an act?

No, Lei Yu’s thoughts were quickly rejected. Although the unknown green energy was wreaking havoc all over, a soothing energy would arrive after the impacted areas, repairing the previously damaged meridians. And Lei Yu was able to clearly feel his chest and back had some green energy circulating in the area, where each and every single dead cell would at rapid speeds recover its vitality.

The undeniable thing was that Lei Yu’s subconscious mind and spirit was very strong. This strength and his childhood experiences were closely connected; being abused and ridiculed during his childhood years has made Lei Yu possess patience exceeding a normal person. With a tough and an unyielding personality, it allowed Lei Yu to forge a strong physical body along with a strong spiritual strength while persevering through his cultivation.

The violent green energy gradually subsided, and the work of repairing started up. Bit by bit the small fractures were repaired, every inch of damaged skin or cells including his meridians were silently and slowly healing. Lei Yu also reveled in this comfortable feeling and slowly entered into a state of falling asleep again.

Unknown how much time had passed, a familiar voice was heard inside him, causing the asleep Lei Yu to awaken. But he did not actually wake up in reality, his eyes were still shut.

“I really can’t tolerate it anymore; I have to say a few words.”

“Ink beast? How could it be you? Didn’t you say that there’s no way for you to appear again?” Asked Lei Yu extremely puzzled.

“Right, there was no way I could have awoken again, but the force inside your body is just too strong, forcefully waking me up from my slumber.”

“A powerful force? Could you be speaking about this green energy?”

“Correct, it’s that force.” Hearing the Ink Beast’s tone, it appeared he was in a thrilled and excited state.

“What kind of power is it? Why would it appear inside my body? Would there be any harm?” Lei Yu had not forgotten the previous violent situation with the green energy; his heart could not help feeling a bit fearful.

“I do not know, but you kiddo are very lucky to have such a powerful force. It seems that my time of resurrection will be ahead of schedule! Ha ha ha…” The Ink Beast’s voice started fading off into a distance.

“Hey! Don’t go! Don’t go!” Shouted Lei Yu, but the Ink Beast had already disappeared without a trace.

His brain was working hard trying to remember the previous fight. First it was the Spiritual Bead of Longevity that helped him in recovering his impulsiveness, right after that was absorption, and the object of absorption was naturally Cai Zhong. Lei Yu had also carefully inspected and did not find any excess energy left inside his body, which made him filled with many questions without answers. Since he was able to absorb, why wasn’t he able to retain it for his own use?

He will temporarily not consider these things; the most important was the green energy. After it finished restoring a bit of his energy, the green energy suddenly exploded forth. This strong force made Lei Yu blank out so that he did not know what happened next. He only knew that the instance the green energy exploded forth, he could not find a trace of his own power within his body while this force occupied it.

Inside his dantian area had some vibrations. Lei Yu hurriedly monitored inside, he was surprised to find that the energy inside his Sea of Energy had recovered a lot, and at this moment it was constantly churning around, compared to the [Energy Suppression] stage, there was a slight difference. To be in the [Energy Suppression] stage meant silence throughout his body, to be motionless to face the ever changing. So why would it churn without stopping? Could it be…?!”

*Ka cha*

A loud noise was heard. Lei Yu only felt his mind go blank, then a lightning cut across the sky and shot down, its goal was the newly recovered energy inside the Sea of Energy acupuncture point. At the instant the lightning landed, his internal energy dispersed out, and the next moment, this lightning at a very high speed began to gather the dispersed internal energy, combining them together again. The purple internal energy was flowing about very slowly and Lei Yu was able to see that within this internal energy were specks of light that constantly shimmered. According to the information set forth within the cultivating methods etched into his mind, Lei Yu was suddenly overjoyed, “isn’t this the phenomenon when breaking through the [Energy Suppression] stage reaching the [Discharge] stage?”

The ecstatic Lei Yu careful explored the changes within his dantian region; he saw strands of extremely strong energy constantly condensing together. The excitement inside Lei Yu’s heart was indescribable.

He could not believe what he was currently experiencing. This internal energy with layers upon layers of something similar to a net of lightning, it actually contained an unimaginably huge explosive power. Lei Yu began to test it out by concentrating his will, trying to extract a trace of internal energy. And there it was, it was really his own power. The internal energy containing nets of lightning began to circulating according to his will, and the circulation speed was completely in the hands of Lei Yu. Once he was able to really feel the strong power of his new internal energy, Lei Yu swallowed hard. Comparing this to the [Energy Suppression] stage, there was no way they were even remotely near the same level. Lei Yu felt that the improvement in strength he gained could not be so simply described as it being doubled, if one was to say that while he was at the [Energy Suppression] stage fighting against Cai Zhong, he was at a slight disadvantage. Yet now, Lei Yu could say for sure this time that simply raising his hand, Cai Zhong would immediately lose the ability to continue fighting.

“Oh yea! Isn’t the duel over? How were the results?” Lei Yu’s mind suddenly thought of this situation, immediately sitting up, scaring a young nurse that was changing the IV pouch, making her stagger and falling onto her butt.

“You’re awake? You scared me to death!” Said the embarrassed young nurse while straightening her clothes, patting her not quite full chest.

Lei Yu scratched his head, “was I unconscious?” As Lei Yu asked this, he felt his question was kind of silly. If he wasn’t unconscious, then why would he be sent to the hospital and not know what’s going on?

“That’s right; you’ve been unconscious for over twenty days.” The young nurse’s blush did not subside at all, her eyes were constantly checking out Lei Yu’s body.

Lei Yu gasped, “over twenty days? How come I’m the only one here? No one else stayed with me?” Looking around the hospital room, it belonged to those high-end type personal rooms¹. Just that apart from the young nurse, there weren’t anyone else here. This made Lei Yu a bit depressed.

“You can’t say that.” The young nurse pursed her lips, “little sister Ai Er accompanied you day and night, but she just left to buy some breakfast, let me replace her for a moment.

Listening to what the young nurse said, Lei Yu’s heart suddenly felt sweet to the extreme. Thinking that he had been unconscious for twenty plus days and Ai Er had been here with him all that time, Lei Yu actually felt a bit sorry for her.

On a typical day, he would only care about cultivating; he did not spend a lot of time with his loved ones. Lei Yu quietly vowed that he would treat Ai Er better to make up for his past neglect.


¹ – In a lot of countries of Asia, multiple people share a hospital room under the government’s healthcare system. One could pay extra money out of pocket to stay in their own personal room.

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