Ch 47 – One Husband Many Wives

Carefully observing the young nurse, this girl’s height was about 1.65 meters (5’5”) and was considered not too short. Perhaps because the young nurse was wearing a white button down uniform that only revealed her slender white legs, this gave Lei Yu a feeling that she was taller than she really was. Her face could only be described as cute, giving off an adorable appearance. When one looked at her, they just want to grab her and give her a kiss. Her long hair was tied up and a white angel-like hat was on top of her head. Looking at the young nurse, Lei Yu could not help being in a daze. He also noticed the nurse’s eyes were constantly glancing at him as well, and her flushed face was getting more obvious. Lei Yu thought that he was staring at her too hard making her feel uncomfortable, so he hurriedly looked away. The actual shocking thing was that he found himself naked sitting on the bed, the blanket covering him had slid off when he suddenly sat up prior.

“Oh crap!” Just like a frightened girl that suffered a wardrobe malfunction, he hurriedly grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around his body.

The young nurse found Lei Yu’s reaction quite funny so she started giggling.

“It’s okay, no need to be embarrassed, what haven’t us nurses seen before? No need to be so nervous.” Even though her mouth said this, yet the red blush on her face did not subside at all. Unknown why, when the young nurse saw Lei Yu’s strong toned outer body and his deep gaze, her heart could not help but skip a beat, thump thumping fast non-stop.

“Uh… hehe.” Pretending to be calm, Lei Yu cleared his throat, “have you known Ai Er from before? What’s your name?”

“My name is Fang Yi Ke, you can call me little Ke. Yeah, little sister Ai Er and I have known each other a long time ago, we used to be elementary students at the same school” stated little Ke as she introduced herself.

“Oh.” Lei Yu nodded his head. At this time, Ai Er arrived at the door holding two plastic bags in her hand. Seeing Lei Yu sitting up on the bed, the breakfast in her hands fell onto the ground with a “splat.” Upon looking at Ai Er, he could see her eyes were already filled with tears.

“Ai Er, it’s been hard on you.” Lei Yu smiled. Originally wanted to stand up and give Ai Er a loving hug, but he remembered he was currently naked so he dropped the idea.

Ai Er quickly came over, “you’re finally awake, I was really worried you’d never wake up.” Pouting her lips, Ai Er looked really adorable at this time. Her face carried two crystal tears before she plunged into Lei Yu’s embrace.

Lei Yu’s heart was filled with warmth and guilt. Gently stroking Ai Er’s long hair, “okay, stop crying, I’m fine now right?

The two cozy couple went off into their own little world. Lei Yu used his hand to hold up Ai Er’s chin, using his mouth, he wiped away the tear stains on Ai Er’s face before the two long-awaited lips tightly bonded together. Little Ke did not know why but her heart had a slightly faint reaction. But she still knowingly left the room in a quiet manner, closing the door gently behind her.

They both kissed for a while, then Ai Er’s hand seemed to have grabbed onto SOMETHING. “Ahh!” Her whole face flushed red, “nasty, why aren’t you wearing any clothes?”

“I… I just woke up! Besides, I haven’t seen any signs of my clothes anywhere.” Lei Yu blinked, recalling the prior scene with little Ke, he suddenly wanted to laugh out loud.

“Wait a bit, I’ll go get you some clothing and also let my brother, father and them know you’re awake. They were all worried to death about you, each day they would come by several times to check in on you.” Ai Er stood up to organize her clothing and her messy hair; she then turned and left the room.

Lei Yu looked at the white gauze that was taped to his chest. The smell of medicine was especially strong and he could not help but frown, remembering that Cai Zhong’s knife was stabbed in there not too long ago. He did not expect to make it out alive with his little life – he was indeed lucky.

Lei Yu gently touched it but did not feel any pain. He used his nails to grab the edge of the gauze, and then ripped it off. “How come there aren’t any scars?”

Suddenly thinking of something, he noticed there was a bandage in a strange arc extending past his arm to his back. On his back, he was also taped with this white gauze. Little by little, Lei Yu removed the gauze and thoroughly touched the area. It was just like his chest; his back was smooth and did not leave any scars after the injury. He immediately understood the reason – it must have been the green energy’s repairing effect. Otherwise, even if it was some miraculous medicine, it would not have such a fast effect, actually able to make scars disappear without a trace.

“Master!” Lei Yu smiled and sat up as he heard a familiar voice from outside the door.

“Liu Hao.”

“Master, you really scared me to death, I thought you were going to become a vegetable.”

Lei Yu slapped Liu Hao in the head, “your dog mouth really spews out horrible words! By the way, how did you know I was awake?”

“Oh, as I walked into the hospital, I ran into master’s wife who was on the phone, she was the one that told me you were awake.” Liu Hao’s eyes showed excitement seeing his master awake after being in a comatose state, how could he as the disciple not be happy?

“Who’s your master’s wife? So hateful, making someone sound so old!” Ai Er pouted as she came in. “I’ve made a call to them; they’ll be over right away. Huh? Where’s the gauze that was taped to your body? Where are your wounds?” Asked Ai Er completely surprised.

“Wow!” Lei Yu pretended to be surprised, “what miraculous medicines, the wounds on my body are all healed, I can leave the hospital now.” After saying that, he grabbed the hospital gown from Ai Er’s hand to put on, of course this was all done under the blanket’s cover.

Hearing the news that Lei Yu was awake, Nuo Hu, his father and his aunt quickly rushed over. As for Lei Yun Tian and family, no one notified them because they knew Lei Yu did not want to see them.

After asking Lei Yu a bunch of questions and insistent demands, Lei Yu went through a thorough examination before everyone agreed he could leave the hospital.

Strange to say, Lei Yu was very clear himself that his bones contained trace metallic properties. Yet when going through instruments of monitoring like X-Rays and MRI’s, nothing unexpected was observed by hospital staff?

Parked in front of the hospital entrance were a few luxury brand-named cars, and with quite a few people surrounding it, giving off an impressive manner. Lei Yu stretched and worked out the kinks in his body, then breathed in a few mouthful of fresh air. This was definitely better than smelling the hospital’s medicine and disinfectants they used.

Suddenly, a “screech” sound of brakes could be heard. A red convertible sports car stopped in front of everyone and an attractive young girl got out of the car. From her appearance, she was the type that men would never tire of looking at, the most attractive points to her was her mesmerizing eyes and the perfectly shaped body.

“Sister Ying Ying!” Liu Hao waved and smiled.

Seeing the arrival of this person, Lei Yu secretly eyed Ai Er on the side. Indeed she had already pouted her little mouth, making her look super cute.

“Lei Yu, you’re okay now right? This is really great!” That’s right; the newly arrived person was Cui Ying Ying. After receiving a phone call from Liu Hao saying Lei Yu had woken up, she immediately dropped everything and drove here non-stop.

“Yea, I’m fine now, thank you for your concern.” Although Lei Yu’s tone was a bit indifferent, Cui Ying Ying could tell from Lei Yu’s gaze that he showed a look of gratitude and her heart became super sweet like someone just tipped over a pot of honey. Even though it was just one look, she indulged in that look filled with happiness.

“How come it’s you again? You’ve come to this hospital several times already.” Ai Er could not resist saying this in displeasure.

“Hello Ai Er, you don’t mind me calling you by your name right?” Cui Ying Ying indeed changed quite a bit, even the way she spoke compared to a year ago were like two different people. On the side, Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng realized it was some sort of drama amongst the youngsters so they did not want to be involved, immediately getting inside one of the cars first.

“Whatever, anything is fine.” Ai Er freely answered, but her hands were deliberately hugging onto Lei Yu’s arm.

“Can I speak privately with you for a bit?” Asked Cui Ying Ying.

Thinking about it, not sure why but Ai Er nodded okay. “Brother Yu, you go into the car first and wait for me.”

Nuo Hu and Liu Hao knew better to leave first as well. Lei Yu paused for a bit, scratched his head and continued stepping into the back of the car.

“Just say whatever you want to say.” Said Ai Er in an uncaring attitude.

“Ai Er, I know you hate me, and not willing to give Lei Yu to me. But you should know that I truly do like Lei Yu, and although I cannot be together with him, I do sincerely hope that you do not push me away and deny me of being friends with him. As long as I can chat a bit with him, then I’m already fully satisfied.” Cui Ying Ying’s tone sounded like she was begging.

Ai Er did not think she would say this to her and her heart did soften a little. Indeed, ever since she has known about Cui Ying Ying, she has never thought highly of her. Besides her having left for more than a year, and it still had not diluted her feelings of love towards Lei Yu, this showed Ai Er that Cui Ying Ying’s feelings were for real.

“But he is my boyfriend, you cannot…” Ai Er did not know how to make her words sound less cold; after all, she appeared to be a kind-hearted girl.

Cui Ying Ying hurriedly waved her hands, “I’m not asking for much, just treat me as a friend, is that okay? Even though I can’t forget about Lei Yu in my heart, but you don’t have to worry, I’m not going to do anything, I’ve already given up.” As Cui Ying Ying said these words, her eyes could not help fluttering.

Perhaps it’s the bond between women, seeing a girl with a similar age as her that could not attain the love they desired, she indeed felt sympathy. If this situation happened to them, there would be no way they could accept it, but since Cui Ying Ying had said those two words “given up”, then if she continued denying her then it would be considered a bit unreasonable. After all, she was close to Liu Hao and his family. “Fine, we can become friends, but you better not have any ideas of stealing Lei Yu from me!” Ai Er pouted her lips unknowingly putting up a cute appearance.

“I understand! You silly girl.”

“He he he…”

Seeing those two laughing with such happiness, Lei Yu who was sitting inside the car and did not hear their conversation just now could not help feeling puzzled. What bewitching magic did this Cui Ying Ying use on Ai Er? How could they suddenly get along so well? Could it be that Ai Er suddenly had a Buddha’s heart, agreeing to allow him to have many wives? Impossible, impossible…

(T/N: The literal translation was One husband, many wives. But the use here seems to be one guy, many girlfriends.)

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