Ch 48 – Long Hua’s Barbeque

(T/N: BBQ places in China are not like Americans, they don’t do ribs or burgers, they use a variety cuts of sliced meat over an open flame or grill)

Waving to the rest of the people, Cui Ying Ying slowly drove off in her red convertible. Ai Er also got back inside the car.

“What were you two talking about eh?” Asked Lei Yu, pretending to be nonchalant.

Ai Er smiled mysteriously, “I’m not going to tell you, make you fret about it, hmph!”


Liu Hao and Nuo Hu sitting in the front laughed. Nuo Hu then thought of something and asked: “Little Yu, before the duel you were missing for half a month, where did you go? We looked all over for you but still couldn’t find you.”

“Yeah, even I went looking for you several times but could not even find a trace of your whereabouts.” Added Liu Hao.

“Oh. Big brother, do you remember they place we went to for our mission?”

“You mean the mission to deal with the Ink Beast?” Asked Nuo Hu.

“Right, that’s the one; I went to that place again. Originally, I wanted to cultivate at home but felt my improvement was too slow, so I went to that place. The fruit that I gave you two to eat before also came from that place. I wanted to rely on the special elements of those fruits to improve myself.”

“Ah! So that’s what happened.” Everyone then realized.

“Oh right!” Lei Yu then asked: “How’s Cai Zhong? I was only focusing on packing and leaving the hospital so I forgot to ask you guys. What was the result of the match? Did I lose?”

That day, Lei Yu’s body was taken over by the green energy, including his mind. In the case of his ferocious retaliation and the incessant screaming, he could not remember a thing.

“Cai Zhong is very pitiful now.” Nuo Hu then continued: “Both his hands have been crippled, and his head suffered some type of impact from his eyes, so he’s still in a coma. I think he might be at a permanent vegetative state.”

“How could this be? Was it…” Lei Yu’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He remembered that Cai Zhong losing his humanity was closely tied to the small knife, could it be that this power of death was originally intended for him?

“You don’t remember how horrible you were that day; your eyes had become freakishly green. Fortunately, Ai Er had already fainted because of the wound on your back so she did not see how horrible you looked. Cai Zhong cultivated in devilish energy, so with his ability, he once again created a thick black smoke. I could not see what was happening inside the thick smoke but once it dissipated, Cai Zhong’s hand already looked like they had been crippled. *Sigh* Little Yu, what on earth did you do?”

“I… I don’t know.” Lei Yu really did not know what happened. If one really had to ask, then it would be best to ask someone of the Fifth Order rank and above, or to ask Cai Zhong who was still in a coma.

Seven o’clock in the evening, everyone was gathered in Lei Yu’s house. But they were just the youngsters including Lei Yu himself, Ai Er, Nuo Hu, Liu Hao and the recently acquainted young nurse, little Ke.

“To celebrate brother Yu’s discharge from the hospital, we’ll eat dinner together!” Ai Er stated while laughing.

“Oh good, where should we go?” Once Lei Yu asked this question, everyone started pondering where they should eat.

“How about…” Little Ke then continued asking, “how about we try this barbeque place at the night market? It’s not bad, I frequently go there.”

“New type of cuisine sounds good.” Lei Yu nodded in agreement and saw the others without any further opinions, the decision was final.

“I’ll give Ying Ying a call; have her come out as well.” As these unprecedented words came out of Ai Er’s mouth, Nuo Hu and Lei Yu both stared at her with eyes of bafflement, making her feel a bit embarrassed.

“Good, good, good, I’ll call, let me make the call!” Liu Hao’s attitude looked like he was more excited than anyone else.

After setting up the time and location, the all left driving towards the night market. Cui Ying Ying also departed from the other side of the city.

South of the city, this place became extremely lively at night. During the day there weren’t too many people around, but once evening came, sidewalks were filled with lots of chairs and tables, and every table was filled with people.

A flashing sign with red neon lights had the word “Long Hua’s Barbeque City” on it. Looking at the restaurant, it was an impressive large scale barbeque place.

In this place, people came for the lively atmosphere. If you wanted high-end food, it would be best to go to some sort of “X star” rated restaurant instead.

During the weekdays, this place was usually filled with society’s younger crowd or some office workers getting off work with nothing better to do. Whether it be co-workers or friends, they will all flock together at this place. And the fact that the weather was hot, being able to grab a few cans of beer while eating a mouthful of barbequed lamb, this was truly one of life’s most enjoyable moments.

But today was different from a typical day, parked in front of Long Hua’s Barbeque City were two cars – a Mercedes-Benz S600 and an Audi A5 Cabriolet

Getting out of the car were three men and two women. The men were chic and handsome, the women were alluring and beautiful, this drew the attention everyone inside the place. Driving luxury brand-named cars and accompanying beautiful girls, this was what most young men dreamed of doing sometime in their life. But the sudden appearance of these people amongst such a noisy and modest place, it made the restaurant’s atmosphere a bit peculiar.

The boss of the restaurant was a snobby fat man. Seeing them get out of two expensive cars and the expensive clothes they wore, he ran up to them and bowed: “Welcome pretty ladies and handsome men, what would you like to order? Our meats here are guaranteed to be clean and fresh!” Most of the time when rich people came to places like his, the most common thing they were fearful of was the cleanliness of the food preparation, that’s why he greeted them that way.

“Hold on, not all our party has arrived yet, we’ll take two cases of beers for now to quench our thirst” said Lei Yu with a smile.

“What brand of beer would you like?”

“The most expensive kind” said Liu Hao with impatience.

“Okay okay, coming right up!” The boss ran into the kitchen with a huge smile on his face.

“Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!” Several short car horn beeps were heard, and then a “screech” sound of brakes. Everyone looked at each other wondering what happened, then Liu Hao laughed and spoke up “it seems that sister Ying Ying has arrived since this is her usual method of parking.”

Sure enough, a red convertible sports car parked behind the other two brand named cars. A young and tall girl then got out of the convertible. Although the girl was not dressed in sexy or charming clothing, but her refined aura and her beautiful face was enough to make men daydream thousands of thoughts. Especially captivating were her alluring eyes, becoming deadly weapons capable of taking down countless men.

All the men’s gaze were focused on this girl, even a young guy who had just stuffed a piping hot piece of lamb meat into his mouth had burned himself without realizing it.

Ai Er stood up and grabbed Cui Ying Ying to sit down beside her and said: “You’re late! Your punishment is to drink twice the amount of beer!”

“That’s fine, I’ll drink, I’ll drink it.” Cui Ying Ying smiled and sat down. From her Louis Vuitton purse, she took out a beautiful box and handed it to Lei Yu, “congratulations on your discharge from the hospital, this is a gift for you.”

“Eh? Thank you.” Lei Yu did not bother being over polite, immediately opening the box. A pair of exquisite pendants in a heart shape appeared, and in the center was inlaid with a large diamond, it seems like the carat was not a small number so it definitely was quite expensive. But the worth of this gift coming from her own family’s jewelry business should not be considered much for Cui Ying Ying.

The pendant was a pair so Lei Yu gave Cui Ying Ying a puzzled look.

“Don’t look at me, this is for you, don’t you want your heart linked to Ai Er’s? You both have one each so quickly put it on.” Cui Ying Ying smiled while sipping her mug of beer.

“Wow, thank you so much.” Ai Er took one, brought it up against her neck and said “it’s so pretty!”

Liu Hao pouted on the side, “sister Ying Ying, I’ve known you for so long but you’ve never given me any presents, you are so biased… Agh! I was wrong, I was wrong!”


A short distance away sat a dozen or so youngsters filling two tables, some of them shirtless. Their chest and backs were tattooed with multiple designs, and one look at them would give people the feeling that they were the scum of society.

“You see that? A group of tools are being looked after by several rich girls, what kind of f*cking world is this.” Sneered a youngster with small eyes.

“What? You jealous?” Sneered a young man sitting across the table while he was playing with his ring on his middle finger. “If you can’t take it, go play with them for a bit, we have so many fellow brothers here, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“That’s right, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” After the youngster said this, the whole table went into a ruckus; everyone started banging on the table become rambunctious while the youngster had an arrogant look on his face.

“Let’s go, a few of us will get to smell the scent of hot girls today.” Four sturdy looking youngsters stood up at the same time, then walked towards where Lei Yu and them were sitting.

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