Ch 51 – Challenging The Commander

“You need something?” Asked Lei Yu in a cold tone.

“Can we talk?” Parked beneath a street light was a black car, and sitting inside was Lei Yun Tian.

Sighing softly, Lei Yu walked towards the black car. Because it was still early in the morning, not many people were on the street so Lei Yun Tian got out of the car.

Lei Yu asked impatiently, “quickly say whatever you want, I need to rush back to Dragon Group.”

“Little Yu, I won’t beat around the bush, that day’s mistake was caused by Elder and I. And afterwards, I had solemnly asked for your forgiveness. What do you want me, as your father to do before you will finally agree to return to the Lei family?

“Afterwards? Father? Ha!” Lei Yu felt this was funny. “Have you performed any responsibilities as a father? I suffered ridicule and insults for so long inside the Lei family, have you ever helped protect me from it? Afterwards, you did apologize to me, but what if today I did not have that brand you feel was so important, would you still have come to apologize to me?”

“I do not deny it that I was too cruel back then, but you have to understand, the Lei family has always been like this. You indeed did not manifest any brands; I had no other choice but to do this as a last resort.” Lei Yun Tian was a bit emotional, it seems that when it comes to his own pain, he did suffer, but Lei Yu suffered even more.

“I was beaten and abused by the Lei clan, that I can still tolerate. Ever since the baptism ceremony, a full eight years, you had not spoken a single word to me, and you say you are my father?” Lei Yu’s eyes were filled with tears. “Yes, I admit that in order to once again get your fatherly love, I trained day and night, finding a large number of martial arts masters to learn from, wasn’t my goal just so you can look in my direction and acknowledge me? And you? Did you even glance at me? Ever since you and the Lei family kicked me out of the household, I had already promised myself, I will never again walk half a step into the Lei family!”

Lei Yu exhaled heavily and lifted his head up. He was trying his hardest to keep the tears from falling out, but it didn’t seem to be working. Lei Yu suddenly stepped back a few steps, kneeled on the ground, and “boom, boom, boom,” three loud kow tow sounds were heard hitting the ground.

“What are you..?!” Lei Yun Tian hurriedly went forward to support Lei Yu, but was pushed away.

“Your son Lei Yu hereby thanks you for these eighteen years of upbringing, if one day the Lei family encounters trouble, I, Lei Yu, will certainly give his life in assistance.” After saying these words, Lei Yu made a self-deprecating smile, “I think with the Lei family’s strength, that day will not come, and I certainly don’t wish for it to come.”

“You’re intending on being this cold? Are you not even considering any familial ties? No matter what, we are still tied together by flesh and blood!” Lei Yun Tian’s voice trembled as he said this.

“The day you kicked me out, if only you understood those same words you just uttered, then we would not have today’s scenario. Anyway, I have to go.” Lei Yu exhaled while trembling. Slowly standing up, he turned around to have one last look at the father he used to respect, before jogging away. He left Lei Yun Tian standing there, whose eyes were filled with grief.

Although Lei Yu was jogging, the tears in his eyes would not stop flowing. His tears scattered into the wind from the rhythm of his running. What Lei Yun Tian said was right, blood was always thicker than water, how could Lei Yu be so cold and heartless? It’s because deep in his heart, the resentment towards his father was too great. When he was at his most depressed state or when he jumped off the cliff, no one thought of looking for him. And now that he possessed great strength, they came scrambling to apologize. Doesn’t that mean he was placing the emphasis of power as being more important than his own son?

After returning to Dragon Group, Lei Yu felt much better. When he saw the new members of Wild Wolf Team training hard in the early morning, this also made him more energetic. Making an effort to stop feeling sad, he was going to focus everything he had on increasing his potential with more training; this was his main goal for the time being.

When the soldiers of Wild Wolf Team and Lion Team saw Lei Yu, their eyes looked at him filled with admiration. Even though they did not see Lei Yu’s duel, they heard the elites of Dragon Team talk about it, making their blood boil. This was not only winning glory for Martial Sect, but also for all the different military groups, especially the soldiers of Dragon Group. This halo of glory above Lei Yu’s head was rightfully his. And now, every soldier regarded Lei Yu as their idol, and their goal for intense training was to reach Lei Yu’s level.

After a day of intense training, his entire body was sore all over yet it allowed Lei Yu enjoy that feeling. Pushing one’s body to the limit was the purpose of training. At this moment, the green energy would quietly emerge to help him recover. From a sore body recovering back to normal, the green energy made him feel so wonderful that it was hard to describe. Currently, Lei Yu was sitting cross-legged in the villa’s second floor training hall quietly recovering his energy.

“Little Yu.” Nuo Yi Long stood at the doorway, his face covered with a smile.

“Eh? Uncle Nuo?!” Lei Yu hurriedly stood up.

“How is it? How’s your recovery going? Your body must have just recovered and you’re already rushing to improve yourself?” Although his mouth said this, but Nuo Yi Long’s heart was very pleased. It looks like this child Lei Yu would not easily become complacent, and geniuses such as him would definitely reach further heights in the future.

“Uncle Nuo, a cultivator’s foundation is built from hard work; comprehension ability and talent are second, plus I cannot forget about my enemy. Since you told me my current strength was not enough to fight against them, then I can only work harder in cultivating.” Lei Yu’s eyes revealed a firm resolution, making Nuo Yi Long slightly startled.

“Good! You have not disappointed me, continue recovering for now.” After saying this, he smiled and turned to leave.

“Uncle Nuo!”

Stumbling half a step, Nuo Yi Long turned around.

“I… Can I challenge you?” Stuttered Lei Yu as he asked this. Lei Yu understood that currently, he did not have the strength to confront Nuo Yi Long at the same level, but he realized if he went up against a stronger opponent, this would allow him to improve his strength. After the match against Cai Zhong, Lei Yu came to understand that as a warrior, only through constant battles, constantly fighting stronger foes, could he improve his strength at a faster rate.

Nuo Yi Long was slightly startled, “you want to challenge me?”

“Uh, yeah, I… I’m not sure if I’m qualified though.”

“Sure you are, the rules of Dragon Group state that everyone is eligible to challenge anyone, including me.” He paused slightly, Nuo Yi Long then said, “I accept your challenge. In one month’s time, everything will be arranged. During this time, you need to recover fully and properly prepare for it; I will not go easy on you. ”

Lei Yu was overjoyed. “Great, I understand!”

At this time, Nuo Yi Long began to leave and in his heart, Lei Yu had become someone of greater importance in his life. That day when Lei Yu fought a match with Cai Zhong, without a doubt, everyone could tell that based on his performance, Lei Yu’s strength was at the late-stage of a Fourth Order Warrior. Could it be that after the fight, his strength has once again improved?

Even though it’s just his theory, he wasn’t exactly sure. Everyone had two major bottlenecks they need to get past: The first was advancing from the Third Order to the Fourth Order which Lei Yu clearly had passed; the second was advancing from the Fourth Order to the Fifth Order, which was much harder. Not only did one need to possess innate talent, but also some type of extraordinary encounter in order to breakthrough. Fan Hong Chang has been stuck in the Fourth Order for many years, still without the slightest hint of breaking through. Could it be that Lei Yu who was only in his early twenties had already broken through? This was clearly impossible and he should not even entertain that idea, therefore he decided on the day of the challenge, he should hold back a bit in order to not seriously hurt Lei Yu.

The news spread really quickly throughout Dragon Group and any soldiers that heard it exploded into disarray. Challenging the commander had never happened before ever since the establishment of Dragon Group. No one expected Lei Yu to have this courage, which made everyone overwhelmed with shock. Those especially shocked were Nuo Hu, Nuo Yi Feng and Instructor Fan Hong Chang.

During this period, no one bothered Lei Yu and he like always, continued to train his body and cultivate his internal energy. Everyone could see Lei Yu continued to work hard without ever slacking off.

One month’s time past by really fast, and today was the match between Lei Yu and Nuo Yi Long. But this time, it wasn’t held at the villa’s second floor training hall, it was held in the center of Dragon Group’s large open training ground. For two super strong individuals having a duel, how could the villa’s small area be enough for them to show their true potential?

It was very lively inside Dragon Group headquarters, even Martial Sect’s Shangguan Xi Hong had heard about the duel and expressed he would be attending. This match was indeed an event everyone looked forward to. Lei Yu who had just joined Dragon Group for not too long, and a commander in charge of all the soldiers within Dragon Group, the excitement this match generated was no less than when Lei Yu was going to fight Cai Zhong. Since Wild Wolf Team and Lion Team were unable to witness that match, this time they were finally able feast with their eyes, hoping they could enjoy and learn something from this one.

It was bustling on the training grounds, one to two thousand people were gathered here. Everyone was sitting orderly around the edge of the training ground, and on the top of a nearby small building, Shangguan Xi Hong and several other important individuals were gathered there.

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