Ch 52 – Gifting A Treasure

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“I did not expect things to be on this grand scale!” Exclaimed Lei Yu as he stood at the railings of the building, looking down at the bustling scene.

“You challenged Dragon Group’s commander, how can it not be lively? Little Yu, you are the hottest topic within Martial Sect now.” Smiled Nuo Hu.

“That’s right, my master’s strength is considered top class, so let them discuss about it, there’s no harm in it. But today’s match…” Liu Hao had special permission to enter Dragon Group headquarters to see this match, which was Lei Yu’s idea. Although Liu Hao had daily encounters with the high ranking people in society, but as the son of the Governor, those he meets are usually just dignitaries and government officials. Unlike today, this was his first time seeing the Shangguan family members, all these powerful figures were considered heavy hitters within the country of Tenglong, so it wasn’t easy for even an official’s son to encounter them.

However, taking into account of Lei Yu’s opponent, even Liu Hao was worried for him. Even though he knew Nuo Yi Long will not cause any serious harm to Lei Yu, but this time, the opponent was no longer a Fourth Order rank strength like Cai Zhong, but a person with the strength of a Fifth Order Warrior. Within the country, he was considered one of the masters standing all the way at the top.

A mere Cai Zhong had made Lei Yu fall into a coma for twenty plus days, then what would happen when clashing with Commander Nuo Yi Long?

“Little Yu, come here for a bit.” Nuo Yi Long waved Lei Yu over, so Lei Yu quickly responded.

“Uncle Nuo, are we starting now?” Asked Lei Yu.

“Just a minute, it will begin soon so don’t worry too much.” Nuo Yi Long’s smile looked like normal while Lei Yu’s heart was incredibly anxious. Challenging someone of the higher rank was not uncommon within Dragon Team, but the person being challenged was the Commander, so this was the first time in history.

“Little Yu.” Shangguan Xi Hong patted Lei Yu’s shoulder, “I have some things to say to you.”

“Yes Chief!” Lei Yu stood still, his body upright which showed his respect for the Chief.

“No need to be so stiff.” Shangguan Xi Hong smiled, “no need to make our relationship seem so distant, I’d be happy to accept you calling me uncle Shangguan from now on.”

“Then… okay, uncle Shangguan.” The words out of Lei Yu’s mouth made it sound like they got closer, but inside his heart, there was nothing but contempt for Shangguan Xi Hong. Lei Yu’s impression of Shangguan Xi Hong was not good at all – the first time was when he was carrying out the mission for the Ink Beast, and the second time was dealing with situation of Cai Zhong’s battle date. These two encounters have made Lei Yu clearly see this supposedly awe-inspiring person on the outside, but a petty and narrow-minded individual on the inside.

“That’s more like it, and I’ve already decided, whether you win or lose this match, you will be rewarded for it.”

“Eh? How come?” Asked Lei Yu.

“If you lose, consider it a reward for your courage. In the entire history of Martial Sect, this is the first time I’ve seen someone challenging a commander, shouldn’t that be rewarded?”

“What kind of reward is it?” Although Lei Yu wasn’t that concerned with a reward, his main goal was only pursuing his own growth. But if were something really useful to him, then he would not hesitate to accept the reward. As the saying goes, if it’s free, why not take it.

Shangguan Xi Hong looked at Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng, then turned around and said, “if you lose in this match, I will promote you to become Dragon Group’s Deputy Commander, the same rank as little Feng. Do not be surprised about this because compared to all the soldiers, even the elite ones, you are regarded as the strongest out of all of them.

Lei Yu swallowed hard. This wasn’t something he expected at all, but since this was said in the presence of so many people, then it would not be false. In reality, people like Nuo Yi Long and the elites of Dragon Team weren’t that surprised. Lei Yu’s strength was enough to exceed Instructor Fan Hong Chang already, so there’s no big deal in becoming a Deputy Commander. At least in the eyes of all the soldiers inside Dragon Group, Lei Yu had already become their idol.

“If you can actually win this match?!” Shangguan Xi Hong’s voice suddenly became louder, “I will promote you to the rank of a Commander of Dragon Group, alongside with Nuo Yi Long!”


A collective voice of people cried out penetrated through the clouds. Shangguan Xi Hong’s voice was quite loud, allowing all the soldiers around the training field to hear very clearly. All the soldiers were staring up wide eyed at the building where the higher-ups were sitting.

“How can that be?! No way no way!” Lei Yu hurriedly waved his hands, but then he realized, wasn’t he being too arrogant right now? Nuo Yi Long was a late-stage Fifth Order Warrior rank, how would he be that easily defeated?

Sure enough, Shangguan Xi Hong laughed, “little Yu, you can not underestimate Nuo Yi Long. Even though his strength cannot be compared to the leaders of the major forces in the country, but inside the country of Tenglong, he is considered one of the top masters.” Without any shame, Shangguan Xi Hong painted himself as one of those supreme masters.

No one would believe that Lei Yu had broken through to the strength of a Fifth Order Warrior. Lei Yu also did not disclose this information, even Nuo Hu and Liu Hao did not know.

Those with the strength of the Fifth Order Warrior would be considered by the major forces as a prized possession, everyone would try to steal and fight over them, and this was happening for Lei Yu. If he was able to reach such strength at such a young age, then his future would be limitless. But in the eyes of everyone, this was something that was simply impossible.

“Little Yu.” Fan Hong Chang came over and laughed, “able to serve as the Deputy Commander of Dragon Group is already one of the highest honors for many people, yet you are not satisfied with that?”

“How could I not be satisfied Instructor Fan, stop making fun of me.” Lei Yu scratched his head.

“And now for the main event…” Shangguan Xi Hong interrupted their conversation, smiled and said: “No matter win or loss, I will gift you a treasure.”

“What kind of treasure?” Lei Yu’s spirit immediately perked up. Now this was the most practical thing instead of some position.

After saying this, Shangguan Xi Hong’s palm briefly flashed. From an unknown place, a dark blue box appeared in his hand. “It is this treasure; it’s called a Spiritual Energy Bead.” While taking out the bead, Nuo Yi Long, Nuo Yi Feng, Fan Hong Chang and the dozen plus elites were staring straight at it filled with envy.

“Spiritual Energy Bead? What can it do?” Asked Lei Yu.

There’s a reason why Lei Yu did not know about this item. This Spiritual Energy Bead had some history, and it happened before Lei Yu joined the Dragon Group.

It was during a mission that Shangguan Xi Hong attained this bead. To an ordinary person, this bead would just be a decoration to them. But for cultivators, this bead was an absolute priceless treasure.

But unfortunately, Shangguan Xi Hong’s family members were unable to use it, which made them quite depressed. Perhaps their family’s cultivating methods with the Spiritual Energy Bead were mutually inhibited, or else he would not be so generous in giving it to Lei Yu.

“As the name of the Spiritual Energy Bead suggests, it gathers spiritual energy into the bead. When you cultivate with this bead in your possession, you put it between your legs or elsewhere, as long as it’s close to your dantian, the spiritual energy you absorb in the air while cultivating will become more refined and pure. Although it cannot fully purify everything in the air, but at least it will save you the trouble for your body to naturally purify it. “Shangguan Xi Hong looked at Lei Yu, but he did not see the surprised reaction he was expecting.

“Thank you uncle Shangguan!” Lei Yu faintly smiled. If one did not know the power behind Lei Yu, then they would think he did not fully comprehend the words Shangguan Xi Hong said, but does Lei Yu still need such a thing at all?

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