Ch 53 – In The Nick Of Time

“What’s wrong? You’re not interested?” Shangguan Xi Hong thought this was strange. If this gift was given to someone else, their reaction would probably be jumping out of their seat or at least cheering out in joy, but Lei Yu looked very calm and did not have a face that showed any particular excitement.

“Interested! Of course I’m interested!” Lei Yu realized his face was a bit too stiff, hurriedly grabbing the box, he said: “It’s just that I was momentarily struck dumb, the happiness hasn’t registered yet, thank you uncle Shangguan!” Pretending to have a pleased face, Lei Yu gently opened the box and a blue egg sized bead with a transparent body appeared in front of his eyes. Looking at it gave one a different kind of feeling of beauty, and one was able to feel up close that this bead was able to do what Shangguan Xi Hong had mentioned. Apart from being able to clean out impurities, the current surrounding air had already become cleaner due to the effect of the exposed bead.

Lei Yu’s current expression was what Shangguan Xi Hong wanted to see, and was his purpose only to reward Lei Yu? Nope, it was never this simple. That day of Lei Yu’s duel against Cai Zhong, at the most critical moment, even though both of them were covered in a black smoke, how could this super strong master not see? It was obvious that inside Lei Yu, there was an uncontrollable force. Once that force explodes forth, it’s definitely not something many people could handle.

If such a good seedling did not stay in Martial Sect and was stolen by others, then it would be such a big loss to them. So, Shangguan Xi Hong came up with this show of generosity, but unfortunately he miscalculated. Lei Yu’s face showed many thanks and appreciation, but in fact, this object to him was just a surplus item. Just one of the effects of his Spiritual Bead of Longevity’s efficacy was much stronger than this Spiritual Energy Bead. But since he received this, regardless of giving it to Nuo Hu or his disciple Liu Hao, it’s still a good thing that has happened to him.

“Let’s not waste anymore time with chatting; we are ready for the competition!” Hiding his envious stares, Nuo Yi Long said this to Lei Yu.

“Okay!” The two walked towards the railing where Nuo Hu and Liu Hao were. Nuo Yi Long stomped his foot and leapt off the three-storey building onto the ground of the training field, then slowly moved towards the center.

“Big brother, can you hold onto this for me?” Lei Yu gave the box containing the Spiritual Energy Bead to Nuo Hu. Nuo Hu could not help feel a bit surprised, such a rare treasure and Lei Yu just casually shoved it in his hands? Wasn’t he a bit too trusting with this sworn brother? This action moved Nuo Hu greatly, at least in Nuo Hu’s heart; Lei Yu gave him his absolute trust.

With a gentle leap, Lei Yu also jumped down to the ground.

The two stood in the middle of the training field and began to form their own fighting stance.

Nuo Yi Long’s internal energy was already fluctuating out of his body, giving off a strong pressure that even distorted the air in the surrounding atmosphere. If this incredibly strong power exploded forth outwards, there was no doubt that it could easily destroy a building.

Facing against such an opponent, Lei Yu could not afford to be careless. Inside his body, the surging purple internal energy with threads of lightning shimmering within it was circulated throughout his entire body. This time, Lei Yu was going to demonstrate his new ability.

According to the explanations of his cultivating methods, after reaching the [Discharge] stage, his attack not only had the effect of lightning within it, but he was also able to discharge lightning in order to extend the reach of his attacks to a certain point.

And this force was more powerful compared to before, and can be easily seen by simply looking at the lightning contained within this newly formed internal energy.

The competition was about to start. Everyone was holding their breath, their eyes staring unblinkingly at the two, fearing they’d miss something if they looked away.

Lei Yu was changing his past tactic of not moving and countering, first by modifying his battle stance. The opponent he was facing today was not someone similar to his own strength; he was facing an individual with the power of a late-stage Fifth Order Warrior. If he waited for his opponent to attack first, it’s not certain if he can even block it, let alone counterattack.

Lei Yu’s speed was really fast, with a flash of several steps as if he was the embodiment of lightning, he had arrived in front of Nuo Yi Long. They both threw out a punch at each other.

*Bang Bang!*

As their first travelled through the air, it brought forth the sound of a roaring wind. Their two fists collided at extreme speeds, causing ripples of distorted light. This was Nuo Yi Long using his strength to negate Lei Yu’s power of paralysis.

With more and more number of fists colliding in midair, the surprised expression on Nuo Yi Long’s face was becoming increasingly evident. Lei Yu’s attack speed was very fast – the moment he finished punching, his next punch was already on its way as the process repeated itself. At this time, Nuo Yi Long could only solely concentrate on defense since he was unable to counterattack.

“This kid really has great potential!” Shangguan Xi Hong thought to himself, his head also could not stop nodding. It appears the gift he expended today in return for this good seedling was worth it.

In the training field, Lei Yu’s left fist punched out, while the blur of his kick had already neared Nuo Yi Long’s abdominal area, his leg was like the shadow of a lightning strike. As it got close, Nuo Yi Long threw out a palm strike forcing Lei Yu’s leg to retract. They both felt a numbness come to pass. Nuo Yi Long felt numb because of Lei Yu’s kick contained the lightning paralysis effect, while Lei Yu was slapped by the palm strike; the raw power behind it was like him kicking a solid block of steel. “Ahhhh!” Nuo Yi Long stomped onto the ground and the earth tremored. His eyes glowed red, and his whole body was already in the air, flying in the opposite direction away from Lei Yu. He could not keep entangling himself in the current melee with Lei Yu because he simply could not find a chance to fight back.

Backing away, he once again somersaulted backwards, both hands striking the surface of the ground, allowing him to flip into the air and creating an additional ten plus steps distance between them.


Lei Yu’s fists became palms, again with lightning speed trying to rush over, but this time, Nuo Yi Long will not give Lei Yu the opportunity. Yellow internal energy suddenly surged, Nuo Yi Long’s face suddenly reddened, focusing his waist as the center, and his back as the pillar, he twisted his waist, his entire body’s strength was almost completely focused into his right fist, enlarging all the muscles in his right fist, veins popping out with a pattern like a slab of granite, the speed was extremely fast, following along a straight line, the attack rushing towards Lei Yu.


Feeling the incoming fearsome heavy punch, Lei Yu suddenly could not stop his current pace, he could only recklessly continue forward. If this punch landed upon Lei Yu’s head, he would definitely lose the ability to continue fighting.

The situation was at a critical point and he could not worry too much. Lei Yu poured his internal energy into his right arm only to find a bloated feeling from it. “Ahh!” His voice burst out. With his strong power of lightning, he rushed forward to clash with Nuo Yi Long’s super heavy punch. Also at this time, Nuo Yi Long’s fist went slightly off course in an attempt to avoid colliding with Lei Yu’s fist. Cleverly moving half an inch to the left, if Lei Yu continued rushing forward at this trajectory, then Nuo Yi Long’s fist would be the first to reach Lei Yu’s head. Because his physique was more sturdy that Lei Yu’s, and his arm length was also longer, it’s because he saw this minute detail that it was decided that Nuo Yi Long would easily win this competition.

The moment he determined his success in winning easily, everything suddenly changed. In front of Nuo Yi Long’s eyes, he saw a thin purple thread flash and then disappear, and the next moment, his fist involuntarily pulled back, blocking both his eyes tightly. But it appears everything was already too late.

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