Ch 55 – Outcome Of Winning And Losing

Fang Yi Ke = little Ke = the nurse Lei Yu met in the hospital



“Ka Cha!”

With those sounds, a dazzling piercing light burst forth as the two clashed together, brightening the entire training ground. This caused most of the soldiers to close their eyes, but they couldn’t completely close them, revealing a slight crack hoping to see the outcome of this final struggle.

In the past high-level duels, the outcome was usually decided with a final ultimate move, and this scenario was also the same.

“Poof!” Nuo Yi Long’s mouth sprayed a mist of blood into the air. His body took a few steps back before standing steady again. His chest area had suffered a heavy attack that contained the fury of lightning.

As for Lei Yu, an “ugh” sound was heard from him. Big mouthfuls of blood came out of his mouth, all of his internal organs were damaged, his internal energy was running amok inside. “Agghh!” Lei Yu fell onto the ground with a heavy thud, the lightning net surrounding his body disappeared without a trace.

The outcome of the match was very obvious, Lei Yu suffered serious injuries and cannot continue. And for Nuo Yi Long, apart from his bodily injuries, he also took a hit to his mental state. Originally this match was just an exchanging of pointers to him; no serious injuries should result from it so he was supposed to hold back his use of internal energy. But because of Lei Yu’s previous statement provoking Nuo Yi Long’s fighting spirit, this tragic outcome appeared.

“Quick, send him to the infirmary!” Nuo Yi Long once again spit out a mouthful of blood, hurriedly shouting towards the group of soldiers frozen in shock.

“Ahh! Okay!” A dozen soldiers rushed over and picked up Lei Yu while several other soldiers went to support Nuo Yi Long, rushing towards the direction of the infirmary.

As for Nuo Hu and the rest of the spectators up on the building, a drop of cold sweat dripped from their forehead. The look of shock in their eyes would not dissipate at all.

“Master, he…”

“Little Yu is way too strong, able to fight against my father and cause such injuries to him, I’m afraid there aren’t many people in existence that can say that. I did not expect this, not at all!” Nuo Hu and several others even forget that the two had been seriously injured and were sent to the infirmary. The shock in Shangguan Xi Hong’s heart was no less than the others, this Lei Yu, he must think of way to firmly hold onto him and not let him leave no matter what.

Shangguan Xi Hong was the first to recover, “let’s quickly rush to the infirmary and see how they’re doing!”

“Ah! Right! Let’s go!” Nuo Hu and the rest finally recovered, rushing down the building and towards the infirmary.

The green energy inside Lei Yu’s body was continuously surging, and at the same time, it was gradually repairing the injured meridians and internal organs.

Fortunately, the degree of injury to Lei Yu was not life threatening. Although Nuo Yi Long’s use of power was ruthless, he still held back about ten percent of his power. After all, his mental state was still rational and was not intending to kill Lei Yu, this was just a challenge match to test each other’s strength.

After some emergency treatment, the pain Lei Yu felt had been reduced by some. After all, the infirmary here was not equipped with as much medical equipment as the large hospitals out there.

Inside a hospital room.

“How come you’re hurt again? How long has it only been?” Fang Yi Ke asked Lei Yu on the hospital bed, blinking her eyes.

Liu Hao wet his lips and said, “it’s good that master is okay, but master, you are truly way too powerful! My admiration to you is like the flowing water of the Yangtze River…”

“Stop with the bullshit!” Lei Yu half scolded and half laughed as a burst of severe pain hit his chest.

“Stop moving around and rest, your injury this time is less compared to last time, but not that much better off. I really don’t understand exactly what kind of job do you do, why are you always getting hurt?” In actuality, little Ke wanted to say this out loud, but could only say this inside her distressed heart. Seeing Lei Yu in this condition where every movement would cause him pain, she felt like her heart was being stabbed with needles.

“Oh yea!” Lei Yu suddenly remembered, “how is uncle Nuo?”

“Him? He’s also in the hospital but his injuries aren’t as serious compared to yours master, he never lost conscious.”

There was a “bang” sound and the door was suddenly thrown open, and a naturally attractive girl rushed in, “Lei Yu, are you alright?!”

“Oh, you came! I’m fine, still alive.” Lei Yu smiled faintly, shifting his body back while holding a half sitting half lying down position.

“So hateful! You scared me half to death and still say such things? What’s going on with you, always getting hurt, and each time it’s so serious!” Cui Ying Ying rushed over to the bed and looked all over Lei Yu’s body, causing him to be slightly embarrassed.

“Sister Ying Ying, how come you’re here?” Asked Liu Hao.

“Ai Er gave me a call crying over the phone. She went to see her father first but will come over here soon.” Cui Ying Ying replied.

Sure enough, as Cui Ying Ying finished saying this, another “bang” was heard the door was thrown open again. Ai Er’s eyes were still filled with tears as she came in, causing anyone’s heart to ache upon seeing her.

“How could you challenge my father?! How come none of you told me this in advance?” Ai Er’s speed was not slow running over. “Do you know how strong he is? How can you be his opponent?! Always causing people to worry about you, I was worried to death! ” Ai Er saw that her father and Lei Yu was okay before throwing such a tantrum, or else she would be voiceless and only crying.

“I know I was wrong okay?” Lei Yu was despondent, “can you all not complain and lecture the first time you lay eyes on me? I’m still in a bad shape… aggh!” After saying this, a wave of pain hit his chest once more.

All three women rushed forward at the same time and asked “how are you feeling?!”

“Still in a lot of pain?”

“You’re okay right? Don’t talk so much.”

“Tsk, tsk.” Liu Hao shook his head, “how could master’s fate with women be this good?”

After saying this, the atmosphere in the room suddenly froze. Ai Er was okay, but Cui Ying Ying suddenly felt a bit weird and stood up, half bending down towards Lei Yu and half standing up in an unnatural position.

Now the person that felt the most out of place was Fang Yi Ke; her hands were still resting on top of Lei Yu, still stroking his chest. She suddenly blushed from her face all the way down to her neck, looking particularly cute to others.

“I’m fine, I’m fine! Ai Er, how is uncle Nuo doing?” Lei Yu tried changing the subject while glaring his eyes at Liu Hao. Eyes filled with blame, the receiver of the glare swallowed hard and dared not to say a word anymore.

“My father is okay, but his chest suffered a violent impact so he’s currently being scanned by an X-ray, he should be fine.” Replied Ai Er.

The hospital room was filled with the love of three women towards one man. Liu Hao filled with envy was sitting quietly at the side, slapping his thighs with nothing else to do.

This time, Lei Yu had to stay in the hospital for a longer period. Even though his injury was not as serious as last time, but last time he did not damage his bones, while this time, he fractured quite a bit of his bones. Thus, he had to rest longer so that no accidents would occur in the meantime.

In reality, Ai Er saw through how Cui Ying Ying and Fang Yi Ke tenderly treated Lei Yu. Although seeds of jealousy did sprout in her heart, but no matter what, the man she loved had so many other women attracted to him, she could not help admiring her own choices in picking people.

Three months time passed by very quickly. During this time, Lei Yu was able to thoroughly enjoy being surrounded by three beautiful women taking turns caring for him, but at times he would also feel a bit helpless with this situation.

On the other side of the city, inside a luxurious private hotel room filled with a deep sense of spring, two women and a man in different positions were on the bed. A beautiful sexy girl was lying between the man’s crotch area, sucking up and down vigorously.

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