Ch 58 – Scheming For Profit

Inside the wooden crate was a glass case, almost the same size as the crate. It looked as if the wooden crate was put together just to protect this glass case.

Inside the glass case were densely covered with insects. The whole insect’s body was black; covered with a sticky ooze that would make someone want to throw up; and they each had two sharp teeth.

“F*cking sickening!” Frowned Liu Hao.

“What were these bunch of bastards doing?” Lei Yu turned his head, “big brother, I have no clue what these things are, I’ve never seen them before in my entire life. Should we contact Dragon Group and have this crate taken away?”

“Sounds good.” Nuo Hu nodded and walked outside. One look at these disgusting looking insects made one want to throw up so no one wanted to give it a second glance.

Lei Yu supported Fang Yi Ke and brought her towards a taxi. They hurriedly returned to Lei Yu’s home while the rest of the scene was left for Nuo Hu and Liu Hao to take care of.

As for killing several of the Kou country’s people, Nuo Hu conveyed the situation to his fellow Dragon Group brothers and the police once they arrived on scene. What Dragon Group was involved in, the police here were not qualified nor authorized to interfere in. Nuo Hu only explained to the police that Dragon Group was on a mission.

As for Fang Yi Ke’s incident, this was not disclosed; all the focus was put on the crate of unknown insects. The crate was quickly shipped to the research centers while everyone waited for the results.

Lei Yu supported little Ke and brought her into his house. He grabbed some clean clothes which actually belonged to Ai Er whom had left behind when she stayed over in the past – both their body sizes happened to be similar in stature.

Fang Yi Ke’s gaze were still lifeless and not responding to any stimuli, causing Lei Yu’s head to somewhat ache. Forced to this circumstance, he gave Ai Er a call.

“Can you come to my house for a bit? Little Ke is here with me.”

“It’s 2 o’clock in the morning, why is she at your house?” Asked Ai Er.

“Don’t ask too many questions for now, something happened, oh yea, don’t come over by yourself, it’s best that you have someone drive you here.” Lei Yu was a bit afraid, he could not shake off the paranoia feeling he was experiencing. Looking at little Ke’s lifeless eyes, he could still see a trace of fear in them. Lei Yu felt his heart ache… “Lei Yu, I love you!” These words kept repeating itself in Lei Yu’s mind. Little Ke’s words made him feel like he wanted to go crazy.

Ai Er hurriedly put on a change of clothes, then used cold water to wash away her sleepiness. She hastily called her family’s chauffeur and they drove to Lei Yu’s house.

Lei Yu told Ai Er everything that had happened. For an entire night, Ai Er meticulously took care of little Ke. For a good friend to have suffered such a huge humiliation, how could a friend of hers not feel heartache and sorrow?

Although it was uneventful throughout the night at Lei Yu’s house, and little Ke was finally able to sleep, the outside world was experiencing an earth shattering event.

Liu Hao contacted and influenced the police for large-scale raids; the aim was to find some clues on what’s going on. Coupled with Nuo Hu and Dragon Group’s presence, Liu Hao’s words were more persuasive. Each police officer only knew to look for people acting suspiciously, but they didn’t know who they were specifically looking for.

Outside the research room door, stood a few imposing people. This group included Nuo Yi Long and several other local army commanders.

The results will be out soon so Nuo Yi Long and the others wanted to get the results first hand and immediately report it to their superiors.

A bald old man wearing eye glasses came out from the research room, followed by a young man and woman who were both also research scientists.

“Professor Luo, how was it? What are these creatures?” Asked Nuo Yi Long.

Professor Luo pushed the glasses resting on his nose, “quite frightful, but fortunately it was found early. Inside the insect’s body contains a lot of bacteria, if a human came in contact with it, it will likely cause a serious illness before leading to paralysis. According to my research, this bacterium is not from nature but was somehow injected into it. These insects should have been some common insects. During the larval stage, they were injected with these bacterium causing them to look like what we see now. These insects are extremely interested in any types of flesh, and once they discover that presence, no matter the obstacles, they will be desperately sink their mouths into it. From this we can see how frightful their characteristics are.

“These insects are that horrifying?” Nuo Yi Long’s eyes were wide with shock.

“That’s right; you should quickly report this situation to our superiors, while I would like to conduct further research. It’ll be fine if this were the only case of insects, but if there are others floating around, then things may become really bad. I suspect that someone wants to maliciously release these insects here in Tenglong.

The seriousness of this situation had exceeded everyone’s expectations. Nuo Yi Long and others took the report Professor Luo printed out and left with it, heading in the direction of the main city.

The sky was already getting bright. Lei Yu did not sleep the whole night, just blankly watching over the two girls sleep.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sudden ringing of his cell phone. Lei Yu quickly picked up the phone, “Liu Hao, what’s going on?”

“Master, we haven’t found any clues but Nuo Hu has something to tell you.” Then Nuo Hu’s voice came over the phone.

“Little Yu, things are very serious, those insects you discovered actually have some type of bacteria in them. The people up top suspect those sons of bitches from Kou country were intending to release the insects to cause a widespread of disease, and then sell us some curing treatment at a high price.

“Those bastards!”

Lei Yu hung up the phone and found that Ai Er had awoken, “please take care of little Ke, I have to return to Dragon Group, some important things have come up.”

“I will, just be careful yourself.”

Inside a conference room in Dragon Group’s villa.

Nuo Yi Feng and Lei Yu sat across from each other at a large conference table, places next to the Commander’s empty seat. It seems that Lei Yu’s identity as a Deputy Commander has been approved.

Nuo Yi Feng looked at Lei Yu and said: “Little Yu, you should be up-to-date on the current situation, and you were the one that discovered this whole incident so how about you relay this to everyone?

Lei Yu nodded, then explained the state of affairs in detail to the elites of Dragon Team, and emphasized the seriousness of the situation. Everyone’s eyes revealed a trace of anger; those people from the Kou country were indeed bastards for such a thing to be schemed.

“The current assignment does not require Wild Wolf Team or Lion Team to take action. My fellow elite brothers of Dragon Team, I wish for everyone to spread out, combine with police efforts to search for clues. If there is even a single insect exposed to society, then the consequences would be disastrous. One thing everyone must be clear on: The reason why this assignment only consists of Dragon Team members is because during this task, you may encounter some troublesome things – and this troublesome thing is likely the ninjas from the country of Kou. Therefore everyone needs to be alert and pay 120% attention to this task. Also, your actions cannot disturb the common civilians to avoid chaos. Does everyone understand?” During the explanation, Lei Yu unconsciously revealed his domineering aura.

“Yes, Deputy Commander!” The cry in unison brought forth an imposing manner.

After the meeting, the elites set out on their assignment. Lei Yu and Nuo Yi Feng sat in the conference room discussing some more things. Coincidentally, Nuo Yi Long at this moment returned to Dragon Group, it appears he was rushing back from the main city.

“Uncle Nuo, what did up top say?” Asked Lei Yu.

Sitting on the sofa, Nuo Yi Long’s face seemed a bit unpleasant, “when we reached the main city and reported our findings to the superiors, those up top directly communicated with the leaders of the Kou country, but they outright denied that it had anything to do with their country.

“Those bastards!” Lei Yu tightened his fist, the thought of little Ke at his house made Lei Yu’s anger flare up.

“Those up top gave some speculations for this situation, but none of the two speculations given had any direct relationship with the leader of the Kou country. First, it’s likely an attempt by the underground forces scheming for profit; and the second being some departments were accepting bribes leading this item to flow into Tenglong.”

“How could this be?” Lei Yu said frowning, “the underground forces scheming to profit from the disease spreading and selling the treatment at a high price; and Customs accepting bribes is an ironclad fact; so how can this have nothing to do with the Kou country?”

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