Ch 59 – Searching In Vain

“Since our country doesn’t want to meddle with this, it looks like they don’t want any direct conflicts with the Kou country. We can’t do much about it but at least for now, the most important thing is to search throughout the country for the presence of anymore of these bacterial insects, it’s the only recourse we have.” Said Nuo Yi Long helplessly.

Lei Yu heavily sighed, “since our country doesn’t want to clash with the Kou country, I personally have nothing to be afraid of so I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

“Little Yu, what are you planning to do?” Nuo Yi Long hurriedly asked with surprise.

“Nothing major, uncle Nuo, don’t worry about it.” Lei Yu stood up and then said: “I’m going to coordinate with my fellow brothers to look for clues, if something comes up, I will contact you immediately.”

Although Lei Yu seemed a bit strange, they couldn’t put a finger on exactly what’s wrong, so Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng both nodded while Lei Yu then turned and left.

Inside Ming Sect, Du Zhang Hai’s office.

“Why is Mr. Otsuka personally bringing this bacterial agent?” Du Zhang Hai’s voice sounded very polite.

A forty to fifty year old Kou person in less than fluent Tenglong language replied: “Nagasaka and several of his men were killed in Tenglong, and some important goods left behind were seized by your country so the situation is very serious for us.”

“Oh? Something like this happened?” Du Zhang Hai put on an act because he had already received news of this early on. Among the major figureheads of the country, Ming Sect had placed their own members to keep a watchful eye on them, thus for a matter like this, it could be considered him already gaining first hand information. Of course he made no mention of this in front of Otsuka.

Otsuka did not usually show his face in deals because his identity in the Kou country could be regarded as pivotal. The country of Kou were divided into two great forces, one could say these two forces were evenly matched, so they each could not eradicate the other.

One of the major forces was openly known to the public, mainly made up of officials that ran the day to day affairs of the Kou country. The other major force were the underground world that were singularly handled by the Yamaguchi-gumi, one could say they were untouchable. Even though these forces were considered good vs. bad, they would at times mutually benefit off each other as if they were partners. As for Otsuka, he is considered an Advanced Ninja in the Yamaguchi-gumi. Ninjas in the Kou country were respected and admired by everyone, so with the emergence of the insects carrying a deadly bacterium, the officials of Kou naturally had to cover-up for the Yamaguchi-gumi. But of course they could not openly assist them; otherwise if this incident went all the way to the United Nations, then things would become troublesome.

Du Zhang Hai did not chat too much with Otsuka, except Otsuka did request the Ming Sect for help in finding the murderer of his underling Nagasaka. In actuality, this was not a difficult task so Du Zhang Hai agreed to the request, then bid farewell to this foreign guest.

“Sect Leader, it looks your intentions are well planned out!” A masked man in black came out from a hidden door behind the bookcase.

“I actually knew of this a long time ago, I was just waiting to see how Martial Sect was going to handle it. Can’t say for sure, but we might even get some unexpected gains out of this.” Du Zhang Hai’s eyes revealed a cold glint.


Lei Yu’s heart felt very anxious. Since the matter was related to the Kou country, his own country did not want to pursue this. As long as no irreparable situation occurs, everyone just wanted to turn a blind eye to it.

But Lei Yu could not do this, his own friend little Ke had been sullied. And now she was disoriented from suffering a mental breakdown, making him extremely angry. He vowed to find out which major force inside the Kou country dared to be so savage. Not only that, actually daring to come to Tenglong and stirring up such a major incident along with it.

All the elite troops were coordinating with the police in searching for clues, hoping no major catastrophe would happen. As for Lei Yu, there’s really not much he could help with so he simply returned home.

Ai Er had already called a doctor over in the morning, but it wasn’t one from the hospital little Ke worked at for the sake of her reputation. Lei Yu of course kept his mouth shut about it, now only nine people in this world knew little Ke had been sullied, and five of them could not speak ever again.

“Little Ke’s mental status gradually stabilized after taking some anti-anxiety medication, she’s asleep now. I’ve already called her hospital to request some time off so there shouldn’t be any problems.” Ai Er sighed as she looked at Lei Yu.

“How should we explain this to her family? Asked Lei Yu a bit worried.

“What? You don’t know?”

“Know what?”

“Oh, I thought you knew…” Ai Er looked at the sleeping little Ke, her heart turning a bit sour. “Little Ke grew up in an orphanage, I’ve never heard her mentioning anything about her personal life. I only know that she was an orphan that was adopted around the age of ten. When she arrived at my school, we became classmates and our relationship had always been close. After I went to school abroad, we haven’t been in contact. It was just this past year that I realized she had become a nurse at the hospital you stayed at. Little Ke’s personal life experience was already very sad, I did not expect her to suffer such an experience as well, the heavens are really unfair!”

Lei Yu’s heart ached like it was tied into a knot; such a happy and lovely girl would experience such an unfortunate event overnight. And while this girl was suffering a mental breakdown, she actually mentioned she loved him, this made Lei Yu feel even more sad and distressed.

Lei Yu secretly vowed that he would see this matter to its end. Not only was the person behind attacking little Ke had to pay with his life, but everyone this person was associated with had to pay their price in blood. Besides, whoever this group of people belonged to are probably evil people anyway.

After a month of searching in secret, not a single clue was found. The forces of Martial Sect gradually returned to their bases, while the police also gradually withdrew from this incident. The fear and danger of the insect’s bacteria slowly faded as time went by.

No matter what, Lei Yu was unable to figure out the identity of those people he killed and whom they had worked for.

When things had been thought to have come to a conclusion, perhaps the Ming Sect thought of a person of great potential, so they made the initiative to contact the Advanced Ninja Otsuka.

“Mr. Otsuka, I have some news for you about the situation you asked me to investigate about.” Du Zhang Hai lightly smiled as he sipped a cup of tea.

Hearing there was news, Otsuka’s spirit immediately perked up. The Kou country’s ninjas identity and status were very respected, no matter what rank the ninja was, as long as one of them dies, then the murderer must be found. Especially for the underground force Yamaguchi-gumi who prided on their viciousness as their motto.

“Mr. Du, tell me this person’s name and the cost of our previous transaction will be returned to you.” Asked Otsuka.

Du Zhang Hai smiled, “Mr. Otsuka is so generous.” Able to grab drugs worth $5 – 6 million for free, then why not? Moreover, he could borrow the power of a foreign force to get rid of a troublesome seedling, seeing the best of both worlds was something the Ming Sect was most happy to see.

“His name is Lei Yu.”

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  1. crazyboy1200 says:

    Uh oh….It’s gonna get serious again O.o

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    It always bothers me that all these novels spend so much time worrying about the younger generation. They even wager their futures based on competitions starring the younger generation. The adults are extremely powerful and should handle things themselves. This elder in the Ming Sect is stronger than Lei Yu. Lei Yu isn’t even a current threat to him. All these elders force the younger generation to grow extremely fast by involving them in chaos when they really just want to be normal and do things for themselves and family members. Ming Sect is just inviting its own retribution in the future. They could have just left him alone.

    Thank you for the update.

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  5. So she was raped right 😢?


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