Ch 6 – Dragon Group Tests

Quickly taking a bath, the dawn sky was already starting to get hazy with light. Lei Yu lived in a solitary high-rise, since it was still early in the morning, Yu Lei stood in front of the window watching all the cars coming and going by on the street.

Lei Yu recalled the battle scene between the two wild beasts and that yellow bead, “I wonder what was up with that?” Without realizing it, Lei Yu touched his forehead. Thinking that there was a bead inside his head made him a bit uncomfortable.

Inadvertently turning around, Lei Yu saw his tattered clothes. Remembering wrapped inside his tattered clothes were the unknown named fruits he had picked but never ate. Unwrapping the clothing, he took a bite out of the fruit. The fruit was still plump, juicy, and very sweet. It had not gone bad even though it was picked quite a few days ago.

“Ahhh, so good, I should really let Nuo Hu try some.” After eating another one, his internal energy slightly vibrated giving Lei Yu an enjoyable feeling. Usually after eating the fruit, he would sit down and absorb it, but today he didn’t do that. Picking up his newly purchased backpack, shoving a few pieces of fruit inside, he left the house.

Lei Yu’s apartment was a bit far from the Dragon Group grounds, but he did not take any public transportation, he chose to jog there. Even though jogging would not increase his cultivation level by that much, but he would still attain some tiny benefits from it.

“Little Yu!”

The currently jogging Lei Yu turned his head and saw Nuo Hu driving towards him.

“Take this.” Nuo Hu took out a brand new top of the line cell phone from his pocket and handed it to Lei Yu. “This will help us communicate easier, and I have good news to tell you.”

“Oh? What good news?” Lei Yu asked.

“Do you remember Ai Er?”

“Ai Er? Didn’t she go live abroad?” Lei Yu remembered Nuo Hu’s little sister called Nuo Ai Er. Since they were young, this little girl loved playing together with her two brothers. And since she was young, she was intelligent and easy to get along with, gaining Lei Yu’s adoration.

“Right, but she is about to return home, she’s currently filling out paperwork these few days.”

“That is great!” The cell phone was just handed to Lei Yu, it then started ringing. Lei Yu could see a smirk on Nuo Hu’s face, indicating he should answer the phone.


“Brother Yu!” (T/N: should be brother little Yu, but doesn’t make sense in English)

“Ai Er?”

“Wait for me, I’m coming home soon, I want to see if you’ve become more handsome! This is an international long-distance call, very expensive, hanging up now!”

Not letting Lei Yu respond, the other side already hung up the phone. Lei Yu shook his head helplessly, living abroad for several years, this little missy’s thoughts were quite westernized, starting a conversation with such a greeting.

Putting the phone in his pocket, Lei Yu mysteriously took out the purple reddish fruit from his backpack and handed it over to Nuo Hu. Hesitantly holding the fruit, Nuo Hu first took a small bite.  His eyes suddenly opened in surprise, proceeding to gulp down the fruit with such ferocity. Watching Nuo Hu close his eyes in contentment, Lei Yu also smiled in satisfaction.

“What kind of fruit was that? How could it taste so good?”

Lei Yu shrugged, “I don’t know but I’ve been eating it the past year to survive.”

As Lei Yu was saying that, Nuo Hu’s look of surprise became more obvious, “such a feeling of rejuvenating energy! What is going on?” Gently rubbing his stomach, Nuo Hu asked in amazement.

“I also don’t know, but it definitely helps with cultivation.”

While sitting inside the car, Nuo Hu closed his eyes and experienced the rejuvenating energy. Nuo Hu’s smile gradually became more brilliant, just one fruit and he was able to feel  earth-shaking changes in his body. He could not even fathom this monster Lei Yu had actually eaten this fruit for a whole year, what kind of improvement has he gained.

“I still have some more here, it’s all yours.” Lei Yu generous took all the fruits from his backpack and gave it to Nuo Hu.

“What about you?”

“I ate a lot of them already, I don’t think they have much effect on me anymore.”

Nuo Hu excitedly took all the fruits. One could see that in his eyes, they were filled with gratitude towards Lei Yu. Lei Yu acted selflessly because he felt that it was a normal thing to share with one’s’ brother.

Nuo Hu belonged to ancients clans inside the Martial Sect. He learned martial arts since he was young, and they were the top tier martial cultivating arts, naturally making him different from ordinary people. This spiritually infused fruit for Nuo Hu was like a cultivation increasing elixir, how could he not be excited?

Going with Nuo Hu, they arrived at the military camp.

“Has your energy consumption recovered from yesterday?” asked Fan Hong Chang.

“Completely recovered.”

Fan Hong Chang nodded his head: “Are you willing to accept another test today?”

“Huh? Why?” Lei Yu hurriedly asked, thinking that there problems with yesterday’s test.

“Your ability has already exceeded the standards of the Wild Wolf Team. The Commander, Deputy Commander and I, have decided to have you test for admission into the Lion Team.”

The test results were expected by Lei Yu and Nuo Hu, that’s why Nuo Hu did not show much surprise during yesterday’s test. But for those new recruits, it was definitely unimaginable.

Lei Yu naturally agreed, if he could attain a higher level, it would mean he will be in contact with more powerful individuals. This may help him improve his cultivation greatly.

For this test, endurance and strength were no longer the objective, instead it was fighting. This was actually Lei Yu’s weakness. When in the Lei family household, he was often beaten by others, never retaliating. Just before he left the Lei household, he only retaliated slightly, it could not be really considered fighting back. Counting the days until now, he had only fought with the unnamed fierce beast in a death struggle, therefore Lei Yu’s actual combat experience were rather inadequate.

“What type of fighting are we engaging in?” asked Lei Yu.

“Within the Lion Team, I will pick the weakest soldier to fight with you. If you can win against him, you will have some time to rest. You can then choose to challenge the next strongest fighter, or you could give up. Naturally, you will be able to enter Lion Team at this point, but you will also be like that weakest soldier, at the bottom of the barrel” explained Fan Hong Chang.

Lei Yu nodded his head, “I understand, lets start then.”

Hearing that yesterday’s new recruit who had just entered the Wild Wolf Team was now being tested for team advancement, it attracted the attention of new recruits and veterans, all running to come watch.

“Isn’t this guy a bit too powerful? He passed the test yesterday to get into Dragon Group, now he can participate in the team advancement test!”

“That’s right! It’s too unbelievable!”

Many new recruits stood outside the testing grounds discussing this. Then the Lion Team’s veterans were brought to the center of the testing grounds, sitting around in a circle forming a fighting ring.

“You, come out!”


A strong looking soldier stood up and walked towards the center of the ring. Fan Hong Chang said: “Very simple rules, you’re not allowed to hurt vital areas, not allowed to kill, knocking down or making the opponent yield will end the match. Understood?”

“Understood!” Lei Yu and the unnamed soldier replied in unison.

“Start!” yelled Fan Hong Chang, quickly withdrawing to the edge of the ring. Nuo Hu crossed his arms and nonchalantly looked at Lei Yu.

Being with Lei Yu these past 2 days, Nuo Hu knew how much power Lei Yu possessed. Even if they were Lion Team’s soldiers, they were no match for Lei Yu. Their physical abilities were only beyond the Wild Wolf Team soldiers, reaching the pinnacle levels of ordinary people, but still only an ordinary person. Lei Yu and Nuo Hu both discussed that the aim was to directly enter Dragon Team. But they still had to follow normal testing procedures for this.

Sure enough, the soldier assumed a standard fighting stance and slowly approached Lei Yu, and began throwing out punches. But Lei Yu did not block or counter-attack because he did not think his opponent’s fist was able to hurt him. Once in a while, he would move his hand to deflect a fist aiming for his head, but when it came to his body, Lei Yu did not resist and allowed the attacks to land.

One by one, the Lion Team members revealed looks of surprise. Even if the participating soldier was the weakest out of them all, no one would dare to stand there and take the beating. If someone was to say Lei Yu did not know how to defend himself and could only take on the attacks, yet strangely why did his face not suffer any attacks.

The new recruits outside the testing grounds began to have their blood boil in excitement. This was really unimaginable!

“Wow! He is too strong!”

“That’s right, look, he’s not even making any moves!”

“What do you know, if he was to fight back, his opponent will immediately get knocked out!”

“I think that’s an accurate assessment!”

The uproar outside the testing ground had cause some anxiety to the soldier who was currently doing his best throwing out punches. His fists became more rapid and powerful, aiming at Lei Yu’s head area. But no matter how hard he tried, he was simply unable to break through this line of defense.

Lei Yu relied on his speed and powerful defense. After the [Body Refining] stage, Lei Yu was not someone an ordinary person could hurt, even if that ordinary person was at their pinnacle limit.

“Do you think it is necessary to continue fighting?” Lei Yu asked as he gently deflected a punch that was aimed at his face.

Immediately after the question was asked, the soldier stopped his attacks, standing there breathing in ragged breaths. In that short 3 minutes, he was already exhausted and out of breath. While Lei Yu looked like nothing much had happened except a friendly chit chat had just occurred. Is this something humans are capable of doing?

Not only the new recruits, even those Lion Team soldiers sitting around the ring began to tense up, constantly whispering to each other.

“Be quiet!” yelled Fan Hong Chang running to the center of the ring, “the results are very obvious!”

This soldier lowered his head, ran back to the edge of the ring and silently sat down. He knew deep inside that if Lei Yu attacked, even if it was just 1 punch, he may be currently lying down inside the military’s field hospital.

“Lei Yu, you can choose to continue challenging stronger opponents, or you can also choose to give up, either way, you can enter the Lion Team.”


The audience were in an uproar. Just on the second day, this teenager who had recently joined the Dragon Group was able to advance into the Lion Team, which was the team that all new recruits dreamed of joining. This could be considered something that has never happened before in Dragon Group. If one insists on saying this could happen, then it could only happen to a descendant of those ancient martial arts clans who had the ability. Looking at Lei Yu, it seems he only had a close relationship with Nuo Hu with no mention of which clan he was from.

Lei Yu smiled: “I choose to continue the challenge!” Pausing briefly, he then said: “I choose to challenge the Lion Team’s strongest soldier!”

“Okay!” Fan Hong Chang eyes shone with excitement, he hadn’t seen such an outstanding soldier for a long time. As to the identity and history of Lei Yu, he has heard some stories about it. But to be abandoned by the family as useless trash could actually be this powerful, this was a shocking situation.

The entire audience was once again boiling with excitement. Daring to challenge Lion Team’s strongest person, this was undoubtedly the most challenging feat in the existence of an ordinary person. This situation has never happened in the history of Dragon Group. The strongest would most definitely be the number one pick to advance into Dragon Team at the next scheduled exam. His great strength would naturally be revered by all soldiers.

“I accept the challenge!”

A soldier with a rosy looking face stood up from the corner and ran to the center of the ring. Lei Yu carefully sized up the soldier. Even though the physical appearance did not look as strong as the last soldier, but the imposing manner he gave off had already exceeded that last soldier. This was the spirit that Dragon Group’s soldiers were required to have.

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