Ch 60 – Little Ke Is Abducted

Otsuka noted down the name, and at the same time found out from Du Zhang Hai that Lei Yu was a member of Tenglong’s military group. If that was the case, he could not take care of him outright in the open, he had to use some behind the scene methods.

Du Zhang Hai did not really see this Advanced Ninja as the same status as him, just with his own strength, even if he was a citizen of the Kou country he would stand at the top. But when it involved money, then he had to give this Otsuka some face because no one would ever think they had too much money.

After leaving Du Zhang Hai’s office at Ming Sect, Otsuka promptly ordered his men to tail and investigate this Lei Yu. Things took shape very quickly; although the Yamaguchi-gumi was only in its infancy stage within Tenglong country, but to search for a person wasn’t a difficult thing. And since Lei Yu typically does not take any evasive maneuvers while he travels, even if he was a member of Dragon Group, Lei Yu did not make any attempts to announce or hide his status.

“Lord Otsuka, we’ve found Lei Yu’s home address.”

“That’s good.” Otsuka gestured his hand for his men to leave, he was then planning his next move silently.

If this situation was not thoroughly investigated, he won’t be able to explain himself to headquarters. The death of four Elementary and one Intermediate Ninja was no small matter; he had to be careful in dealing with this.


Fang Yi Ke suffered from a psychological trauma so she could not be subject to anymore shocks or excessive stimulus. Ai Er had been accompanying her the entire time, and because Dragon Group did not make any progress, Nuo Yi Long and others gradually slackened their concentration with the incident.

“Brother Yu, you’ve returned.”

Hearing Ai Er’s voice, Lei Yu’s mood improved a lot. He went to Dragon Group and requested areas to be searched again in case an important clue was missed, but due to the complicated relationship of the superiors up top, Nuo Yi Long denied the request.

“Ai Er, you’ve worked hard during this period of time, always accompanying at the side of little Ke.” Lei Yu gently stroked Ai Er’s hair, smelling the scent of her which made him relax somewhat.

“Little Ke and I are like sisters, of course I would take good care of her, especially when she is this unfortunate.”

A “clank” sound was suddenly heard. They both glanced at each other before running towards the bedroom.

But they found little Ke still sleeping, so where did the sound come from? Lei Yu frowned slightly. According to his senses, he quietly walked towards the window and peered out through a curtain seam, seeing a black shadow swaying.

“What is it?”

“Shhh!” Lei Yu placed his index finger on his lips as a sign to be quiet, so Ai Er immediately stopped talking.

The black shadow outside the window paused for about a minute, then started moving again. By the window, a “clank” sound was heard again. Lei Yu finally understood where this sound was coming from – in order to keep hanging onto the wall, the black shadow stabbed his/her weapon into it as leverage.

Slightly exhaling, Lei Yu suddenly opened the curtains. The black shadow’s reaction was extremely fast, it jumped backwards instantly leaving Lei Yu’s attacking range. The teacup that Lei Yu was holding in preparation shot out of his hands. With a “crash,” the teacup struck the black shadow making it fall. Even though this was only the second floor, but because of Lei Yu’s sudden attack, the black shadow could not keep calm and the injuries sustained should not be light from landing in a bad angle.

Lei Yu turned around and cried out: “Not good, they’re ninjas from the Kou country!”

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!” As Lei Yu just finished crying out, three black shadows sprang from the eaves of the house, crashing through the windows and into the house. Lei Yu clashed with them, and at that moment, a loud noise came from outside the door. Two ninjas had broken the door lock and rushed in from the outside, finding that their three companions weren’t able to handle Lei Yu. One of them reacted swiftly by wanting to rush to where Ai Er was standing. That ninja was then knocked to the ground by Lei Yu’s spinning kick. Ai Er who had just recovered from shock wanted to hide behind Lei Yu’s back.

Once again, some wind noises were heard. Like grasshoppers, five black shadows pounced into the room. At this moment, there were still three ninjas confronting Lei Yu. In order for Lei Yu to ensure the safety of Ai Er, the speed to defeat his opponents had to be slowed down. Two ninjas grasped this chance to rush towards where little Ke was sleeping.

When Lei Yu was finally able to react, it was already too late. A long shiny knife was placed on little Ke’s white neck.

“Bastards!” With a cry of rage, Lei Yu’s punch penetrated into the chest of ninja in front of him, his hands immediately covered with blood. But the knife was already placed against little Ke’s neck, no matter how fast Lei Yu’s speed was, it was impossible for him to instantly save her. “What to do, what should I do?”

Lei Yu couldn’t think of way to deal with this. The ninjas remaining also knew they couldn’t take on Lei Yu since several of their companions had already been killed by him. Perhaps it was from seeing Lei Yu’s anxiousness, thus, two of them picked up little Ke and jumped out of the window in a panic to flee with her.

“F*cking beasts!” Lei Yu also jumped out the window running after them.

It may have been from carrying the hostage, but the speed of the two ninjas were very slow, slow enough that Lei Yu caught up to them within seconds.

“Let go of her, otherwise don’t even think of leaving here!” Screamed Lei Yu viciously while clenching his fists.

They two did not seem to understand Lei Yu’s words, only glancing at each other. Coincidentally, little Ke happened to wake up at this time and seeing two people carrying her, she desperately struggled. But no matter how much she struggled, she could not wriggle her way out of their grasp. The blade of the small knife still resting on little Ke’s neck cut open a small wound, and blood started trickling down the blade.

Lei Yu clenched his teeth, yet what could he do right now? Was he to ignore little Ke’s life and directly kill the two?

One of the ninjas blurted out a badly mangled Tenglong language, “don’t follow us or we will kill her!”

Both ninjas starting retreating backwards, half focused on holding onto their hostage and half focused on this strong opponent. Lei Yu did not dare to make any sudden movements. The ninjas continued moving backwards slowly, farther and farther away, ten meters… fifteen meters… Lei Yu dared only to take small steps forward.

A black commercial car came rushing over. Once Lei Yu realized what was going on, it was already too late. The two ninjas shoved little Ke into the car, stepped on the throttle to the max, and the car quickly left the area. Lei Yu stood there with bloodshot eyes, but his heart realized that being anxious was of no use, he could only wait. Lei Yu could be considered calm facing this sudden situation, at least his mind was able to think things through instead of making rash decisions.

“Their goal should be seeking revenge on me, so their intent on capturing little Ke as a hostage should be to threaten me with it. Ugh, things are getting more and more complicated.”

Ai Er ran out of the house and asked: “Where’s little Ke?”

“My fault, it’s all my fault. Little Ke was abducted because they were coming after me.” Lei Yu helplessly exhaled.

“How could that be? Those bastards!” Ai Er was angrily stamping her feet. “Little Ke is already so pitiful; growing up without parents; sullied by these animals; and now they even abducted her. Brother Yu, you have to save her!”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely save her. But right now I don’t even know where their nest is, and Dragon Group is reluctant to intervene in any situations related to the Kou country. Looks like I can only rely on myself to solve this.”

“I will give my brother a call.”

“Don’t!” Lei Yu hurriedly stopped her. “We can’t involve any more people in this situation. Those psychotic sons of bitches aren’t from a small organization. According to the information obtained from Dragon Group, these could be the members of a huge underworld organization inside the Kou country. I will take you home immediately so just keep this thing a secret from your brother for the time being, you definitely can’t mention it. If there’s any news of little Ke, I will immediately let you know so don’t worry.”

“But you…”

“Don’t worry, they aren’t my equal. I have nothing to fear even if they come for me right now. I’m actually afraid for your wellbeing so it’s definitely safer for you to go home. No matter how brazen these people are, I don’t think they would dare to blatantly attack the family members of this country’s military Commander.”

“Fine then, but you must be careful, if there’s any news, you must tell me immediately!” Ai Er’s eyes were filled with concern.

Lei Yu nodded his head. He then went to his garage and drove Ai Er home. There was really no need to notify Nuo Hu of this situation, the less people that knew the better. As long as Lei Yu is able to find the tiniest bit of clue, he will completely erase this group of bastards from the world.

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  1. Ethan Vu says:

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  4. Like what is he going to with Little Ke afterwards


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