Ch 61 – The Hero Rescues The Beauty?

The strange thing was that ever since Lei Yu went home, he did not leave his house for three days. There weren’t any appearances of suspicious people during that time, or any suspicious phone calls.

His mind at its limit, Lei Yu was only focusing on rescuing the pitiful little Ke. Smacking his forehead, “I’m so stupid!”

Quickly packing some things, Lei Yu was ready to head to the Ministry of Transportation to get the traffic surveillance videos for the past three days, hoping to find a clue. At this time, his cell phone rang. An unfamiliar phone number appeared so Lei Yu quickly picked it up.

After conversing some words, Lei Yu was told a location. He then drove out of the city towards a suburban area.

This suburban area was filled with crops, and there were areas that did not grow anything. Amongst this was a three-storey building with a wall surrounding it. Lei Yu parked his car outside of the wall, then went to the front door and forcefully knocked.

A young man dressed in modern clothing opened the door, his eyes revealing a hint of hatred in them. Lei Yu asked: “Where’s little Ke?”

The young man did not answer, just turned around and walked inside. Lei Yu thought for a bit before following behind, noticing the three-storey building appears to have not undergone any decoration or furnishing. But at the current level they were on, five ninjas in full black clothing were standing at the center of the building.

Lei Yu increased his awareness, coldly looking at the several Kou bastards in front of him. At this time, footsteps were heard from the stairs to the second floor. Lei Yu used his peripheral vision to take a look and noticed a middle-aged man walking down.

“Mr. Lei Yu, you are quite powerful, actually daring to kill twelve of my honorable Kou country’s ninjas.” Said the middle-aged man in a less than fluent Tenglong language.

“Where is little Ke?” Lei Yu once again asked the same question.

“It seems like you are very concerned with this girl.”

“Enough with spouting nonsense! I’m going to ask again, where is little Ke?” Lei Yu’s eyes were already releasing a chilling intention to kill. According to his unique aura, he could already feel his opponent’s power. Among the people present, five of the ninjas were only Elementary Ninjas, having the strength equivalent to a First Order Warrior. The young man that had opened the door for Lei Yu could be considered an Intermediate Ninja, his strength equivalent to a Second Order Warrior. But the middle-aged man speaking with Lei Yu was an Advanced Ninja; his strength was slightly above the rest.

Lei Yu wasn’t too clear with the situation on the second floor because he hasn’t yet attained the ability to detect at a further distance.

“It’s very easy to save her, just kill yourself and I will release her!” Said the middle-aged man softly.

Lei Yu’s eyes narrowed to a glint, “that’s fine, but before I die, I’m going to kill everyone here first!” Lei Yu was already clenching his fists.

The middle-aged man did not expect Lei Yu to say something like this. From the mouths of his returning men, he found out that this twenty something year old Lei Yu was quite strong. But no matter what, this middle-aged man refused to believe someone so young would have such a level of strength. Even if he was able to kill his Elementary Ninjas, he thought Lei Yu’s strength would be at around the late Intermediate Ninja stage. At most, at the early stages of an Advanced Ninja, so nothing for him to worry about.

The young man that previously opened the door coldly snorted before rushing forward. Lei Yu looked at him expressionless. This young man said a bunch of words in a language he could not understand before taking out a knife from his waist and thrusting at Lei Yu’s chest. Even though his opponent’s attack was fast and sudden, in front of Lei Yu, it was considered nothing. Lei Yu looked up and simply swiped his hand across in a horizontal line, a “BAM” sound was heard, the knife in the young man’s hand fell to the ground and a crack appeared on it. Everyone present was staring at Lei Yu with shock.

“I am warning you all! If you still won’t let her go, I will slaughter everyone here!” Lei Yu said in cold voice.

The young man that had his knife knocked out by Lei Yu was suddenly furious. He rushed forward once again, and with a loud “HAH”, he performed a jump kick. Lei Yu simply sidestepped a bit, followed by single-handedly grabbing onto the young man’s ankle with his left hand, then smashing down with his right elbow, “CRACK!”

The young man painfully screamed while he fell to the ground, holding onto his leg and rolling back and forth. Anyone would know exactly what that sound meant, it was the sound of bones being broken.

Simply raising his hand to stop an Intermediate Ninja’s attack, and then seriously wounding him, the middle-aged man suddenly became anxious. “Stay your hands or I will kill the girl upstairs.”

“One of the things I hate most in life is being threatened, especially taking important people in my life as hostage and using them to threaten me with. Today, you must all die!” Lei Yu was no longer able to control his emotions. Thinking about little Ke’s pitiful life experience; growing up in an orphanage; her adoptive parents having passed away; she was always by herself without family; no one would have expected such a strong willed and happy girl to have been actually sullied by a bunch of animals. And now that little Ke’s mind was at an extremely fragile state, these assholes had actually abducted her to be used as a means to threaten him with, how could Lei Yu not lose control of his anger?


A girl’s scream could be suddenly heard from upstairs. Lei Yu’s mind felt startled, but quickly rushed towards the staircase. The middle-aged man blocked the staircase with his body, becoming a barrier to Lei Yu’s path.

“Get lost!” With a furious cry, Lei Yu had already punched out a fist that was covered in a lightning net. The speed of the punch was too fast and could not be avoided, the middle-aged man was struck in the chest, his whole body flew backwards smashing against an opposite wall.

Lei Yu ignored everything and desperately rushed up. Upon seeing the scene in front of him, Lei Yu’s anger was at its limit. Two burly men were holding onto the weak little Ke, their face filled with the look of lust, little Ke’s shirt had been torn off, revealing a pair of soft pink breasts. One of the burly fellow’s hand was about to grab her breasts, but stopped when he saw the emergence of Lei Yu.

“You, two, must, die!” Lei Yu pronounced each and every single word with force. Layers of lightning energy surged out of his body creating a strong magnetic field. Everything with metallic properties on the second floor starting shaking non-stop.

The two burly men saw the surrounding scene and immediately released little Ke. They then took on their fighting stance that was unique to ninjas. Lei Yu’s anger was at its limit, there was nothing in his eyes but killing intent. Both his fists were surrounded with a powerful lightning net creating a “hissing” sound. With fearsome speeds that the two burly men could not react at all to, Lei Yu smashed his fists into their heads. One could only see their eyes widen before they fell onto the ground. Although the two men had already died, they were still moving a bit because their body still had residual lightning inside, and that lightly stimulated their muscles and bones. People downstairs hurriedly rushed up but the scene in front of their eyes caused them not to dare take a step forward.

At this time, the middle-aged man stumbled around and managed to get up the stairs. Even though his brain was working fine, he still could not understand what was going on; his original plan was so easily broken through. One should know, five Elementary Ninjas; three Intermediate Ninjas, and one Advanced Ninja, this battle plan was considered almost perfect. But he did not expect this Lei Yu in front of him to so easily destroy everything.

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  1. midoriha says:

    well, uh, here comes the politics arc(?)! though honestly, it started a few chapters back. kill them, kill them wll, lei yu! go go go—! poor little ke…-shakes head- yup, well, kill them, lei yu—!


  2. tellestarle says:

    Oh no D:


  3. Kill every single one


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